8 – Longing for Understanding – Digging for Answers

What will Sarah and Joe find as they dig into the details that triggered Joe’s dreams? Do they have some hidden meaning? Was it just a stupid dream?


A couple of days had passed when Joe noticed he had missed a call from Sarah. She hadn’t left a message so Joe decided to call her a little later after he got off work. Joe walked back into the shop and was thinking how nice it would be to see Sarah again when his thoughts drifted back to the dream he had. I don’t want to deal with this crazy dream he told himself. It makes no sense, the dream was just dumb, it has no meaning, I just had a bad night, and with that Joe picked up his tool pouch, strapped it around his waist and started working. After a few minutes Joe remembered how Sarah was also part of his dream and how real she appeared in it. Ok, ok, ok Joe told himself. I have to figure this out. I could create a list of questions, go get the answers and move forward. That’s a good plan Joe thought. But when the worker next to him asked what his good plan was, he realized he was talking out loud and quickly replied, sorry, just talking to myself I guess, not wanting to talk about it with anyone but Sarah.

After leaving work, Joe picked up his phone and called Sarah. As the phone was ringing, his thoughts were on what he would tell Sarah when all of a sudden he heard Sarah say, hi Joe. Catching him off guard, Sarah continued saying, I call earlier but didn’t leave a message. I wasn’t sure how to start, so I just hung up. Your dream really made me think and I had some thoughts about it and wanted to tell you about them. Joe quickly added, I need to get to the bottom of this and put it behind me. It just keeps popping back into my mind and I don’t like it. Except for the part about you he quickly added. Sarah jumped in saying, why don’t you come over to my place and I can tell you my thoughts and maybe we can dig into it a little deeper. I’m kind of grubby and need to clean up a little, commented Joe. Would an hour from now be ok? See you then, Sarah replied. Smiling to herself knowing Joe was coming over, she fliped her phone shut and scurred around to get ready.

Joe drove up in front of Sarah’s house, reached over and grabbed his book on evolution and made his way to the front door. Before he could ring the door bell he heard Sarah call his name from around the corner of the house. Come join me in the back yard. I have some ice tea and munchies. Joe made his way to the corner of the house and headed to the back. Sarah met him about halfway with her big smile with a couple book under her arm. Come on back and let’s get started. I can’t wait to tell you my ideas about your dream and compare what you are thinking. I think just maybe there is something we can both learn. Sound interesting Joe said with a little hesitation. I think maybe I would like to hear your ideas first he added.

Well after getting home the other evening when you had told me about your dream, I was confused and thought that you just had a whacky night. Then the more I thought about it, your story started taking on a resemblance of other stories I have heard. The thing is, I heard most of these stories at church. Well my dream has nothing to do with church. I rarely if ever go Joe firmly commented. But tell me about your ideas anyway. I promise I will open my mind to any possibilities. So Sarah said, do you remember when Dr. Bob told us about how man and dinosaurs lived at the same time. I do Joe stated. Well that is how I think your dream started Sarah added. The second part about the garden could be a representation of the beauty that God wants us to enjoy. I am not sure about the bird that grabbed you but it’s a little like how some people want to pull you down, pull you away from anything thing that might make you think there could be a God. Falling into the water and sinking to the bottom is a little like the flood of Noah that Dr. Bob talked a little about. Being rescued by someone you can’t see is how Jesus rescues each of us from eternity in a place that we don’t want to be. Seeing the garden again might mean that God wants you to see the beauty that he created just for you. Wow. Pretty interesting. But what about when I saw you on the other side of that fountain? What about the rainbow? And remember, you disappeared, commented Joe. I can’t see how that has anything to do with church he added. I don’t know. I am not sure why I was part of it. Well that’s not totally true Sarah confessed. I really like you Joe, but I know I could never have a deeper relationship with you if we have big differences in what we believe. Maybe that is what that was all about. Joe smiled at Sarah when he added; well all I know is that it was not a very good dream and I would like to put it behind me. Not a lot of fun. Your alot of fun he quickly added realizing how he sounded. It’s the dream I didn’t like. Sarah smiled saying you had me a little worried that I was not fun to be around. I hope you know how I feel around out you Joe responded. I just need to figure this out. Well why don’t you tell me your thoughts added Sarah. I have some of the same feelings about you and would like to see where this leads both of us.

To be Continued


What will Joe tell Sarah? How much will he share? How will Sarah react to Joe’s beliefs? Will their relationship take turn for the better? 

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