12 – Searching for Answers – Mind over Matter

So will Joe join Sarah at the meeting or find some excuse to blow it off? How will the events of the last couple months effect Joe decisions? Is it possible for Joe to walk away, to forget about Sarah? 


Joe’s mind was in racing mode as he continued his drive home thinking about the events of the last few weeks. His mind was telling him one thing and his emotions for Sarah was telling him something else. What am I supposed to do anyway. I know I am falling for Sarah but she is not going to get serious with me if I don’t believe in God and his creation and I don’t think I can do that. Isn’t it true that this world is an evolving world. In science class we discussed how the DNA of plants and animals control how things evolve. How time and events change DNA allowing it to adapt to the surroundings, to allow life to continue and allow new things to come into existence. Just the other day I listened to a scientist speak on the radio talk show about how they had been able to modify DNA to remove a diseases from a plant. They have been able to clone animals. They have found gene’s that have gone astray causing different illnesses and birth defects. The sciences are looking at how to alter DNA to eliminate these disease in humans, to trigger the human body to repair or grow new nerves allowing someone paralyzed to walk again, and even to eliminate cancer. Does this not show that evolution is real? How can these Christians believe that God created everything with all this evidence? Why can’t Sarah see that she just might be wrong so we have a chance together? I think it is Sarah who has the problem not me.

Before Joe knew it he was parked in front of his apartment just sitting with the engine still running when his neighbor knocked on his window to say hi. Rolling his window down Joe quickly said hi Carl, how’s your day going? Oh, not to bad now that I am out of work. You know, the daily grind. But I guess we need a little money and that is the only way to get it, short of robbing a bank Carl said with a grin on his face. Sometimes I think we have a destiny from the very start. We just have to learn what is important, what we want to make of our life and how we would like to live it. You know, live within our means. There are so many influences out there that try to drive you one way or another. Trying to sell you on something. Sometimes they make you feel like you just can’t live without what they have to offer. So much manipulation goes on these days. Joe slid out and closed the car door replying with, you can say that again offering up a high-five. Got to run Joe or I will be late for a meeting at the lodge. See you around.

Joe leaned up against his entrance fumbling for his key when a thought came over him. What if the problem lies in the fact that humans are continuously altering information, making changes to drive a specific agenda. What if the proof has been right in front of me all this time and I just couldn’t see it. What if the simple fact that man has learned how to alter DNA to make it better is the proof that evolution is breaking down creation and not building it up. What if this proves that in the beginning things were correct and evolution has caused changes that if left unchecked would eliminate everything. If it takes a human to alter DNA to make it better just because it is falling apart for what ever reason and evolution is believed to be the driver behind everything we see, then why do things continue to evolve and not just die off. Wouldn’t that also make a case that evolution is not the starter of everything, that someone had to put this all together in the first place. Maybe Sarah’s faith has sound logic behind it even if she believes in God based on pure faith.

Joe opened his door, walked in and set his phone on the table deciding to take a quick shower before he fixed something to eat for dinner. Grabbing some clean clothes and throwing them on the counter, Joe jumped into the shower. As the warm water was raining down on him, he recalled his dream and how he was struggling in the water, feeling his life being drained from his body, knowing that if he tried to take one breath he would breathe in water and it would be all over. Sure death. But then out of nowhere something quickly pulled me from the depths to the surface. The beauty around me was so calm and inviting. There Sarah stood on shore waiting for me. Joe’s mind was moving faster than a race car when he realized the water was getting cold. He quickly turned it off and looked over at the clock and realized how much time had passed and he must have used up all the hot water. Quickly getting dressed he walked out to the table and pick up his phone and hit his speed dial to Sarah.

The phone was ringing when he heard, Hi this is Sarah, leave a message and I will call you back. Hi Sarah, Joe. I just had the most incredible though about evolution. I think I will go with you to the next meeting. I can’t wait to tell you about it and see what Dr. Bob thinks about it. This is the first time I feel like I understand where you are coming from. Can’t wait to tell you about it. Call me when you can.

“To be continued”


Will Joe continue his quest to find answers or has he solved his puzzle? How does his dreams tie into his relationship with Sarah, God and evolution? Will they ever stop? 

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