21 – Searching for Answers – Can Love Blossom

Where will Joe and Sarah take their relationship now that Joe has some answers and made his decisions on evolution, creation and God? Will Carol mess up the works and send Joe tumbling backwards putting tension between them?


Joe and Tom split the bill throwing enough cash on the bar to pay the tab along with the tip and Tom added enough extra while Joe wasn’t looking to make Carol smile when she counted it. Keep the change Carol. See you next time Tom said with a smile and a raised voice making sure she heard him. Carol smiled back but was looking straight at Joe and said I hope so and quickly adding; call me when you get a chance. Joe just smiled as he turned and walked to the exit. Walking out the back exit they headed to their cars. See you later Joe. And Joe, you better be careful or Carol just might have other ideas for you. Oh come on Tom. That is just not going to happen. Tom chuckled out loud as he opened the door to his car. We’ll see Joe, we’ll see. My money is on Carol.

 Joe jumped into his car, fired it up and turned left on to the street and headed back to his place when his phone rang. He left it lay next to him on the seat not answering it but could see it was Sarah. A few seconds later he could see she had left a message which would wait until he made it to his place. Joe hung a right and before long he was walking into his apartment. He quickly opened his phone, hit voice mail and heard Sarah say; hi Joe, just wanted to give you a call and see how your day was. Call if you have a minute. Nothing important, just wanted to say hi. Talk to you later. Still thinking about everything that happened during the day and how Tom was egging him on and then there was Carol flirting with him, too much to process right now Joe told himself. Heading over to his favorite chair he sat down and closed his eyes just to rest his eyelids and possibly shut down his mind enough that he just might be able to get some sleep. After some time had passed he began to relax, so he headed to bed and before long he was sleeping like a baby.

The alarm began to ring and Joe quickly rolled over and hit the snooze button. I just got in bed. Why is this alarm ringing already he asked himself subconsciously? Glancing at the clock he could see it was telling him it was 6:00am. It can’t be. Maybe this should be another hooky day. No – I better get up and head to work before the boss gets upset with me. Rolling back over he forced himself out of bed and headed for the shower.

Before long he was in the parking lot and walking in the door. Tom was a little bit early and was already sitting on a chair in the area they both worked. Good morning my man, Tom blurted out. It would be if it was Saturday and I could have slept in Joe said as he rubbed his eyes. What’s making you so smiley this morning? I had fun last night watching you try to ignore Carol and all the flirting she was doing with you. Oh yah, picking up right where you left off last night. I already told you that Sarah….. Ok let’s just drop it Tom. I am tired and don’t want to play this game right now. Sorry, just having some fun Joe. What else is there in this craze life if we can’t have fun? Yah, that’s true, replied Joe. Tom chucked as they both strapped on their tools. A few seconds later the buzzer sounded, hammers started making noise and the workday was in progress none too quick for Joe.

Joe was working along when his mind went back to what Carol had said about giving her a call. Should I call her, should I tell Sarah about her first or should I just leave it alone he asked himself? I really need Carol to get the message that I am not interested and I sure don’t want to screw up anything with Sarah. Maybe I should start with the most important person first. Sarah.

The buzzer sounded and it was break time so Joe headed to the door and quickly opened his phone and hit the speed dial to Sarah. Sarah picked right up startling Joe. Hi Sarah, I’m surprised you were able to answer. I’m on break for just a couple of minutes and was going to leave you a voice mail. Do you have a minute right now? Sure Sarah replied, but let me close the door first. Joe could hear the door close and then Sarah said; what’s up? Well I…. I really need to see you today sometime if I can. I need to tell you about what happened last night. Remember I told you my old girlfriend was back in town? What did you do Joe? I didn’t do anything Sarah. I just want to talk to you first before I do anything. What do you mean, before you do anything? You told me it was history and I believed you, Sarah blurted out. Well that is just the problem. She doesn’t get it. I guess I need to tell her about you and… well I think you know what I have to do Sarah. No, I don’t know Joe. History is history. Yes it is and it sounds like you are taking this wrong Sarah. All I wanted to do was ask if we could get together tonight. I want to tell you the whole story. Could I come over and see you after we are out of work later this afternoon? Sure, but why don’t you come over around 7:00 tonight? I should be home by that time. Ok. See you at 7:00 and don’t worry about anything, Joe added. Joe flipped his phone closed and walked back inside shaking his head saying; Women!

 Sarah hung-up and sat back in her chair thinking about what she had just heard. Men, they drive me crazy. I think we just had our first fight? It’s too early in our relationship to be having any kind of fight. No, that was not a fight. Anyway, what is this Carol up too? No good by the sounds of it. Well I know one thing for sure. If Joe and I are going to have a future he will need to deal with this and show me I am important or it is just never going to work. Come on Sarah, you know Joe loves you. He told you he did and he just made a commitment to God and has found answers to a lot of his questions and you are worried about some old girlfriend? Get your act together girl!

It wasn’t long before Joe was driving up in front of Sarah place. He jumped out and was making his way towards the front door when he heard Sarah. Sarah had seen him drive up and heard him close his car door and shouted; I am out back Joe. Heading around the corner of the house he could see Sarah sitting in a lounge chair next to the table under the tree in the back corner. Opening the gate he waved as he walked on back. Oh this is not good Joe muttered to himself as he made his way towards Sarah. Something is wrong. Joe walked up to Sarah who remained in her chair and bend down expecting to give her a kiss when she gently turned her head so Joe kissed her cheek instead. Joe’s head was spinning with thoughts. Man, Carol has already screwed things up and she didn’t even have to try very hard. That is one of the things I disliked about her when we were dating steady a year ago.

Joe sat down next to Sarah, looked over at her and started to say; Sarah you know I love you and I am sorry if you have misunderstood any of this. I should have talked to you last week about Carol. Sarah jumped in saying Joe, Carol should have been history and that is why I never worried about her. But now it sounds like she is not. Well she is Sarah. I meant what I said. I just need to make her aware of it and she just doesn’t take a hint very well. That is what I wanted to talk to you about. So how am I supposed to help you with this anyway spouted out Sarah. Well you really can’t. I just wanted you to know that I was… that I need to go and talk to Carol and wanted you to know I was. I don’t want anything between us Sarah. I want this to work and for that to happen we need to be open with each other. Sarah turned her head and had a slight smile on her face. I’m sorry Joe. I am not very good with all this. I was hurt by a guy a couple of years ago who let an old girlfriend back in his life and… Stop Sarah, there is no old girlfriend coming back into my life.

They sat quietly for what seemed like minutes and was really only a few seconds when Sarah got up and stepped over towards Joe holding her hand out. Joe stood up and taking hold of her he pulled her close and kissed her on the neck and whispered I really love you Sarah. She turned her head slightly and then they were face to face as their lips came together and they held each other close. Sarah pulled back just enough to reply, I love you too Joe and I am sorry for being defensive. I understand that you need to take care of this thing with Carol and I will help any way I can. Just your understanding is all I need Sarah. I do, replied Sarah as she kissed him again.

Just then they heard the back door open and Sarah’s mom shout out; hey you two, we have pizza if you guy’s would like to join us. Sarah looked at Joe and said have you eaten yet? Yes, but there is always a little room for pizza. They started walking towards the back door when Joe took Sarah’s hand and said; Tom is having a party Saturday night and he is putting pressure on me to come, bring my guitar and he invited you also. Tom is bringing Ann and I am sure there will be several couples there. Will you go with me? Just then the door swung open as Sarah’s dad walked out. I need to get a couple of beers from the patio fridge. Do you two want anything? Yah, get me a coke but Joe may like one of your beers. What would you like Joe. Do you have an IPA? I will bring one in for you.

The four of them sat around the table talking about their day at work, telling jokes and stories, eating pizza and laughing a lot. Joe felt very comfortable around Sarah’s parents. They made him feel very welcome in their home as if they had known him all their lives. They had just polished off the remaining pizza and were shooting the breeze when Joe checked his watch and realized just how late it really was. As much fun as I am having, I really better get going so I can make it to work tomorrow morning. It was really nice of you to invite me in and I had a really nice time and thanks for the beer and pizza. In just a couple of minutes Sarah and Joe found themselves standing outside the front door trying to say good-by, when Sarah looked at Joe and said; I want to go with you Saturday night. What time does the party start? I will pick you up around 7:30 if that’s alright. But I can’t stay out too late. Remember we have that meeting the next evening with Dr. Bob and I want to go to church Sunday morning. Hey, you want to come with me Sunday morning? You are still planning to go to the meeting Sunday night with me to listen to Dr. Bob aren’t you? Joe stood quiet for a couple seconds and finally said; sure, why not. I’ll plan to go to both with you. We can talk about it a little more Saturday night. Sarah took Joe’s hand as she began walking him to his car. Joe opened his door as he was getting ready to leave when Sarah put her arm around his neck and gave him a kiss that made his head spin. See you Saturday night around 7:30. It will be a campfire so don’t get dressed up Joe added. Ok replied Sarah as she made her way back towards the house. Joe slid in his car, closed the door, fired it up and looked over just in time to see Sarah wave good-by as she walked in the house.

“To be continued”


As the love grows between Joe and Sarah will Carol get the message? How will Sarah handle Joe’s friends? Will the party be a lot of fun or will Tom stir things up just a little? How will Joe tell Carol that he is not interested? 

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