13 – Searching for Answers – The Mystery of DNA

Will Joe’s thoughts on DNA prove to be a problem solver? Will this help Joe and Sarah find solid ground for a relationship and solve the mystery of his dreams?


Joe woke early the next morning, his mind racing 100 miles an hour and the inside of his head pounding. The tension in his shoulders crept up the back of his neck working its way up his spine. It wrapped around both sides of his head then came together between his eyes turning inward where a throbbing pain would come and go with each beat of his heart. Cradling his head in his hands, he sat on the edge of his bed and massaged his temples attempting to relieve some of the pain. He forced his way to the aspirin jar, dumping 3 extra strength Excedrin in his hand, he popped them in his mouth, took a drink of water and made his way out to his favorite chair to wait the pain out. Closing his eyes he sat motionless trying to relax allowing the pain to subside.

After some time had passed and the aspirin kicked in gear, Joe’s mind slowly turned to his thoughts from the evening before. I know everyone has a specific DNA that is just their own. I know that this is passed down from everyone’s parents to their children and a child can be matched to their parents using DNA. I could even believe that if a parent has some illness or comes in contact with some substance that this could alter the DNA that could possibly be passed on to a child not yet conceived. But this is caused by something bad, not by some special need to adapt. In most cases we see abnormalities or birth defects or even some physical issues passed down. We see more and more of this happening around the world. But what about that child that has become a leader in a specific field, intelligent beyond their parent’s, or with physical abilities that a parent never had. Is it just that they have been better educated or worked harder in physical training or is it tied to the world of evolving DNA? But wait a minute. This is all happening after they were born, after they had received their DNA from their parent’s. Their DNA was already set. Maybe it could be altered because of something that happened at inception, or maybe something that happened after birth as a young child or even later in life.

Joe sat motionless in his chair. His mind was racing from one thought to the next when it hit him. If our DNA can be altered after birth, then proving someone is a specific person using DNA is not a perfect science. For evolution to change some unborn child into something a little different than their parent’s, than DNA would have to be altered somehow after birth enabling this change to be passed onto their unborn child. How do we know what part of DNA will be altered? How do we know what alters it? We know man can alter it. But that is man, not nature. Is there more to this DNA story?

Joe was deep in thought when he realized his phone was ringing. As he picked it up he could see that it was Sarah. Hi Sarah, how’s your morning starting? Well, that is why I called you. I got your message late last night and wanted to know what you were so excited about. Are you available tonight for dinner Joe asked with a level of excitement? This DNA thing is real and you could use it to confirm evolution or dispel it. But I am no scientist and I need a little more investigation. Can we get together tonight and maybe you can help me figure out how to better understand the evolutionary world of DNA. I really believe this holds the core answers. Sure, what time Sarah replied with a smile on her face that Joe couldn’t see. I get out of work early today, so anytime after 4:00 works for me. I’ll bring my iPad and maybe we can do a little research. Sounds great. I will pick you up around 4:30 Joe replied. Call me if anything changes. I will. Got to run or I will be late for work. See you this afternoon.

Both Joe and Sarah sit back in their chairs thinking about how much they liked each other. Neither could think about anything else the rest of the day and couldn’t hardly wait until 4:30 arrived. Joe looked forward to seeing Sarah and holding her in his arms, to feel the comfort that she brings when they are together. Sarah was hoping Joe would want to talk about more than just DNA and evolution. She looked forward to those special feelings she got when they are together.

The day seemed to move exceptionally slow for both Sarah and Joe, dragging on for what felt like a week and not just a few hours. As Joe pulled up in front of Sarah’s house, she was already headed out the front door. Joe jumped out and as he made it to the other side, Sarah through her arms around him and gave him a big hug and a serious kiss that sent Joes heart into a serious thumping in his chest. Joe opened the door for Sarah and as she got in she looked up at Joe and said “and I thought chivalry was dead”.

“To be Continued”


Will Sarah and Joe forget about the research and just enjoy the evening together? Will the DNA controversy become an issue that kills the romance or will it bring them together?

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