19 – Searching for Answers – An Eventful Night

Can Joe finally wrap his head around everything that has happened? What will some of his friends think? Could Sarah be that special person that everyone always dreams they will find? 


Joe headed back to his place with his head in the clouds thinking about how much he liked Sarah and how nice her parents were. What more could anybody ever want in a girlfriend. Wow, I just officially called her my girlfriend. Maybe it’s even more than that. I think I have completely fallen head over heals in love with her. Stop – stop – stop, get a grip. You don’t stand a chance long-term. Yes I do. You don’t get those feelings if there isn’t something special happening on both sides. I know she likes me or she would not make me feel craze when I am with her, sending my head spinning when she kisses me, hugs me or just holds my hand. But remember that thing about having a belief the same as hers. I am not going to change my belief just for Sarah. Besides she told me that it has to be something I do on my own. But in the end I will lose her if I……. Ok this is crazy. I am talking to myself then answering myself and solving nothing.

Joe pulled into his place and made his way to the door and notice a note slid in between the door and the weather-stripping. Turning the key with one hand he grab the note and walked inside, laid them on the table by the door, walked to the fridge to grab a beer and then sat down in his chair. He laid his head back for a few minutes revisiting the events of the day when he remember the note. Retrieving the note from the table he sat back down and opened it. Hi Joe. I  just stop by to see how you are doing. We only had a short talk the other night and I wanted to catch up. Call me if you want. Love Carol. Joe reach over and picked up his beer, took a drink, laid the note on the end table and thought about Carol for just a few moments. Stop – just stop. I need to make sure Carol understand that I have a girlfriend and that we are not going to become an item again. I like Sarah and don’t want to do anything to screw it up.

Joe headed towards the bedroom wanting to just get some sleep. Crawling into bed he remembered back to the warm feelings he has when he is with Sarah. How he wished they could be together all the time. After a short while his eyes went closed as he fell asleep still dreaming he was with Sarah. As the night rolled on Joe began to roll and toss. Come on run faster Joe told himself. I can’t breathe and I need a place to hide long enough to regain some energy or I will become a dinosaurs dinner. Joe’s mind was processing everything around him at lightning speed as he looked around realizing he had been here before. Taking a quick left he headed up a small incline and spotted the opening in the side of the hill. Pushing forward with the last of his energy he reached the entrance to the cave and quickly disappeared into the darkness inside. Still hearing the sounds outside as the dinosaur push on everything in site in an attempt to locate his next dinner, letting out noises that would wake the dead and make them run, he quietly leaned against the wall of the cave gasp for oxygen and tried to regain some strength. All at once he remembered the entrance on the other side of the cave and how it was safe. Rolling onto his hands and knees he started moving deeper into the cave looking for that glimmer of light he remembered. Moving slowly, feeling the wall’s as he made his way deeper and deeper he keep saying; why didn’t I bring my lighter? I can’t believe I didn’t bring my lighter. Stupid, stupid, stupid. Trying to remember how far it was to the large carved out room where the light entered from the opening in the rock above, he realized he was going down a slope and not up like before. Joe could feel the frantic emotions as he realized he must have made a wrong turn when he heard a noise coming from deeper in the cave. It sounded like something or someone was calling his name. Keep coming Joe. You can make it. Joe sat motionless as his mind was running out of control as he tried to figure out what he was really hearing. He knew the sound of that voice but couldn’t put a face on it. Something told him he needed to retreat while something else was urging him forward. He started to move closer as the voice became clearer when he saw a light flicker giving him hope that this was the exit on the other side he was looking for. As he moved forward he expected to come into the larger carved out room he remembered. He started to side down the sloped floor of the cave. Something is wrong. He looked up just in time to see one of the largest flying beast he had ever imagined. Turning he quickly made his way up the slope and back in the direction he came from. The voice he heard was called his name again. You almost made it. Come on back. I know that voice Joe told himself. Who is she? I know it’s not Sarah. Joe continued working his way back as the voice became fainter with each turn of the cave walls when he again saw a faint glimmer of light. Inching his way forward he could see the small opening he remembered. He started moving quickly and slide through the small entrance and could see the pool of water in the center of the room. Reaching his hand in he took a drink to quench his thirst. Looking over to the opposite side he could see what looked like the exit he used once before. Slowly making his way forward he could see the drawings on the wall. He lowered himself and sliding on his belly he inched his way to the opening where the grass was waving back and forth as the breeze outside gently pushed it like someone blowing on a candle but not killing the light. He reach the grass and looking over its top he could see the lake and the animals and the birds were again singing that comforting tune. He looked across the lake and could again see Sarah standing on the other side next to the fountain. He started to call out Sarah’s name when he realized he was talking to the wall of his bedroom next to his bed. Sitting up on the edge of his bed, putting his hands on his head and resting his elbows on his knees, Joe started to shake. A tear slid down his cheek as he realized that he would never put this behind him until he made a decision. What will it be?

Joe took a deep breath and decided to do something he had never done before. God, if you are real, I need to talk to you. I need your help. Sarah told me about you and I have read how you created everything. I think it just might be true. She told me about You sending your son Jesus to earth just to help us craze humans understand what this life is really all about. I also heard he died and you brought him back to life and that people saw him and talked to him after he had been in his tomb for three days. She also told me You took him back to heaven to live with You and that he would come back someday for all of us. She told me that if I would accept him for who he is, ask him to forgive me for all the wrong things I have done, he would forgive me and never remember them ever again. She told me that my life would never be the same. That I would have an inter-comfort for the rest of my life, like nothing I have ever experienced. Well if you made this world and Jesus is really your son, then I want some of that. I have done so many thing wrong in my life and I would like to forget them and move forward. And I don’t know where these dreams are coming from, but if you have anything to do with them, could You just make them stop. I really do get it. You are the creator and Jesus is your son. I am ready to let You take over my life. I want You to forgive me for my past and help me with the future. As Joe sat on the edge of his bed, his tears began to flow down his cheeks as he said; please just show me the way and if you can, please show me you are with me. I believe in you and want you in my life from now on.

Joe felt something happen, something he could not explain, something that Sarah had hinted at but never really came right out and told him about. He began to smile as he felt the burdens of old lifted off his shoulders, the feelings of not understanding became clear and a feeling of joy filled his thoughts as his mind seemed to finally have all the answers he had searched for. He knew something had happened. Something deep in his chest told him he was now a believer and he felt great about it. Joe looked up saying; God, I guess this is the answer I asked for. I have found what to place my faith in. Thank you so much for being patient with me and letting me figure this out. Thank you so much and I look forward to talking to you more in the future.

Joe picked up his phone and hit the speed dial to Sarah. Sarah heard the buzzing of her phone. Looking at the clock she could see that it was 5 o’clock am but could also see it was Joe name on the screen. She picked it up saying; hi Joe. Do you know what time it is? No I don’t, replied Joe. It’s 5 AM Joe! I am so sorry Sarah. I just didn’t think about the time. It must be important if you couldn’t wait until morning to call, replied Sarah as she wiped the sleep from her eyes and feeling a little unhappy about being woke up so early. You know I need my beauty sleep Sarah added. Your beautiful without it Joe replied. But I had to tell you; I did it Sarah. I did it. You did what Joe? I talked to God and he answered me! I know now what it’s all about. I have found my answers. I asked God into my life. And I – I – love you Sarah! Sarah began to cry as she listen to Joe and his excitement as he continued to tell her all about the night. Joe offered up another apology saying; I am so sorry for waking you Sarah. Wiping her tears from her eyes Sarah tried to talk but was lost for words. After a few quiet moments passed Sarah said; I am really glad you called no matter what the time was. I am so excited for you. And Joe, I love you too!

“To be continued”


Where will Joe go from here with his new-found faith and his declaration of his love for Sarah?


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