5- Longing for Understanding – “The Meeting”

Why would Joe go to this meeting let alone in a church? Could he really learning anything more than what he already knew? Come on, there is their side and my side. I can be right just as much as they could be right. What difference does it make anyway?


“The Meeting” 

Joe pulled up to Sarah’s corner about 5 minutes early so he turn right and drove around the block so he could arrive right on time. As he pulled up in front of her house, he was having second thoughts about going and was thinking about quickly driving away. Maybe he could call Sarah and tell her that a friend just called and had an emergency that needed his help and he would not be able to make it. He was about to taking off when Sarah came around the corner of the house and waved as she skipped out to the car. Hi Joe, your right on time! Getting into the car Sarah quickly commented; I really had a great time at dinner last night and have been looking forward to tonight. I didn’t think 6:50 would ever arrive. I really think this should be interesting and I can’t wait to hear what Pastor Dan has to say. He also has some guest speaker coming. I can’t remember his name, but I think he is some type of scientist. As they drove to the church for the meeting, Joe confessed he was having second thoughts about going. But somehow when we are together you put things at ease and give me the space I need to figure these things out. You always seem to have a confidence in what you believe. They both sat quietly as they drove to the meeting when Sarah noticed a slight smirk on Joes face. Hay what are you smiling about? Joe turned a shade of red as he tried to come up with an answer when in reality he was thinking about how cute Sarah looked. Sarah not realizing it was her quickly add – no mater what it is – I am glad your here. I really think you will add some intriguing direction to the conversation of the evening and I am very interested to hear how they respond. Should be a lot fun and anyway I really was looking forward to seeing you again. Joe smiled and said – right back at you.

They arrived at the church and while walking up the steps to the front door, Joe could feel his anxiety building as he was still fighting the feelings he had the last time he was here. He remembered how he was looking for some answers and how he felt he was not welcome. Sarah realizing this, looked up at him with a smile and said relax, it will be ok and we will have some fun. It is a lively group and any questions can be asked by anyone. You don’t have to believe in God or evolution to be here. We are here so we can get some answers to all those questions. Anyway, your with me and I will protect you. Yah right, Joe quickly commented with a big smile.

As they walked in Joe could see a group of kid’s around their age standing in the back joking around while some of the older folks were finding their way towards the front where Pastor Dan was standing with his guest. Hi Sarah, come join us Mark hollered. As they walked over to the group, Joe recognized several people from high school, but really didn’t know them as they were a couple of years younger. Sarah quickly introduced Joe to each of them. They all seemed to be nice as they told Joe they were glad he came and that it was nice to meet him. Didn’t you play in a band for a while one of the guys commented. I did for a while but now I just play for fun. They heard someone say the meeting was about to start so the group worked their way towards the front when Joe grabbed Sarah’s arm and said, lets sit back here a little. Sarah smiled, grabbed Joes hand and slid into the seat near the back of the pack.

Pastor Dan opened the meeting by introducing his guest speaker Dr. Bob Conrad, who quickly said, just call me Bob. Bob quickly stepped into the discussion by stating; “in the beginning there was a big bang” or was it “in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth”. Such a big question and of course both can’t be true he continued. Joe looked at Sarah and smiled remembering he had stated the same thing. Bob continued by saying that so many people make the topic very hard to understand, jumping around from one area to another, changing how objects are dated, talking about theories as if they are fact, and most important, the use of one set of possible assumptions in their scientific exploration and never other possible assumptions which has the possibility to show a totally different outcome. For many of us confusion settles into our minds and we don’t know what is true and what is not. We only know what we have been told. Many times we don’t even question what we have been told unless something happens that triggers our mind into doubt. One of the very first steps we need to take in breaking this down, is that no mater which way you believe, it takes a certain level of faith. There we have said it – it takes faith either way! Once we allow ourselves to embrace this, we are on our way to decide what we choose to place our faith in. Joe sit there contemplating what was just said, lost in his world of thought, wondering why anyone would need faith to believe in what science has already proven to be true. Then Bob stated that while many in the science world believe in evolution many others in the science world now believe in a creator. People who supported the theories of evolution have concluded that for any of this to happen someone had to put it in motion. Joe’s being someone who took pride in being able to see through a sales pitch, was taken back by the idea that he had never heard about the side of the science world that believed in creation. He began to wonder why, did he have a closed mind to this possibility? If this is true, than why is it not talked about in school, Joe asked himself.

The evening seemed to fly by and Joe tried to listen to everything that was talked about. The discussion topics covered how objects are dated, the differences between micro and macro evolution, the big bang theory, the creation theory, an old earth vs. a new earth, the population of the earth, the odds behind the possibility of anything just happening, and finally a possible alternate theory to evolution. Joe’s mind was bouncing around from subject to subject when Sarah poked him in the ribs and said; ready to go. Joe didn’t even realize the short presentation was over and people were starting to get up to leave. Sure, let’s go get a coke if you have time. Ok, but just for a short while Sarah replied. I have to get up early tomorrow and make a couple stops before work. They quickly made their way out the side door, jumped in the car and arrived at the local restaurant ordering up a couple cokes.

So what did you think about the discussions tonight Sarah asked. I’m not sure. There are so many different ideas, concepts, and theories to consider. But I would say that the biggest thing I learned is that it would take faith in either belief if evolution is still a theory. I really believed it was fact. That’s all I have ever been taught. If there are other concepts, why are we not told about them? Why are they not discussed in our schools? I know what you are talking about Sarah commented. I learned what you learned in school. But my mom and dad also took me to church where I was told about creation. Talk about confused! I really struggled with the God vs. evolution thing. Sometimes I wondered why God would let people think the way they do if he is real. Why He would give us the ability to think and not give us answers? What was His plan allowing the education world and the science world to teach evolution anyway? The difference is that I was taught both ways of believing and anyone that never goes to a church never hears about creation or at least gives it any serious consideration. That’s true Joe replied. I know I didn’t.

Sarah dropped some money on the table, smiled at Joe and said my treat! I had a good time and I am glad you would go with me to listen to Dr. Bob. I learned some things I didn’t understand tonight and it sound like you have some new ides to explore also. Yup, you can say that again responded Joe. I guess we really should get going. Morning is coming quick.

Joe held Sarah’s hand as he walked her to the door and was about to say good-by when Sarah reached up and planted a big kiss on him, looked him in the eye and said, you are so much different that I thought you were. I better be careful, I could start to really like you. Joe smiled saying, I like you to Sarah and I have a really good time when we get together. But I have this feeling that there is something more. You are a great guy Sarah said with a smile. I enjoy our time together, all the talks, the laughs, going out to dinner not to mention the great food, but I have concluded that God is real and I want to make sure that who ever I get really serious with shares my belief. It is important to me. Joe looked at Sarah, put his arm around her and whispered in her ear – I understand. Joe turned and started towards his car when he stopped, turned and asked Sarah if she would go to dinner with him Friday night. I have some place special I would like to take you. Sound intriguing Sarah replied. Pick you up at 7:00 Joe shouted. I will call you later this week. Sarah waved as Joe drove off. Sarah walked in the house wondering where Joe was going to take her. Then she slipped into her thoughts about Joe and his different beliefs, whether he would ever change his mind, if he would ever accept God as real, if he could ever become that special person she could share her life with. Smiling to herself, she looked up and said I guess this one is up to you God as she headed off to bed.

to be continued


So where will Joe take Sarah Friday night? Did the discussions from the meeting put any credible new information on the table? Is it possible that God exist? 

Your comments are welcomed

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