11 – Searching for Answers – Another Rough Night

Joe’s dream is back and is running for his life. Escaping death just to see something waiting for him in the cave. Sarah’s back home remembering the details of their discussion and praying Joe will get it all figured out and remembering the evenings kiss.


Joe could hear the noise outside the mouth of the cave as the giant beast was stomping on the ground, swinging its tail like a lumberjacks axe, knocking down trees and schreding bushes with each step. He could still smell the breath of the dinosaur, knowing just how close he came to kissing it goodby. Sitting up, Joe tries to regains his focus when he remembered that something or someone was deeper in the cave. Grabbing his lighter, flipping it open he flicks it once, then a second time, it won’t light. Still shaking, and trying to catch his breath, Joe could feel the overwelming fear of death as his emotions continued to build. He opens his lighter one more time giving it a flick with his thumb and the flame came to life. As his eyes began to refocus what he thought he could see just moments before was gone, but his instinct was telling him to be cautious. He move farther away from the mouth of the cave taking him deeper inside toward who knows what. As he inched his way forward the small flame of his lighter went out leaving him once again in darkness. Joe flicked it again bring it back to life as he continued to inch his way deeper into the cave. He could feel the slight incline of the cave floor when his flame disapeared again. Flicking frantically at the lighter the small light he had wouldn’t light. Joe sat motionless on the floor of the cave, listening for any movement or sound. All he could hear was the sound of his thumping heart in his chest. He was trying to refocus when noticed a small flicker of light bouncing off the wall in front of him. On hands and knees he worked his way forward and could see the source was around a slight bend in the cave wall. As he approached the source it became brighter and it appeared he was alone. Getting to his feet he carefully moved closer discovering the cave had opened up into a large area as if someone had carved a room out of the rock. Sliding through the small opening he carefully entered the stone room. He could see that the light was entering through a hole located high in the cieling and was shining down on a small pool of what looked like water which caused it to reflect off the walls. Totally exhausted, Joe leaned up against the wall trying to grasp what was happening when he again sensed he really wasn’t alone. Looking around Joe could see some sort of drawing our painting on the wall opposite him. It looked like a dinosaur was chasing someone. Joe shivered as he remembered how close he came which felt like just minutes before. He continued to look at the drawing when he noticed what looked like another small opening in the wall opposite the one he entered through. There was a pile of rocks close to the opening as if who ever carved this room had not totally complete the project. He recalled how he had stumbed over the pile of rocks when he was escaping from the dinosaur. The drawing on the wall showed the man entering this small hole. He noticed a spot close to the pool of liquid that looked as if it had been used for a small fire. He inched his way forward coming closer to the pool of liquid in the center of the stone room floor. He stopped to dip his finger into the liquid and raised it to his noise and then his tongue tasting it. He was supprised to find that it tasted good. Dieing of thirst, he threw any concerns to the side, reached his hand into the water and raised it to his mouth taking a drink. Tasting like clean water, he drank his fill and splashed some on his face attempting to shake off the thought of being a dinosaurs dinner. Joe again moved closer to the small opening on the opposite wall. As he came closer to the opening he could see that there was a small amount of light filtering through what looked like grass growing at the opposite end which obscured any possible view of what was awaiting him if he continued. Knowing he couldn’t stay here forever, he carefully slid on his belly towards the opening trying to avoid being detected by what ever might be on the other side. Still remembering the beast that chased him into the cave he wondered if he was lurking outside waiting to pounce on him. Carefully Joe made his way through the grassy opening into the open air listening for any noise or movement around him. All he could hear was the sounds of small birds, frogs, and occasionally a small splash that sounded like a fish jumping in water. Feeling confident the dinosaur was gone and had given up on the idea of having him for dinner, he carefully raised himself up so he could see the surroundings. Looking around Joe couldn’t believe his eyes. There was a small lake surrounded by beautiful trees, beautiful birds in flight, fish jumping in and out of the water as if playing a game, two small squirrels standing on a log chatting to each other. As he looked farther across the lake he recognized what looked like a fountain that he thought he had seen once before. Walking towards it he thought he could hear a voice. Looking closer he could see Sarah waving at him and calling his name. Joe began waving back as he stumbled to his feet and started to move quickly towards Sarah. They locked eyes on each other as Joe came closer when he tripped over a small log. Joe quickly put his hands on the ground and pushed himself back up just to see the side of his bed staring at him. Joe fell back on the floor of his bedroom. He was staring at the cieling light that was still on when he realized he could see a reflection of light coming off the floor that must have happened when he knocked over his glass of water. Joes mind was racing as he recalled the events of what must have been another dream. Totally exhausted, Joe forced himself to get up off the floor and as he sit down on the edge of his bed, he put his head in his hands and rested his elbows on his knees. I can’t believe this is happening again, Joe told himself. What is behind all of this? The idea that something bad and then something good happens in each dream. Joe let himself fall back onto his bed. His mind was still racing when he remembered the last kiss he and Sarah had, the feelings that he felt, and how good she made him feel when they were together. As he laid there his eyes became heavy. Peaceful sleep finally came until he heard a buzzing sound.

Joe jumped as he heard the noise of his alarm and quickly reached over giving it a tap to shut it up. Joe crawled out of bed and made his way to the shower. Standing under the water letting it rained down on his body, he tried to shake off the remaining thoughts about his dream wanting them to just wash down the drain forever. Before long Joe was dressed and driving into work. He was walking in the door when his friend Tom looked at him with a grin. You been up all night or something? You don’t want to know, replied Joe. Oh come on, give me a hint. It must have a wild one! No, it was just another one of those dreams, Joe said as he was walking away. Tom reached out and grabbed Joes shoulder saying, what is happening to you anyway. Every since you started hanging with Sarah you have been acting strange like your living in a world unknown to the rest of us. We never see you anymore unless your with her. I know she is really cute, but if you ask me, she is not good news for you. I’ve been told she is a church goer. You know, one of those religious types. Before long you will be showing up at one of our parties carring a bible and telling us that having a brew or two is wrong, that how we live our lives is wrong. Joe look at Tom with a smile saying, you got it wrong. She is not like that. She doesn’t carry around her bible, she has no issue with having a glass of beer and she is a lot of fun. It’s just that ……… well anyway I have to deal with this not you.

Joe walked over and strapped on his tools and began putting together a wall he had been working on the day before. Before he knew it, it was noon and Tom walked up and ask if he would like to catch some lunch. I’m buying, Tom added. Thanks, but I don’t think I would be very good company today. Can I have a rain check? Sure. It just looks like you could use a friend right now, Tom replied. You might be right Tom. Lets go.

Joe and Tom arrived at the local sub shop and as they walked in, Joe saw Sarah sitting by the window with of all people, Tom’s girlfriend. Tom looked at Joe and said; I didn’t know they knew each other. Sarah spotted Joe as they walked over to say hi. You two want to join us, Sarah asked. Sure they replied in unison. Joe’s hand brushed Sarah’s as he slid in next to her. Joe, you look like you could use a little extra sleep, Ann commented after taking a look at his sunken eyes. Yes, he could if he could quite having those dreams, Tom added as he looked at Sarah. Dreams? What kind of dreams Ann inquired. You can tell her if you want, added Sarah. She has been a good friend of mine most of my life. You never know, she might just add something to our ideas. I didn’t know you two knew each other, added Tom. Yes, we grew up next door to each other. We did everything together until my family moved to the other side of town. Now we only see each other when we make plans or possibily at church when I go, Ann replied. So you two still see each other at church added Joe as he looked at Tom thinking about the comment he had made about Sarah and people who go to church. Yah, we do when I go. Not as often as I should though. Tom just sit there with a dumb look on his face. He had no idea that Ann went to church. She never talked about it, she went with him to the beach on several Sunday mornings, she never talked about God, but he had never heard her talk negative about church either. Wow. An awakening.

Joe gave Ann and now Tom a quick overview of his dreams. Tom looked at Joe and told him he now understood why he was loosing sleep. You need to get this behind you my man. What do you think brought this on, asked Ann. I don’t think we have time to get into that right now. Tom and I need to finish our lunch so we can get back to work before we’re late again. Maybe another time.

Joe and Tom finished their lunch and headed back to work. As they were walking in the door Tom asked Joe if he and Sarah would like to double up some night and do dinner and maybe a movie. Sounds good, replied Joe. We should check with the girls.

Before they knew it, they were out of work and Joe was driving home when he heard his phone buzzing. He quickly looked at the screen and could see it was Sarah. Picking it up he hit the answer button and said, Hi Sarah. That was a chance meeting today at lunch don’t you think? I will admit it was nice to see you again especially after last night, Joe said with a big grinn that Sarah couldn’t see. What’s happening. Well I just found out that they are having a follow-up question and answer meeting this Sunday evening at church and Dr. Bob is coming back. I was wondering if you would like to go with me. Maybe we can find the source to your dreams. Well, I will have to check on something and get back with you. Can I call you back with an answer, questioned Joe. Of course you can. Call me when you know. Sounds good. Call you later. All Joe could think about on the rest of his ride home was how much he liked Sarah, but how he hated his dreams and how it all started after his first meeting at Sarah’s church.


Will Joe join Sarah at the meeting or will he make a decision to skip out and put it all behind him? Now that Tom has heard about his dream, will he add his two cents and what about Ann? 

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