4- Longing for Understanding – “The Phone Call”

As the adventure continues Joe asked himself why we have so many different beliefs and understandings in this world. Why it makes it so hard for people to relate to each other. The differences in culture, religions, sciences and how this all began seems to complicate life. Who am I? Why am I here? Who is right and who is wrong; both cannot be correct.


“The Phone Call”

Two weeks had passed since Joe and Sarah had gone out to dinner. Joe had been thinking about Sarah but also knew she had different beliefs and he wasn’t any too sure they could ever be comfortable in taking another step in getting to know each other, if she was even interested or if he should dig deeper into her beliefs. Sarah continued to wonder if Joe would call back, if she should call him, were their differences more than either of them could deal with.

It was Friday night and Joe was out with his friend at the local Brew Pub for dinner and a few drinks. The evening rolled along and everyone was laughing and having fun. As the evening wound down, Joe left for home where he crawled into bed needing a good night’s sleep. After a short time he began to roll and toss and woke up. He couldn’t stop thinking about Sarah. There is something special about her. I could really like this girl Joe told himself. But the thoughts of all those rules, the feeling he had when he visited her church that Sunday morning kept telling him to run. Then he would see Sarah’s face, her smile and how comfortable she was talking to him about any subject that they picked. How could she be so different in such a good way. Joe finally made a decision that he would call her the next morning and see if she would like to go out again. With that resolved in his mind, Joe fell into a comfortable sleep until morning.

Later that morning, Joe picked up his phone and after punching in Sarah’s phone number he waited for her to pick up. He heard her voice; Hi, this is Sarah. I’m not available to take your call right now. Please leave a message. Joe stumbling a little as he stated; Hi Sarah. This is Joe. When you get this message give me a call. I would love to get together and talk some more. Maybe over lunch or dinner or even just a coffee someplace. Later – Joe.

A few moments later Sarah came in from outside and noticed that her phone had a message. Picking it up off the counter she hit the voicemail button and heard Joe’s message. Sitting down for a moment to think about his question, she told herself that she liked Joe, but she also had concerns that this was going nowhere. That he was set in his way and was not about to change. This was probably not a life she should want to embrace and couldn’t accept changing her beliefs after she had worked so hard to figure things out for herself just because she liked Joe. After some time had passed, Sarah found herself remembering how she felt about life not all that long ago and how a friend had taken the time to talk with her, taking time to answer questions and to just be there while she figured her life out. Feeling a little guilty about how she had just been thinking, she told herself she could just be a good friend. Picking up her phone she hit return this call.

Joe heard his phone ring, picked it up, flipping it open he put it to his ear and said hi, this is Joe. Hi Joe, this is Sarah. Sorry I missed your call. I was outside. That’s ok replied Joe. I was just thinking that maybe if you are up to it we could get together again. I still have all these questions and I think you may have some of the answers, or at least you may be able to steer me in the right direction. I also had a lot of fun the other night at dinner and would like to see you again. When were you thinking Sarah replied. I am open to any time, but some time this week-end if you think you can. I know it is short notice but how about dinner tonight or even lunch today if you are free, Joe added. Sarah hearing a sense of urgency in Joe’s voice, said she could do either but it would have to be a late lunch because she was still kicking around in her grubs. Joe quickly replied, let’s do dinner if that is ok. That way neither of us will be rushed. I have a couple of thing I could get done yet today if either works for you. Sounds good Sarah replied adding when and where. I am open to anyplace Joe commented. How about the Brew Pub? They have some great food. Sounds good replied Sarah. I will pick you up around 6:30 if that works Joe asked. Can you make it 6:00 Sarah requested. I have to get up early in the morning tomorrow. It is my week to help set-up at church.

Joe pulled up to Sarah’s house, got out and started up the sidewalk and noticed Sarah in her back yard. He rang the door bell and no one answered so he walked around the side of the house to the back finding Sarah talking to her mom and dad. She waved him over and introduced her parents. Joe this is my Mom and Dad. Hi Mom and Dad Joe replied. It’s really nice to meet you. They returned the compliment to Joe and said, we understand you two are going to eat at the Brew Pub. We really like the food there especially the nacho’s. Joe quickly replied that they were one of his favorites. They talked a little more and then Joe and Sarah headed out. While he was driving Joe was wondering if Sarah’s parents had every saw him there with his friends. They sure seemed very nice and if they had he could see where Sarah got her personality from. Not bad he thought.

They ordered up the nacho’s just because the idea was planted by Sarah’s mom and dad. Sounded good and they both ordered up a beer to wash the nacho’s down with. They talked a little about the past couple weeks events. After a few minutes Joe made a comment that her parents seemed to be really nice. Yes they are pretty awesome Sarah replied. You know they never gave up on me and stood behind me when I was going through all the issues I had while in high school and college. They were always there to answer questions, asked me some questions I didn’t want to hear or deal with, but never stopped loving me. They are pretty nice. You mean you were a little rebellious at one time Joe added. Yes, I have to admit I was and I can slip off the edge every once in a while even now. Life throws things at us sometimes that are hard to handle. You can say that again Joe added.

Remember our discussion the other night when you told me about your God? Sure do replied Sarah. I asked you about evolution and reminded you that science has proven that everything evolved. You told me you believe we were created and I think I said that they both cannot be correct. This is really bothering me and I would really like to understand how you have come to a conclusion that God created everything. Well, there is a lot of evidence that supports the idea of micro-evolution and that is generally where the major problem arises from, stated Sarah. When you mix micro-evolution with macro-evolution into one mixing bowl, everything gets confusing. You have to keep it separate. I am not sure I understand what you mean stated Joe. Well look at it this way replied Sarah. A dog can become a different looking dog, different color, size, and look. Dogs from the dog world can interbreed, but in the end you still have a dog or some highbred of a dog like mixing a dog and a fox or a wolf. They are still from one kind. In my book they are still a dog. This is micro-evolution. When that dog changes into a cat or some new animal that now doesn’t exist, we have macro-evolution. Macro-evolution is the foundation of evolution and it must work for evolution from a single cell to be true. Wow – I never thought of it that way before, commented Joe. I always just heard the word evolution and could see that it does work, so I felt that is where we all came from. Hey Joe, I know you are not to high on my church, but we are having a study on evolution and creation on Sunday night. It would be pretty low-key, not like Sunday morning services. Would you consider coming with me? I think you would really enjoy it. Maybe it will help answer some of your questions. Joe gave it some thought and said he would. In the back of his mind he was thinking answers would be good but he would also be able to see Sarah again. Meet you there or can I pick you up Joe asked. Sure. Pick me up around 6:50 tomorrow night.

After they had finished their dinner they decided to call it a night. Joe took Sarah home and walked her to the door. Sarah I really had a good time tonight. He leaned over and gave Sarah a small kiss and a little hug and said see you tomorrow night at 6:50! On Joe’s ride home all he could think about was the discussion about evolution and of course the kiss. Back and forth his mind would race. Once home he settled back and let the night sink in and slid off into a pleasant sleep.

to be continued


Pondering Questions

Had Sarah’s parents made an impression on Joe. What was it that Joe missed? Were they just nice or are all Christian getting a bad rape? Why do some people claiming to be a Christian act so badly, become two-faced on issue, act differently depending where they are and who they are with?

Will Joe learn something new about evolution? Will he open his thoughts to the possibility that a creator exist? Is it possible that it is God? Is their really a big difference between micro and macro evolution? What are the chances of evolution happening? Will Joe be received well when he goes to church with Sarah. How will others treat him that possible know his history? Will they think less of Sarah for bring Joe and becoming his friend? 

Your comments are welcomed

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