23 – Searching for Answers: Is the Party Over

Joe put his arm around Sarah pulling her close. Sarah leaned over and gave him a kiss then they both leaned against the tree and just watched the fire as it sparkled and flashed as it danced above the embers only to be interrupted on occasion by the popping sound as the wood gave way to the fire. Ann leaned over and put her head on Tom’s shoulder and he responded pulling her close as they joined into the trance that a dwindling fire takes you to. Before long everyone had relaxed and only the sound of whispers and the crackling of the fire could be heard. Carol leaned over and put her head on Paul’s shoulder and he responded as he slid a little closer to let Carol know he liked her more than just a little. Carol looked up at him and smiled reassuring him she enjoyed his company. Randy was leaning back on a log he had propped up behind him and Mary leaned back and laid her head on his chest as he softly stroked her hair. At this point everything in the world seemed perfect to Joe as he looked around.

The fire had burned down to a small pile of glowing embers when Sarah looked up at Joe and kissed him on the cheek. Joe looked around and could see that several couples had already left leaving only Tom and Ann, Randy and Mary, and Carol was still sitting with Paul. A few seconds had passed when Joe whispered to Sarah; if we are going to make it to church tomorrow morning we probably should get going. Tom overheard Joe and look over giving him a look of astonishment. Are you really going to church in the morning Joe? Ann poked Tom in the ribs telling him to leave Joe alone. If he wants to go to church with Sarah it is his business. I like to go every once in a while. What’s the big deal anyway? I’ll tell you the big deal. When church enters in, the party stops, replied Tom. Oh come on Tom, replied Sarah. I go to church and I am at this party. Are you going to tell me I didn’t have a good time tonight? Well no, blurted Tom. Mary could hear the discussion and added, yah Tom what is wrong with going to church anyway? Well you told us that you only went to keep your parents off your back didn’t you, retaliated Tom. Yes, but I do enjoy it from time to time and maybe if you would go someday, you would find out what it is all about instead of picking on the people that go when you really have no idea why they go, Mary added. Yah Tom, what do you think it is all about anyway, Sarah added? Maybe you should come along and find out. Yah, right, don’t think so, Tom replied as silence overtook the group again.

Tom sat silently staring into the glowing embers for a few minutes. Joe could feel that Tom was getting ready to add something to the conversation when Tom looked right at Joe and asked; so what is this all about anyway Joe? You seem to be changing your opinion on lots of things lately. Joe’s mind took a spin as he was not ready for this kind of question from Tom. After a few seconds passed he offered up; well it’s a long story Tom. Well try me so I can have good reason to pick on people that go to church, retaliated Tom with a snicker on his face. Joe sat still for a few moments trying to find the words to express what was on his mind when Sarah looked at him and said; just tell them everything that has happened. It’s the truth and what can be wrong with telling the truth.

We it’s like this Tom. You already know part of the story. About the dreams and how nothing was making sense to me, right? Yes, I guess I do. Everyone was listening and wondering what dreams except for Ann, Tom and Sarah. What dreams are you talking about, inquired Mary? Carol’s ears were focused on Joe. She knew him from the past and never had seen this side of him. That would take too long to explain but let’s just say they messed with my sleep and they had to do with evolution and creation. One side was always fighting the other. It wasn’t people arguing with people, it was more personal than that. There would be a dinosaur chasing me and just as I was about to become his meal, I would be in this beautiful place. He left out the part about Sarah always being someplace in his dreams. Well what side won the battle Tom asked? Joe sat still as he searched for the words he needed. Sarah whispered in his ear; just ask God for the words and they will come. Joe smiled at Sarah and quietly looked up saying please help me God under his breath.

Ok this is it. I believe that we were all created and that evolution is not how it all began. I can go into details on this but it will take all night so that won’t happen right now. I would be happy to tell anyone the whole story another time if anyone wants to hear it. What I can tell you is that I believe that God exist and that he was the creator of everything. I finally made a decision to accept this and asked God into my life. So yes I am now a believer and a Christian. Sarah smiled at Joe and added, so am I. Ann add I am also. I know that I am not always doing the right things, but I do believe in God. Mary spoke up saying that I think I am but I am not sure anymore. Carol looked at Paul and smiled as she secretly wondered what he was thinking when she added; so how do you become a follower Joe? What is so great about becoming a Christian? Is there some mystery to it? No, I don’t think so. I just made a decision and kind of prayed and told God I believed in him and asked Him into my life. What about you Sarah, Carol added? Can you explain this better than Joe?

Tom sat silently taking this all in. Ann put her head on his shoulder and smiled as he looked at her and said; you never told me you were a Christian. No, I guess it never came up, replied Ann. But I am. Does that change your mind about me? No, you know it won’t Ann. Sarah opened her purse and said; I am not very good at this Carol, but I do have what I call my cheat sheet. I have never used it before but I will read it to you if you want to hear it. Carol quickly replied that she wanted to hear it and Paul quickly said, so do I. Come on Sarah, added Tom. Tell us what you have written down. Ok, hear it goes.

  • First: God loves each of us and has a plan for each of us if we want it and you can find this in the Bible in John 3:16 and John 10:10.
  • Second: We are all born and given freedom to choose to do good or bad. The bible calls it to sin or not to sin. We are separated from God and will never receive God’s love and plan for us until we accept God for who he is which is in Romans 3:23.

I think this is one of the most important things to learn. We all have choices to make in our lives. And who would want it any other way. Who would want someone telling them every move they should make. What kind of a god would God be if he mandated every move we make? So giving us freedom to choose is a big deal. It’s just that some people choose to do bad things.

  • Third: Jesus Christ is God’s provision to know the truth and He provides a way to get rid of our wrong doings once and for all. He died for each of us so we would have a chance, but is up to each of us to decide. Romans 5:8
  • Forth: Each of us must make a decision ourselves to accept this gift from God and receive Jesus Christ into our hearts. Then we will know and experience God plan and his love for each of us. John 1:12

It is simple but hard at the same time Joe added in. We are told over and over again in school the opposite is true. That we evolved from some big bang. But in the end what really happened. I learned that it takes faith to believe in evolution and it takes faith to believe in God. I made a decision to place my faith in God and Jesus Christ. It was my decision alone. No one force me to do it and I can tell you that once I did, I felt great about it. My dreams are gone, and I look forward to the rest of my life. Sarah squeezed Joe hand to let him know she was with him all the way. Well that is the reader’s digest version of my story. Mary sat on the other side of the fire with tears rolling down her face as Randy held her hand and gave her a hug. Carol was looking down at the ground and Paul just held her tight as they both were mulling around what they just heard. Ann looked at Tom and said; I am sorry that I have never told you how I felt about God. Sounds like something I better investigate Tom replied. Will you help me? You know I will Tom, Ann said as she kissed him on the cheek. Carol looked up and said is it really that simple Sarah? It really is Carol. I would be happy to talk with you anytime. I will give you my number. Just give me a call. Joe and Sarah stood up and told everyone good-by giving some a hug as they made their way to the car.

Before long they were on their way to Sarah’s house. They both just sat quietly thinking about what just happened. Neither of them knew just what to say but at this point no words were required. They pulled up in front of Sarah’s house and just sat quiet for a few seconds when Joe looked at Sarah and said I couldn’t have done that without you Sarah. You know what Joe? I couldn’t have said all that in front of your friend if I wasn’t with you either. But, I think it had a lot more to do with God being there for both of us. Yes, you are probably right. It’s just that you are the one that has stood by me all this time and I want you to know how much it means to me. They got out of the car and walked towards Sarah’s front door. Holding hands as they walked, the electricity was flowing with such force that they didn’t even make the steps when Joe pulled Sarah close and they embraced sharing the love that was growing between them. Sarah noticed that a light was on in the kitchen and said maybe we better cool it a little. Maybe my parents are still up and… I know Joe said. I really like your parents and they are also one of the reasons I love you so much. Joe opened the door and Sarah walked in and gave Joe one last goodnight kiss. Joe turned and stopped and said, what time can I pick you up in the morning? How about 10:40. That will give us enough time. Don’t forget about lunch with my parents.

Joe walked to his car and before long he was lying in bed thinking about the events of the evening as he slipped off into a well needed sleep.

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