18 – Searching for Answers – Hooky explained

Will Joe and Sarah take another step in their relationship? Will Joe let down his guard and tell Sarah how he feels about everything?


Well Mr. Hooky player, what were you up to today that made you decide to miss work, Sarah said half laughing? It must have been pretty important to make you take a day off. Well, I almost made it to work when everything that has happened came rushing back into my mind Joe said with a serious look on his face. I knew I needed to dig deeper and it’s more important to me than working. So much has happened to me in the last several weeks with these crazy dreams, getting to know you, running into people at places I didn’t expect. I knew I had some personal days stored up and they are pretty good about letting us take them when we really need to, so I did. Man, I just remembered. I bet Tom is wondering what I was up to. When I was pulling the U-turn he drove by me on his way into the shop. How will I explain……..Sarah interrupted Joe and ask; who else have you run into anyway? Well you know Dr. Bob at the Pub and oh yes I also ran into my x-girlfriend Carol who is back in town and now working part-time at the pub. Sarah quickly began analyzing the comment about the x-girlfriend when she blurted out; just how “x” is she? Well we dated for about a year when she left town and we broke it off thinking the distance would be too hard and we really weren’t all that serious anyway. Again Sarah’s mind was analyzing – not serious but dated for a year – and she was what he called his girlfriend. We just had a good time together. Good time, Sarah questioned as she again looked Joe in the eye. Yes, just a good time. Wait a minute Sarah, are you jealous? No – or at least I shouldn’t be Sarah admitted as her face turned a slight color of pink. Well you don’t have to worry, you are more important to me than anything and I really want to make thing work between us. That is why I played hooky today. I want to understand everything that has happened. If what you believe in is real I need some of that. If it is not real then I need to make that decision and then we can decide where we go from there. The point I am making is that I get it. You want a boyfriend that has similar belief as you, but you want that person to do it on his own. My point is that I want to be that person. I have been falling for you since the first day we met. Reaching over and taking Sarah’s hand, Joe slid over and gave Sarah a kiss. Sarah responded back as their kiss became more of a passionate moment. They could hear Sarah’s parents close the back gate and quickly went back to just holding hands. Hope we aren’t disturbing you two? We just needed to get then pruners out of the shed so we can trim some of the bushes in the front yard. Your fine dad. We were just talking. June looked at Carl, smiled and with a slight giggle said; I think we interrupted them just a little. Yah, it’s kind of fun isn’t it, Carl responded?

Ok Joe, tell me the rest of the story. Well I went home, turned on the computer and start to research evolution versus creation. I found this book that looked like it had some answers and found that it was at the library. So I headed there and found the book and sat reading it when I began to feel it was pushing me in only one direct and not just giving me information. It referenced the Bible so I went and found one on the shelf. There were several versions and I think I took the King James version, and read the first few chapters. Wow, you read one of the harder versions of the bible to understand Sarah added. I like the NIV version best. But they all really tell you the same thing, just using different words. Well anyway, I started to get it, Joe said. I started to understand where you are coming from. You know, it takes faith to believe in either. Just like what Dr. Bob has said. It is a decision each of us has to make on our own. I realized how late it was so I left the library and call you. After that, I went home, changed my clothes, turn on the TV and then you will never guess what happened. You had a dream again didn’t you Sarah said as a look of compassion came across her face. No, it wasn’t a dream. I was channel surfing when all of a sudden a Dinosaur was on the screen and all I heard was that a hundred million years ago this great beast lived. I couldn’t believe a show on dinosaurs would be on just at that time so pushing the channel button again, just a couple of channels away, was a picture of a dinosaur track on top of a human track. Now what are the odds? I just turned it off and headed to the car to come over to see you when I realized I had some time to kill and so I just sat back in the car and let my mind try to sort this all out when the phone rang and it was you telling me that I was late. Now you know the rest of the story of today.

So what do you think this is all about Sarah questioned? Sounds to me like someone or something is trying to get your attention or you just have a mind that likes to wonder and play tricks on you. Are you trying to call me a little crazy Joe replied as he chuckled out loud. Well maybe a little Sarah replied with a grin on her face. Well I’m still not sure but after talking to you and Dr. Bob, doing all this research and don’t forget all the dreams, I just might agree with you. However, no matter what it is, I think I am drawing some conclusions finally. I just can’t see how the evolutionary community can continue to push evolution as the only way when they just cannot prove it. Even the odds of it happening are against them by their own admission. It takes a lot of faith to believe in full-blown evolution. I guess I could use the term that they like to use; blind faith. And then when I read about creation, it also takes faith to believe. However, it does fill in a lot of blanks if we take a serious look at it. So I am leaning towards creation as how it all began. Sarah smiled as she knew this is how she believed. So is that all there is to it Joe asked? All I have to say is that I believe in creation and that this is how it all started? Almost, but it really in the end is putting your faith in Jesus, Sarah continued. What do you mean, Joe questioned looking puzzled? Well, it really is simple. A couple of years ago I made a decision to believe in God, to believe in his creation, and to believe he sent his son Jesus to earth to die for my sins. You can learn more about this if you continue to read the Bible especially the New Testament. I can tell you everything I know, but you really need to make this decision yourself. In my case, I knew I had done some wrong things in my life that really bothered me. I knew what my mom and dad had told me. I had already been through everything you are trying to figure out but I had never made a personal commitment to believe in Jesus. So one day I just did it. I asked for forgiveness for these things and asked Jesus into my heart, Sarah said as a tear trickled down her cheek. The feeling that came over me was unbelievable. Talk about a rush! I never have to worry about these things I have done wrong ever again. My wrong doings or as the Bible say’s, my sin’s have been forgiven. I still find it fun to research creation and evolution, but in my heart, I know it is God’s creation. The deeper we dig the more conformation I get.

Joe sat back thinking about what Sarah had just told him. He looked over at Sarah saying that he really appreciated her honesty with him and most of all her being true to herself and her beliefs. Taking her hand he stood up and pulled Sarah up with him. Putting his arms around her he embarrassed the moment as they held each other tight. Their lips came together as the passion rose and they kissed with a feeling that they both knew was special. Joe pulled back to tell Sarah he needed to get going, but Sarah just held him tight. She knew Joe was someone special and she didn’t want to let the moment stop. After another passionate embrace, Sarah took Joe’s hand as they started walking around the house towards Joe’s car. They talked a little as they walked hand in hand but mostly both were just feeling the love they were starting to experience.

Joe kissed Sarah one last time as he was ready to get in his car and head home. Sarah said bye as she turned and started walking back to the house thinking about how much she liked Joe. She looked back with a smile and waved just as Joe drove off.

“To be continued”


Where is Joe’s mind? Is it on God, Jesus, creation, evolution or is it Sarah? Is Joe going to give in just to be with Sarah or will he really changed his opinion on evolution?

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