10 – Searching for Answers – The Burger Palace

How will the rest of the evening unfold? With some serious talks behind them and a couple yet to come, will Joe and Sarah take another step in their relationship or will they decide they just have too many differences. How well is Joe processing everything Sarah has told him about her research and discoveries and why she has placed her faith in God?


Joe and Sarah were headed to Joe’s car when they realizing they had left the bowl of chips and the last of the tea sitting on the table in the back yard. They quickly turned to go back to get them when Sarah saw her Mom and Dad walking out of the back door. Hi Mom. We didn’t mean to just get up and take off and leave everything sitting. We’ll pick it up and take it in. We thought we would go get a burger. You want us to bring something back for you guys? No thanks, you two go and have fun. I can take this in for you. It’s good to see you again Joe, Sarah’s Dad added. Joe turned and smiled saying thanks and it’s good to see both of you again.

Joe and Sarah headed back to the car and in short order were off to the Burger Palace or the Greasy Spoon as it is sometimes called. Not the most upscale place, but they do serve up a great burger and fries. Joe pulled up in front of the restaurant, parked and seconds later they were sitting inside ordering. A couple of minutes later their waiter dropped off the Cokes they ordered and said their food should be right up in a few minutes.

So where should we start, Joe asked. I am looking forward to hearing what you understand about how things are dated. It can’t be to hard when everthing is generally located in the layer of earth that has dates associated with them. What do you mean, Sarah questioned with a puzzled look on her face. Well if something is located in a specific layer then it should mean the age should also be about the same, Joe continued. Quickly jumping in Sarah said, well that is just the problem. The layers are dated by what they find in them and the items found in them are dated by what layer they are in. Well I’m no rocket scientist, but that doesn’t make much sense, Joe added. So how should something be dated or better yet how do they date something that is just found some place and assumed to be very old.

That really is the key question commented Sarah with a bit of a serious look on her face. It is so easy to make this a  complicated issue. It’s a little like the use of the term evolution to cover both micro-evolution and macro-evolution. Using one word distorts the understanding. I can see what you mean about evolution, but how does that have anything to do with how old something is, Joe added thinking he may have finally found a little support for his beliefs in evolution. Well all I can do is tell you what I learned when I really dug into this area. I will try to give you a readers digest version even though it could be a little difficult for me to remember everything exactly without my notes.

Generally science will use one of several dating methods depending on how old an object appears to be. At least that is how I understand it. If it is assumed to be less than 70,000 years old they could choose Carbon Dating. If it is older, you might use Potassium 40 / Argon 40 dating. Both are very repeatable and scientists support both. They both work based on chemical changes that take place over time measured in what is called its half-life. This is the time it takes for the change to be half of what it started with. For carbon dating, something that is living takes on radiation while alive which changes C12 to C14 based on the radiation levels present which gives us a baseline to start with. Once it dies, it begins to decompose and the C14 starts to change back to C12 at a very steady rate. So now we can tell the age because we know how much C14 has changed back to C12. That’s a simple explanation of how it works. Argon dating works the same. The big question I had was, why would you use Argon dating if you can find C14 in an object. The understood percent of error is the same for both, 1/10th of 1 percent, but the number of years being dated are much different. Argon dating can go into the billions of years and of course Carbon dating goes out to approximately 70,000 years. If I remember it right, when you apply the percent of error to both, carbon dating should be off by only about 5.73 years and argon dating by about 1.26 million years. A great example of my point is the testing that was done on diamonds. These diamond were estimated to be between 600 million to over 1 billion years old. Zero C14 should be present because they are just too old. But there was! So diamonds are not near as old as we are told unless you only use Aron dating. Why would anyone do that unless they have a need for them to be older than they are. This is one of the reasons along with the other things we’ve talked about, that make it possible for me to take creation by God seriously.

Ok said Joe. You really did explain that pretty well. Let me tell you what I think you have told me you believe. Evolutionist use dating methods to tell their story the way they want it heard. They generally combine all evolution under the single word evolution, utilize circular logic by dating objects based on the layers of the earth where the objects are found while dating the layers by the objects in them, and make assumptions by piecing bones together to tell a story of evolution. The Laws of Probability put the odds of evolution at an impossibility and the act of pushing doubt at findings that contradict ones desired belief is something we need to be aware of. Yes, that is how I understand it, replied Sarah. Wow, I didn’t think I explained my points of view very good, but you got it. Well you should give yourself a little more credit. Your better at this than you think, replied Joe smiling. What are you grinning about, Sarah replied with a slight giggle. Well, don’t get made at me, but you’re not just good-looking and fun to be with, your pretty darn smart also, Joe replied with the same grinn. Well you’re not bad at catching on either, so I guess that makes you pretty smart also, Sarah quickly replied. Oh, and you’re not so bad to look at either. Both Sarah and Joe sat back and finished their burgers as they both let their mind grasp what was going on. Sarah could see she was liking this guy more all the time and Joe was feeling the same about Sarah. However, they both knew that something had to give if there was a future for them.

Joe picked up the tab for dinner and they headed back to Sarah’s place. As they were driving, Joe brought back up his dream and how he was still trying to find out why he had it. You know you have given me a lot to think about don’t you. Pretty deep stuff actually. I need some time to process this and I hope you will have patience with me, Joe said with a serious look on his face. You know I will, Joe. Getting to know you and now meeting your Mom and Dad and how they make me feel welcome, makes me think that not all so-called Christians are created equal. To bad they aren’t all like you guys. It sure would give the church world a better name. Sarah could say nothing but smile as she thought to herself that maybe they just might have a chance together.

Joe walked Sarah to her front door and was about to say goodnight, when instead he reached out and put his arms around her pulling her close. You know I really like you. I find myself wanting to be with you more all the time.  I know it’s important to you that I figure this out and I just need some time to do that. I will give you all time you need, replied Sarah as she felt the rush of affection take over. She reach up pulling Joe a little closer. They looked at each other for just a couple seconds before their lips came together as they kissed each other in a way that surprised them both. As Joe lowered Sarah, she looked into his eyes not knowing what to say other than call me. Then she turned as Joe released his hold, open the door and turned to wave goodby as she watch Joe walk back to his car.

Joe made it home with nothing on his mind but the goodnight kiss. He had an early morning so he cleaned up and slid into bed. After about 30 minutes of staring at the ceiling,  Joe got up, opened a beer, grab his book and sat down in his favorite chair. Before long his eyes slid shut, and he began to dream about Sarah, how pretty she was and how he looked forward to their next kiss when his mind slid back to his original dream. The chase was on as the dinosaur was gaining on him. Joe was looking for a quick place to hide when he saw a small cave. He threw himself into the opening just as the heat of the dinosaurs breath felt only inches away. Was he safe? The dinosaur stood out side the entrance waiting for a second chance as Joe searched his pockets for the lighter he always carried even though he never smoked. Pulling it out he flipped it open and as the flame came to life he looked into the cave and couldn’t believe his eyes.

“To be Continued”


What is it that Joe can see in that cave? Is Joe in for another rough night? Will he find answers that will change his life forever?  

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