6 – Longing for Understanding – The Dream

Joe is lost in his thoughts, bouncing from topic to topic, thinking about Sarah, could a relationship really happen, could he ever believe in the God Sarah believed in or is Sarah wrong and we just evolved from nothing?


Joe returned home after his meeting at the church with Sarah with many things running wild in his mind. There was Sarah and how she made him feel. Her kiss that made his heart jump. The feeling that she was holding something back. The discussion and presentation by Dr. Bob. Joe’s mind was telling him he was tired and this is way more than he want to deal with right now. I just need to relax and get some sleep before I have to get back up and go to work.

Joe walked in his house, cracked open a beer and settled back in his favorite chair. He opened the book he had been reading, settled down and tried to allowing himself to connect back into the plot of the story. But as he was reading his mind began to slip back to the discussions of the evening and then he remembered the good night kiss. Concentration was hard. He took another sip of beer, told himself to forget about it for the rest of the night, picked up his book and started the process all over again. Joe eyes became heavy, going closed and then with a jolt of his body they would open again. The process happened several times before he slid into a deeper sleep while still sitting in his chair.

As Joe’s body began to relax and he drifted deeper into his sleep, his mind picked up where it was when he first got home. He began tossing back and forth but never waking up. His mind was racing back in time to when it all began. He could see himself running in the woods while being pursued by a dinosaur with legs that took one step for every ten Joe took. Joe looked over his shoulder to see the giant beast moving closer and then could smell the breath of the dinosaur as it reached down to snatch him from the ground. Just at the moment that his life was to end, he found himself walking in a beautiful garden, full of flowers and trees and the birds were cherping and making beautiful music. He looked around and could see Sarah waving at him from the other side of a beautiful fountain. The sun was shining through the mist forming a beautiful rainbow of spectacular colors. Joe quickly walked to catch up with Sarah. As he reach out for her hand, he found himself running for his life as another great beast was swooping down from the sky. Sarah was gone and the giant bird sank it’s claws deep into his shoulders, lifting him off the ground and high into the sky. Joe could feel his life slipping away as he struggled for his freedom when he found himself falling back to earth landing in a pool of water. As he sank to the bottom he could feel a force he had never know before reach down, grabbing his hand bringing him to the surface. He shook his head to clear his eyes of water and looking around he could see what looked like the garden he was just at when he saw Sarah waving her arm and calling him to come join her. As he began swimming to shore he looked up and could see the calm and beautiful smile of Sarah when he felt something beneath him reach up and grab his leg. He looked around, the garden was gone, Sarah could not be seen anywhere, only water as the sea creature started to descend pulling Joe deeper and deeper. Holding his breath and struggling to free himself he could feel the creature had began to ascended back toward the surface and just as Joe’s lungs were about to fill with sea water as he could hold his breath no longer, he felt himself being hurled to shore. He quickly stood up shaking the sand from his clothes. He was shaking his head working to gain his bearings when he opened his eyes to see himself standing in front of his chair. His head was spinning, his mind was racing a million miles an hour. The dream had been so real he couldn’t shake the feeling of confusion. He looked around just to mke sure it was really a dream. Then walking over to his bed, he collapsed across it letting his mind try to find reality to what he just experienced. His thoughts slipped back to Sarah and after a short time Joe slipped into a peaceful sleep.

Joe woke around  7 AM, quickly showered, ate breakfast and left for work. The events of the evening continued to pull Joe back to his dream. What was that all about anyway, he asked himself. As the day moved forward, he took a break and called Sarah. She didn’t answer, so he left a short message on her phone.

Hi Sarah. I really need to meet with you when you have time. I had the wildest dream last night when I got home and quit honestly it is about everything we have discussed and more. I don’t know what to think and would like to tell you the story and get your take on it. Call me when you have a chance. Thanks.

Joe left work and was driving home when he heard his phone ring. Quickly looking at the display, he could see it was Sarah returning his call. Sliding his finger to the right on the screen, he answered the phone with a quick – Hi Sarah, I am really glad you called me back. What’s up Sarah replied. Sounds like you had quite the dream last night. You don’t know the half of it Joe responded. Are you free tonight? I could be, but I need to call my parents and let them know I will not be home for a while replied Sarah. Joe apologized saying, I am sorry for the short notice, but I really need to talk to somebody about this and you are the only one I know that I can tell it to. Can we meet at the pub? Sure – I can be there in about half an hour Sarah replied.

To be Continued


How will Joe explain the evening of dreams and how will Sarah respond?

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