10 – Searching for Answers – The Burger Palace

How will the rest of the evening unfold? With some serious talks behind them and a couple yet to come, will Joe and Sarah take another step in their relationship or will they decide they just have too many differences. How well is Joe processing everything Sarah has told him about her research and discoveries and why she has placed her faith in God?


Joe and Sarah were headed to Joe’s car when they realizing they had left the bowl of chips and the last of the tea sitting on the table in the back yard. They quickly turned to go back to get them when Sarah saw her Mom and Dad walking out of the back door. Hi Mom. We didn’t mean to just get up and take off and leave everything sitting. We’ll pick it up and take it in. We thought we would go get a burger. You want us to bring something back for you guys? No thanks, you two go and have fun. I can take this in for you. It’s good to see you again Joe, Sarah’s Dad added. Joe turned and smiled saying thanks and it’s good to see both of you again.

Joe and Sarah headed back to the car and in short order were off to the Burger Palace or the Greasy Spoon as it is sometimes called. Not the most upscale place, but they do serve up a great burger and fries. Joe pulled up in front of the restaurant, parked and seconds later they were sitting inside ordering. A couple of minutes later their waiter dropped off the Cokes they ordered and said their food should be right up in a few minutes.

So where should we start, Joe asked. I am looking forward to hearing what you understand about how things are dated. It can’t be to hard when everthing is generally located in the layer of earth that has dates associated with them. What do you mean, Sarah questioned with a puzzled look on her face. Well if something is located in a specific layer then it should mean the age should also be about the same, Joe continued. Quickly jumping in Sarah said, well that is just the problem. The layers are dated by what they find in them and the items found in them are dated by what layer they are in. Well I’m no rocket scientist, but that doesn’t make much sense, Joe added. So how should something be dated or better yet how do they date something that is just found some place and assumed to be very old.

That really is the key question commented Sarah with a bit of a serious look on her face. It is so easy to make this a  complicated issue. It’s a little like the use of the term evolution to cover both micro-evolution and macro-evolution. Using one word distorts the understanding. I can see what you mean about evolution, but how does that have anything to do with how old something is, Joe added thinking he may have finally found a little support for his beliefs in evolution. Well all I can do is tell you what I learned when I really dug into this area. I will try to give you a readers digest version even though it could be a little difficult for me to remember everything exactly without my notes.

Generally science will use one of several dating methods depending on how old an object appears to be. At least that is how I understand it. If it is assumed to be less than 70,000 years old they could choose Carbon Dating. If it is older, you might use Potassium 40 / Argon 40 dating. Both are very repeatable and scientists support both. They both work based on chemical changes that take place over time measured in what is called its half-life. This is the time it takes for the change to be half of what it started with. For carbon dating, something that is living takes on radiation while alive which changes C12 to C14 based on the radiation levels present which gives us a baseline to start with. Once it dies, it begins to decompose and the C14 starts to change back to C12 at a very steady rate. So now we can tell the age because we know how much C14 has changed back to C12. That’s a simple explanation of how it works. Argon dating works the same. The big question I had was, why would you use Argon dating if you can find C14 in an object. The understood percent of error is the same for both, 1/10th of 1 percent, but the number of years being dated are much different. Argon dating can go into the billions of years and of course Carbon dating goes out to approximately 70,000 years. If I remember it right, when you apply the percent of error to both, carbon dating should be off by only about 5.73 years and argon dating by about 1.26 million years. A great example of my point is the testing that was done on diamonds. These diamond were estimated to be between 600 million to over 1 billion years old. Zero C14 should be present because they are just too old. But there was! So diamonds are not near as old as we are told unless you only use Aron dating. Why would anyone do that unless they have a need for them to be older than they are. This is one of the reasons along with the other things we’ve talked about, that make it possible for me to take creation by God seriously.

Ok said Joe. You really did explain that pretty well. Let me tell you what I think you have told me you believe. Evolutionist use dating methods to tell their story the way they want it heard. They generally combine all evolution under the single word evolution, utilize circular logic by dating objects based on the layers of the earth where the objects are found while dating the layers by the objects in them, and make assumptions by piecing bones together to tell a story of evolution. The Laws of Probability put the odds of evolution at an impossibility and the act of pushing doubt at findings that contradict ones desired belief is something we need to be aware of. Yes, that is how I understand it, replied Sarah. Wow, I didn’t think I explained my points of view very good, but you got it. Well you should give yourself a little more credit. Your better at this than you think, replied Joe smiling. What are you grinning about, Sarah replied with a slight giggle. Well, don’t get made at me, but you’re not just good-looking and fun to be with, your pretty darn smart also, Joe replied with the same grinn. Well you’re not bad at catching on either, so I guess that makes you pretty smart also, Sarah quickly replied. Oh, and you’re not so bad to look at either. Both Sarah and Joe sat back and finished their burgers as they both let their mind grasp what was going on. Sarah could see she was liking this guy more all the time and Joe was feeling the same about Sarah. However, they both knew that something had to give if there was a future for them.

Joe picked up the tab for dinner and they headed back to Sarah’s place. As they were driving, Joe brought back up his dream and how he was still trying to find out why he had it. You know you have given me a lot to think about don’t you. Pretty deep stuff actually. I need some time to process this and I hope you will have patience with me, Joe said with a serious look on his face. You know I will, Joe. Getting to know you and now meeting your Mom and Dad and how they make me feel welcome, makes me think that not all so-called Christians are created equal. To bad they aren’t all like you guys. It sure would give the church world a better name. Sarah could say nothing but smile as she thought to herself that maybe they just might have a chance together.

Joe walked Sarah to her front door and was about to say goodnight, when instead he reached out and put his arms around her pulling her close. You know I really like you. I find myself wanting to be with you more all the time.  I know it’s important to you that I figure this out and I just need some time to do that. I will give you all time you need, replied Sarah as she felt the rush of affection take over. She reach up pulling Joe a little closer. They looked at each other for just a couple seconds before their lips came together as they kissed each other in a way that surprised them both. As Joe lowered Sarah, she looked into his eyes not knowing what to say other than call me. Then she turned as Joe released his hold, open the door and turned to wave goodby as she watch Joe walk back to his car.

Joe made it home with nothing on his mind but the goodnight kiss. He had an early morning so he cleaned up and slid into bed. After about 30 minutes of staring at the ceiling,  Joe got up, opened a beer, grab his book and sat down in his favorite chair. Before long his eyes slid shut, and he began to dream about Sarah, how pretty she was and how he looked forward to their next kiss when his mind slid back to his original dream. The chase was on as the dinosaur was gaining on him. Joe was looking for a quick place to hide when he saw a small cave. He threw himself into the opening just as the heat of the dinosaurs breath felt only inches away. Was he safe? The dinosaur stood out side the entrance waiting for a second chance as Joe searched his pockets for the lighter he always carried even though he never smoked. Pulling it out he flipped it open and as the flame came to life he looked into the cave and couldn’t believe his eyes.

“To be Continued”


What is it that Joe can see in that cave? Is Joe in for another rough night? Will he find answers that will change his life forever?  

9 – Searching for Answers – The Big Bang

What will Joe tell Sarah? Is it possible Joe has it right and something just happened and is responsible for everything we see, hear and feel including ourselves? Will Joe allow his feelings about church going people to cloud his thoughts? How will Sarah deal with Joe’s perceptions and beliefs? 


Joe reached over and picked a couple of chips from the bowl sitting on the table and munched them down while he tried to find the right words to explain how he really viewed life. Subconsciously Joe was telling himself that he didn’t want to come off badly and push Sarah away, he just need to openly talk about his beliefs and what he understood to be substantiated facts. Sarah seeing the expression on Joe’s face, reach over and picked up her glass of tea, took a short sip and looked Joe in the eye saying don’t worry so much, don’t over think it, just tell me what you are thinking. I promise I will keep an open mind just like you did for me.

Joe taking a drink of tea said, ok it’s like this. I don’t know how people believing in creation can possibly be right. The evidence is so overwhelmingly in support of evolution it can make them look a little crazy. But then I met you and you seem to have it all under control and I don’t understand why. I get the faith thing, but there is so much evidence telling us we don’t need faith to believe in evolution because it’s real. I really can understand where your coming from, Sarah interrupted. So let’s break it down into the key elements and see where it leads us. What would you say are some key questions that could pertain to both evolution and creation and what are the most important areas that have convinced you that evolution is real? Well to start with, we should see what the probabilities are for either to have happened, replied Joe. And the possibility of man and dinosaurs living at the same time and when that time really was. Are we talking about how science dates things, Sarah questioned. Yes, I think that would be an important part of it, replied Joe. I think another area to look into is macro-evolution. If there is proof of this, then there is proof for total evolution. You know, the Big Bang theory and how life first started. I think if we could find some answers to these key questions, we will have set a foundation that one could place some faith in. I agree Sarah added.  So let’s get started.

Joe started out by saying that we know dinosaurs lived between 64 to 245 million years ago, don’t you agree? Well I have looked into this and have found that it really comes down to how dates are arrived at, Sarah said with a slight smile. They have also found human tracks that have dinosaur track on top of them. You might remember how Dr. Bob touched on this just a little the other night. This should be impossible if man has only lived approximately 6500 years and dinosaur have been long gone for many millions of years. I read about how the evolutionist have tried to discredit this finding by saying that someone staged it. However, many test have been run and it’s finally possible to say that they are real. When you add in the more recent findings in China where a group of scientists found man-made metal objects located in the Cambrian layer which is estimated to be 50 to 87 million years old, which is generally the oldest level we really study, and that many millions of years ago man could not have made them, you can see that something is possibly wrong in the dating methods used because that would also be impossible. Well what if someone just planted them there like someone possible staging the man and dinosaurs tracks, Joe countered. I really do get your point, but why would a group of scientist from China that generally don’t believe in God, stage this or make it up, Sarah responded. How do you know all of this, Joe smiled as he took another drink of tea. Well, I was just like you and a lot of other people who believed in evolution. I had a lot of doubts. The problem I had, or maybe I should say the advantage, is that my mom and dad had given me the chance to learn the creationist side. A lot of people never hear that side, so they never have a reason to question evolutions validity, Sarah added.

Would you like something else to eat or drink, Sarah ask Joe. I need to run in the house and get a book I forgot. I can’t remember the exact figures and it has to do with the laws of portability. No, I’m good Joe replied. As Sarah walked to the house, Joe sat back and tried to absorb everything they had just talked about. He was off in his world of thought when he heard the door close at the house and looked up to see Sarah walking back looking as good as she always does. In the back of Joe’s mind he was thinking about how different and at the same time how special Sarah was. How he would like to see her point of view, but how he was still very confused and was not going to change his opinion just to have a chance for a relationship with her. As Sarah sat back down Joe snapped back to reality and said, what numbers are we talking about?

Well, when I was researching the ideas around evolution, I ran across some statistics that opened my eyes to how we are sometimes led down a path someone wants us on. I never gave much thought to the proability or improbability of what was being taught. We should start out with what is called, Borel’s law of probability. Borel concluded which is also supported by professional statistician, that for anything to have a chance, it must be better than 1 chance out of 10 to the 50th power. That gives a lot of room for something to at least have a chance of happening. What I also found was that one of our leading evolutionist of today, Dr. Carl Sagan, while still pushing the theories of evolution as true, has stated that for evolution to have happened its odds are only 1 chance out of 10 to the 2,000,000,000 power. Another ex-evolutionist, Dr. Harold Morowitz, calculated the odds as 1 out of 10 to 340,000,000 power and he is now a believer in creation. To me that puts the probability of evolution at serious risk of being true. I have never heard that, Joe replied with a puzzled look on his face. Why would we be continuously fed information as truth if it has no possibility of being true? I am beginning to see why you have taken the position you have on the subject. So I agree and accept what you say as a strike against evolution. I guess you could almost call that strike 2. But how do you explain macro-evolution?

 If you are asking me to explain macro-evolution, I can’t, replied Sarah. But I did research this subject in detail because I agree with how you feel about it. What I found is that in the world of the evolutionist, they tend to always just use the word evolution. They seldom use the difference between micro-evolution and macro-evolution. There is a big difference. Micro-evolution happens all the time. It’s like a dog interbreeding with a different kind of dog with a result of a new different looking dog, but still a dog. This is evident in all species of animals today. No one on either side of this fence will disput this. What has never been proven and there has not been any evidence found to support, is a species of anything changing into a new species. But for macro-evolution to be real, it must happen and yet they find no solid evidence to support it. But what about the different bones they have found linking animals to man, asked Joe. Well I am not an expert and I have only dug into this topic enough to convince myself that it can’t happen, but I will tell you that generally all the bones that I have looked into, have been found spread across huge areas and have been pieced together. Generally they have found only 2 or 3 small pieces of bone that are not connected and then they are made into something that supports the evolutionary theories. I think maybe you have made a case against evolution, but we also said we needed to dig into how things are dated, Joe replied as he began to pour each of them another glass of tea.

Sarah put her hand over her glass and replied, to tell you the truth, I don’t know about you, but I am getting hungry. How would you like to buy me a burger and fries, Sarah asked. I would love to, Joe quickly replied. Well you really don’t have to buy it, Sarah quickly commented with a big smile. I really didn’t mean it quite like it sounded. That’s quite a play on words, Joe replied. What you said and what you meant was up to my interpretation. Ok, then you can buy mine, Joe said with a snicker. Not a chance, I bought last time. Joe and Sarah got up and as they headed towards Joe’s car, Sarah reached over and took hold of Joe’s hand and said, I’m glad we can talk like this. Maybe we can tackle the last question after we get something in our stomach besides tea and chips.

To be Continued”


How will Joe process everything Sarah told him? Can she add even more information over dinner? Will dinner be the start of a lasting relationship or the turning that separates Joe and Sarah?

8 – Longing for Understanding – Digging for Answers

What will Sarah and Joe find as they dig into the details that triggered Joe’s dreams? Do they have some hidden meaning? Was it just a stupid dream?


A couple of days had passed when Joe noticed he had missed a call from Sarah. She hadn’t left a message so Joe decided to call her a little later after he got off work. Joe walked back into the shop and was thinking how nice it would be to see Sarah again when his thoughts drifted back to the dream he had. I don’t want to deal with this crazy dream he told himself. It makes no sense, the dream was just dumb, it has no meaning, I just had a bad night, and with that Joe picked up his tool pouch, strapped it around his waist and started working. After a few minutes Joe remembered how Sarah was also part of his dream and how real she appeared in it. Ok, ok, ok Joe told himself. I have to figure this out. I could create a list of questions, go get the answers and move forward. That’s a good plan Joe thought. But when the worker next to him asked what his good plan was, he realized he was talking out loud and quickly replied, sorry, just talking to myself I guess, not wanting to talk about it with anyone but Sarah.

After leaving work, Joe picked up his phone and called Sarah. As the phone was ringing, his thoughts were on what he would tell Sarah when all of a sudden he heard Sarah say, hi Joe. Catching him off guard, Sarah continued saying, I call earlier but didn’t leave a message. I wasn’t sure how to start, so I just hung up. Your dream really made me think and I had some thoughts about it and wanted to tell you about them. Joe quickly added, I need to get to the bottom of this and put it behind me. It just keeps popping back into my mind and I don’t like it. Except for the part about you he quickly added. Sarah jumped in saying, why don’t you come over to my place and I can tell you my thoughts and maybe we can dig into it a little deeper. I’m kind of grubby and need to clean up a little, commented Joe. Would an hour from now be ok? See you then, Sarah replied. Smiling to herself knowing Joe was coming over, she fliped her phone shut and scurred around to get ready.

Joe drove up in front of Sarah’s house, reached over and grabbed his book on evolution and made his way to the front door. Before he could ring the door bell he heard Sarah call his name from around the corner of the house. Come join me in the back yard. I have some ice tea and munchies. Joe made his way to the corner of the house and headed to the back. Sarah met him about halfway with her big smile with a couple book under her arm. Come on back and let’s get started. I can’t wait to tell you my ideas about your dream and compare what you are thinking. I think just maybe there is something we can both learn. Sound interesting Joe said with a little hesitation. I think maybe I would like to hear your ideas first he added.

Well after getting home the other evening when you had told me about your dream, I was confused and thought that you just had a whacky night. Then the more I thought about it, your story started taking on a resemblance of other stories I have heard. The thing is, I heard most of these stories at church. Well my dream has nothing to do with church. I rarely if ever go Joe firmly commented. But tell me about your ideas anyway. I promise I will open my mind to any possibilities. So Sarah said, do you remember when Dr. Bob told us about how man and dinosaurs lived at the same time. I do Joe stated. Well that is how I think your dream started Sarah added. The second part about the garden could be a representation of the beauty that God wants us to enjoy. I am not sure about the bird that grabbed you but it’s a little like how some people want to pull you down, pull you away from anything thing that might make you think there could be a God. Falling into the water and sinking to the bottom is a little like the flood of Noah that Dr. Bob talked a little about. Being rescued by someone you can’t see is how Jesus rescues each of us from eternity in a place that we don’t want to be. Seeing the garden again might mean that God wants you to see the beauty that he created just for you. Wow. Pretty interesting. But what about when I saw you on the other side of that fountain? What about the rainbow? And remember, you disappeared, commented Joe. I can’t see how that has anything to do with church he added. I don’t know. I am not sure why I was part of it. Well that’s not totally true Sarah confessed. I really like you Joe, but I know I could never have a deeper relationship with you if we have big differences in what we believe. Maybe that is what that was all about. Joe smiled at Sarah when he added; well all I know is that it was not a very good dream and I would like to put it behind me. Not a lot of fun. Your alot of fun he quickly added realizing how he sounded. It’s the dream I didn’t like. Sarah smiled saying you had me a little worried that I was not fun to be around. I hope you know how I feel around out you Joe responded. I just need to figure this out. Well why don’t you tell me your thoughts added Sarah. I have some of the same feelings about you and would like to see where this leads both of us.

To be Continued


What will Joe tell Sarah? How much will he share? How will Sarah react to Joe’s beliefs? Will their relationship take turn for the better? 

7 – Longing for Understanding – Unfolding the Dream

Joe and Sarah are about to explore his crazy dream. Can Joe remember all the details, will Sarah think he is a little crazy and decide she should keep a little distance or is it possible that there is more to this story than meets the eye?



Joe jumped in his car and headed towards the town Pub. His mind totally consumed with thought as he tried to analyze the events leading up to his evening of unrest caused him to drive right on by the Pub. When Joe arrived at the outskirts of town his senses re-emerged and he pulled over to the side of the road. Shaking off his thoughts he checked the time finding that he needed to hurry or he could be late meeting up with Sarah. Seeing the traffic was clear, Joe quickly pulled a u-turn and headed back toward the Pub..

Joe pulled into the Pub back parking lot and found the first open parking space, pulled in and quickly made his way to the back door. As soon as he was inside he could see Sarah sitting at a table in the corner texting something on her phone. As Joe approached the table, Sarah looked up with her big smile and didn’t have to say one word to let Joe know how happy he was to see her, even though it had been less than 24 hours since they were last together. Joe smiled as he walked behind Sarah stopping long enough to give her a short kiss on the cheek, said thanks for coming and slid into the chair next to her.

Sounds like you had a much longer evening than I did, commented Sarah. Tell me about this crazy dream you had. Joe started out slow, searching for all the right words. After about a minute into his story he was off to the races, his mind was racing so fast he was only giving Sarah part of the story as he was skipping words without even being aware of how he sounded.  Whoa, whoa, whoa. Slow down commented Sarah. Joe not aware he was talking so fast, took a deep breath, looked at Sarah and said – sorry. Sarah reach over and put her hand on Joe’s and said; it must have been some dream. Tell it to me in detail, but just a little slower. Just then their waitress walked up and asked if they were ready to order. Joe looked at Sarah and before he could say anything, Sarah ordered up two Pils from the Pubs brew house, told her to leave the menus explaining they would need a little time. All Joe could do was smile as Sarah looked at him and said – from the beginning.

Ok Joe started. I was driving home and all I could think about was what Dr. Bob told us last night. He kept the part about thir goodnight kiss to himself. All the talk about dinosaurs and how they must have lived on earth with man in spite of all the teachings that they are supposed to be millions of years old and man only a few thousand. Then he talked about what the Bible says about creation. Then he talked about how this earth could be approximately 6500 years old if you take into account information from the Bible when doing scientific exploration, experiments, and calculations. Nothing adds up to me! I understand what your saying Sarah commented, but what about the dream? OK said Joe. Here it goes and you have to promise not to laugh. I promise replied Sarah with a slight smile.

Well it all started out when I fell asleep in my chair I guess. I found myself running for my life as a giant dinosaur was chasing me. Just as I was about to become his dinner I found myself in this beautiful garden. It had this huge fountain and you were standing on the other side waving at me telling me to come over and join you. The sun was shining and the mist was creating one of the most beautiful rainbows. I was reaching for your hand when I heard a noise and looked up to see a large prehistoric looking bird swooping down. I looked back and you were gone, the beautiful garden was gone and his claws sunk into my shoulders as he picked me off the ground and began to fly away. Just as I could feel the last of my energy drain from my body, I found myself falling into a body of water. I had no strength left and was quickly sinking downward. I could feel the presure build up on my body as I struggled to hold my breath. I was approaching the bottom when I felt something take my hand and bring me back to the surface. Next I remember looking toward what was the shoreline and I could see the garden again and you were there. I started to swim to shore as quickly as I could and just as I was about to reach out to you, something grabbed my leg, you were gone, the garden was gone, and down I went again. I remember holding my breath and feeling like it was all over when I felt myself heading back to the surface. Something threw me up on the beach. I stood up, tried to get some air in my lungs, shook my head, opened my eyes and found myself out of breath facing the chair in my living room! Wow said Sarah. That’s what I call a rough night! So what happened next? Did you get back to sleep? I think I would have been up all night if that happened to me. Well I did go to bed and finally fell asleep Joe said. How did you get all those thoughts out of your mind? How were you able to relax Sarah asked. Well to tell you the truth, I started to think about the goodnight kiss we had and everything started to feel better. Sarah had a slight blush on her face as she said; I didn’t know I had that kind of effect on you. Kinda cool she thought to herself as she remembered how she also fell asleep.

Sarah looked at Joe and asked; what do you think all this is about? I have heard that dreams are sometimes a way our mind sorts out things we don’t understand especially when it’s on overload. Sometimes people have visions and dreams of a religious means. Sometimes people just have weird dreams that can be triggered by events we don’t understand, Sarah continued. Joe looked Sarah in the eye and said; I don’t know what to think. I just know the only good part of last night was you, but I don’t know how to deal with all this. Something is wrong one way or another. Both sides can’t be right. You told me you had doubts in the past, but you have settled on the belief that God created everything. I don’t have any friends I can ask about this except you. Most of my friends would laugh at me and tell me to get real. Just then their waitress walked up and asked if they were ready to place their order. Joe looked at Sarah and said; I’m buying if you are up to it. Sarah smiling said, I can stay but it’s my treat tonight. I think you’ve been through enough in the last 24 hours. Just let me text mom and let her know I won’t be home for dinner.

Joe asked Sarah if she would like to share an order of the Nacho’s Supreme as their waitress approached their table. Sound good Sarah replied. They ordered up along with a couple Cokes. Once their waitress walk away, Joe started to laugh saying; I felt pretty stupid laying all this on you. Hey, isn’t that what real friends are for replied Sarah. Yes, but I don’t want you to think I’m a mess. I really like you and don’t want to scare you away. Well I kinda feel the same, but I think we need to figure this out first Sarah said with a slight grin. Joe shifted in his chair as the comment Sarah had just made sent blood rushing to his head as his heart started to pump a little faster. Do I really have a chance with this super hot girl? I better get all this stuff figured out before she decides to take a hike and not with me!

They had some small talk while waiting for their food to arrive. If felt like only a few minutes went by when the waitress brought their Nacho’s.  Once they started to dig in to their food, Sarah looked up and told Joe; I am not the one that has all the answers you’re looking for. As your friend I want to help you find answers, but we will probably need help from other people also. I have my opinion, but I also have concluded it takes faith to believe in either side. However,  when I dug into the scientific side I found that most of the research is performed using a specific set of assumptions. Other possible assumptions such as those that could be derived from the Bible are dismissed by most researchers. I found that there appeared to be a mission to dismiss any possibility that God exist which just didn’t make any sense to me. If He does, then why would they want to keep this from us? This is when I started to dig deeper. I formed my belief based on what I learned. I truly believe that God exists, that He created everything we see including us. What I can’t do is make that decision for you. That one is yours alone. I think we should go to the library and research the sciences and maybe we can hook-up with Dr. Bob again. I would love to do that replied Joe. Will you help me get started? You know I will Sarah replied with a smile. everyone needs to figure this stuff out. It really does have a life altering effect if we get it wrong.

The waitress returned with the paid receipt. Sarah had already slipped her credit card to her while Joe visited the restroom. I really need to get going Joe. Let’s give this a couple days and we can talk. As they walked out Joe reached for Sarah’s hand and pulled her to a stop. Sarah, you are something special. Your not like all those other church goers I have known. You don’t ever put on a different face. You are real and true to who you are and what you believe. But most important, you never tell me I am wrong. You leave that up to me. I hope no mater what happens between us, we will always remain friends. Sarah looked at Joe, slid her hand around his neck and raised herself high enough to plant a big kiss. Joe responded with a supper hug as he relished the rush he was having while embracing Sarah. She turned and started towards her car and hollered back telling Joe to call her in a couple days.

To be Continued


How will Joe sleep tonight? How will he move forward? Where will Joe place his faith?  Can Joe and Sarah ever become more than just really good friends?  

6 – Longing for Understanding – The Dream

Joe is lost in his thoughts, bouncing from topic to topic, thinking about Sarah, could a relationship really happen, could he ever believe in the God Sarah believed in or is Sarah wrong and we just evolved from nothing?


Joe returned home after his meeting at the church with Sarah with many things running wild in his mind. There was Sarah and how she made him feel. Her kiss that made his heart jump. The feeling that she was holding something back. The discussion and presentation by Dr. Bob. Joe’s mind was telling him he was tired and this is way more than he want to deal with right now. I just need to relax and get some sleep before I have to get back up and go to work.

Joe walked in his house, cracked open a beer and settled back in his favorite chair. He opened the book he had been reading, settled down and tried to allowing himself to connect back into the plot of the story. But as he was reading his mind began to slip back to the discussions of the evening and then he remembered the good night kiss. Concentration was hard. He took another sip of beer, told himself to forget about it for the rest of the night, picked up his book and started the process all over again. Joe eyes became heavy, going closed and then with a jolt of his body they would open again. The process happened several times before he slid into a deeper sleep while still sitting in his chair.

As Joe’s body began to relax and he drifted deeper into his sleep, his mind picked up where it was when he first got home. He began tossing back and forth but never waking up. His mind was racing back in time to when it all began. He could see himself running in the woods while being pursued by a dinosaur with legs that took one step for every ten Joe took. Joe looked over his shoulder to see the giant beast moving closer and then could smell the breath of the dinosaur as it reached down to snatch him from the ground. Just at the moment that his life was to end, he found himself walking in a beautiful garden, full of flowers and trees and the birds were cherping and making beautiful music. He looked around and could see Sarah waving at him from the other side of a beautiful fountain. The sun was shining through the mist forming a beautiful rainbow of spectacular colors. Joe quickly walked to catch up with Sarah. As he reach out for her hand, he found himself running for his life as another great beast was swooping down from the sky. Sarah was gone and the giant bird sank it’s claws deep into his shoulders, lifting him off the ground and high into the sky. Joe could feel his life slipping away as he struggled for his freedom when he found himself falling back to earth landing in a pool of water. As he sank to the bottom he could feel a force he had never know before reach down, grabbing his hand bringing him to the surface. He shook his head to clear his eyes of water and looking around he could see what looked like the garden he was just at when he saw Sarah waving her arm and calling him to come join her. As he began swimming to shore he looked up and could see the calm and beautiful smile of Sarah when he felt something beneath him reach up and grab his leg. He looked around, the garden was gone, Sarah could not be seen anywhere, only water as the sea creature started to descend pulling Joe deeper and deeper. Holding his breath and struggling to free himself he could feel the creature had began to ascended back toward the surface and just as Joe’s lungs were about to fill with sea water as he could hold his breath no longer, he felt himself being hurled to shore. He quickly stood up shaking the sand from his clothes. He was shaking his head working to gain his bearings when he opened his eyes to see himself standing in front of his chair. His head was spinning, his mind was racing a million miles an hour. The dream had been so real he couldn’t shake the feeling of confusion. He looked around just to mke sure it was really a dream. Then walking over to his bed, he collapsed across it letting his mind try to find reality to what he just experienced. His thoughts slipped back to Sarah and after a short time Joe slipped into a peaceful sleep.

Joe woke around  7 AM, quickly showered, ate breakfast and left for work. The events of the evening continued to pull Joe back to his dream. What was that all about anyway, he asked himself. As the day moved forward, he took a break and called Sarah. She didn’t answer, so he left a short message on her phone.

Hi Sarah. I really need to meet with you when you have time. I had the wildest dream last night when I got home and quit honestly it is about everything we have discussed and more. I don’t know what to think and would like to tell you the story and get your take on it. Call me when you have a chance. Thanks.

Joe left work and was driving home when he heard his phone ring. Quickly looking at the display, he could see it was Sarah returning his call. Sliding his finger to the right on the screen, he answered the phone with a quick – Hi Sarah, I am really glad you called me back. What’s up Sarah replied. Sounds like you had quite the dream last night. You don’t know the half of it Joe responded. Are you free tonight? I could be, but I need to call my parents and let them know I will not be home for a while replied Sarah. Joe apologized saying, I am sorry for the short notice, but I really need to talk to somebody about this and you are the only one I know that I can tell it to. Can we meet at the pub? Sure – I can be there in about half an hour Sarah replied.

To be Continued


How will Joe explain the evening of dreams and how will Sarah respond?