9 – Searching for Answers – The Big Bang

What will Joe tell Sarah? Is it possible Joe has it right and something just happened and is responsible for everything we see, hear and feel including ourselves? Will Joe allow his feelings about church going people to cloud his thoughts? How will Sarah deal with Joe’s perceptions and beliefs? 


Joe reached over and picked a couple of chips from the bowl sitting on the table and munched them down while he tried to find the right words to explain how he really viewed life. Subconsciously Joe was telling himself that he didn’t want to come off badly and push Sarah away, he just need to openly talk about his beliefs and what he understood to be substantiated facts. Sarah seeing the expression on Joe’s face, reach over and picked up her glass of tea, took a short sip and looked Joe in the eye saying don’t worry so much, don’t over think it, just tell me what you are thinking. I promise I will keep an open mind just like you did for me.

Joe taking a drink of tea said, ok it’s like this. I don’t know how people believing in creation can possibly be right. The evidence is so overwhelmingly in support of evolution it can make them look a little crazy. But then I met you and you seem to have it all under control and I don’t understand why. I get the faith thing, but there is so much evidence telling us we don’t need faith to believe in evolution because it’s real. I really can understand where your coming from, Sarah interrupted. So let’s break it down into the key elements and see where it leads us. What would you say are some key questions that could pertain to both evolution and creation and what are the most important areas that have convinced you that evolution is real? Well to start with, we should see what the probabilities are for either to have happened, replied Joe. And the possibility of man and dinosaurs living at the same time and when that time really was. Are we talking about how science dates things, Sarah questioned. Yes, I think that would be an important part of it, replied Joe. I think another area to look into is macro-evolution. If there is proof of this, then there is proof for total evolution. You know, the Big Bang theory and how life first started. I think if we could find some answers to these key questions, we will have set a foundation that one could place some faith in. I agree Sarah added.  So let’s get started.

Joe started out by saying that we know dinosaurs lived between 64 to 245 million years ago, don’t you agree? Well I have looked into this and have found that it really comes down to how dates are arrived at, Sarah said with a slight smile. They have also found human tracks that have dinosaur track on top of them. You might remember how Dr. Bob touched on this just a little the other night. This should be impossible if man has only lived approximately 6500 years and dinosaur have been long gone for many millions of years. I read about how the evolutionist have tried to discredit this finding by saying that someone staged it. However, many test have been run and it’s finally possible to say that they are real. When you add in the more recent findings in China where a group of scientists found man-made metal objects located in the Cambrian layer which is estimated to be 50 to 87 million years old, which is generally the oldest level we really study, and that many millions of years ago man could not have made them, you can see that something is possibly wrong in the dating methods used because that would also be impossible. Well what if someone just planted them there like someone possible staging the man and dinosaurs tracks, Joe countered. I really do get your point, but why would a group of scientist from China that generally don’t believe in God, stage this or make it up, Sarah responded. How do you know all of this, Joe smiled as he took another drink of tea. Well, I was just like you and a lot of other people who believed in evolution. I had a lot of doubts. The problem I had, or maybe I should say the advantage, is that my mom and dad had given me the chance to learn the creationist side. A lot of people never hear that side, so they never have a reason to question evolutions validity, Sarah added.

Would you like something else to eat or drink, Sarah ask Joe. I need to run in the house and get a book I forgot. I can’t remember the exact figures and it has to do with the laws of portability. No, I’m good Joe replied. As Sarah walked to the house, Joe sat back and tried to absorb everything they had just talked about. He was off in his world of thought when he heard the door close at the house and looked up to see Sarah walking back looking as good as she always does. In the back of Joe’s mind he was thinking about how different and at the same time how special Sarah was. How he would like to see her point of view, but how he was still very confused and was not going to change his opinion just to have a chance for a relationship with her. As Sarah sat back down Joe snapped back to reality and said, what numbers are we talking about?

Well, when I was researching the ideas around evolution, I ran across some statistics that opened my eyes to how we are sometimes led down a path someone wants us on. I never gave much thought to the proability or improbability of what was being taught. We should start out with what is called, Borel’s law of probability. Borel concluded which is also supported by professional statistician, that for anything to have a chance, it must be better than 1 chance out of 10 to the 50th power. That gives a lot of room for something to at least have a chance of happening. What I also found was that one of our leading evolutionist of today, Dr. Carl Sagan, while still pushing the theories of evolution as true, has stated that for evolution to have happened its odds are only 1 chance out of 10 to the 2,000,000,000 power. Another ex-evolutionist, Dr. Harold Morowitz, calculated the odds as 1 out of 10 to 340,000,000 power and he is now a believer in creation. To me that puts the probability of evolution at serious risk of being true. I have never heard that, Joe replied with a puzzled look on his face. Why would we be continuously fed information as truth if it has no possibility of being true? I am beginning to see why you have taken the position you have on the subject. So I agree and accept what you say as a strike against evolution. I guess you could almost call that strike 2. But how do you explain macro-evolution?

 If you are asking me to explain macro-evolution, I can’t, replied Sarah. But I did research this subject in detail because I agree with how you feel about it. What I found is that in the world of the evolutionist, they tend to always just use the word evolution. They seldom use the difference between micro-evolution and macro-evolution. There is a big difference. Micro-evolution happens all the time. It’s like a dog interbreeding with a different kind of dog with a result of a new different looking dog, but still a dog. This is evident in all species of animals today. No one on either side of this fence will disput this. What has never been proven and there has not been any evidence found to support, is a species of anything changing into a new species. But for macro-evolution to be real, it must happen and yet they find no solid evidence to support it. But what about the different bones they have found linking animals to man, asked Joe. Well I am not an expert and I have only dug into this topic enough to convince myself that it can’t happen, but I will tell you that generally all the bones that I have looked into, have been found spread across huge areas and have been pieced together. Generally they have found only 2 or 3 small pieces of bone that are not connected and then they are made into something that supports the evolutionary theories. I think maybe you have made a case against evolution, but we also said we needed to dig into how things are dated, Joe replied as he began to pour each of them another glass of tea.

Sarah put her hand over her glass and replied, to tell you the truth, I don’t know about you, but I am getting hungry. How would you like to buy me a burger and fries, Sarah asked. I would love to, Joe quickly replied. Well you really don’t have to buy it, Sarah quickly commented with a big smile. I really didn’t mean it quite like it sounded. That’s quite a play on words, Joe replied. What you said and what you meant was up to my interpretation. Ok, then you can buy mine, Joe said with a snicker. Not a chance, I bought last time. Joe and Sarah got up and as they headed towards Joe’s car, Sarah reached over and took hold of Joe’s hand and said, I’m glad we can talk like this. Maybe we can tackle the last question after we get something in our stomach besides tea and chips.

To be Continued”


How will Joe process everything Sarah told him? Can she add even more information over dinner? Will dinner be the start of a lasting relationship or the turning that separates Joe and Sarah?

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