25 – Searching for Answers – Dreaming Together

Joe fired up his car and before long they were headed back to Sarah’s place. Joe reached over and turned the radio on and hit the scan button in search for some good music. Several different songs and talk shows popped on as it bounced from station to station when one of Sarah’s favorite songs came on and she reached over and hit the stop so the search would end. Joe smiled saying that is one of my favorite songs. Mine too. I love this song. I have it on my iPod, Sarah commented back as she was thinking that it was nice to have some music in common with Joe. Didn’t you played this one last night at the bonfire? Well I wouldn’t say I played it very well, Joe replied. They talked a bit as they drove along but all Joe could think about was Sarah and Sarah couldn’t get the words “someday” “our future” “still in love” that Joe had said to her before they left the restaurant’s parking lot out of her mind. It seemed like only a short time had passed by when they pulled up in front of Sarah’s place. Turning the car off, he looked at Sarah saying; sorry for being so quiet the last few miles. Things are changing so fast for me I sometimes have a hard time keeping up with it and I get lost in my thoughts. I understand Joe. You have had a lot on your mind and too many things to search for answers too. Sometimes I feel like I would like the world to just stop and let me catch up with it Joe added. I can relate to that replied Sarah. Hey, you want to come in for a while and I can make some ice tea and we can just relax and maybe play some badminton in the back yard. Maybe that would take our mind’s off everything for a while. Joe quickly opened his door while responding; that would be great. He walked around the car and took Sarah’s hand in his as they made their way to the front door.

Sarah’s mom and dad had already arrived home and were sitting in the family room and Carl had just turned on the TV to see if there were any sports on. Hey Joe, are you into sports, Carl asked? Sure am, Joe said with a little too much enthusiasm for Sarah. Dad, you are not going to steal Joe away to your sports programs yet, Sarah said as she chuckled and her mother joined in. Joe and Sarah walked to the kitchen and Sarah opened the fridge and grabbed the tea as Joe got down two glasses from the cupboard. Let’s go sit in the backyard for a while unless you really want to watch TV with dad. I think I would rather sit with you replied Joe as he followed Sarah out the door and they pulled up two lounge chairs next to each other. They both leaned back to enjoy the shade of the willow tree that swayed back and forth making its own special kind of music as the wind played its leaves and the sun tried to poked its head out from under a small cloud and the limbs did a small dance as the breeze move them slightly one way then the other. They both tipped their heads back to check out the chattering noise above them just in time to see a squirrel make a jump from one of the limbs and make a quick scatter high up the tree trunk. Before long Sarah and Joe were holding hands, both with their eyes closed taking in the romance of the surroundings and the connection they were both feeling. Neither of them realized they were slowly drifting into a quiet sleep as their bodies attempted to make up for the lack of it that they both felt.

It wasn’t long and Joe was walking down a smooth dirt path following Sarah as they made their way through the forest. Winding around each bend they continued in silence until they came to a fork in the path. Sarah stopped as Joe walked up and took Sarah’s hand. Neither of them had to say a word as they both were surveying the area trying to make a decision which way they should head when they heard a noise coming from behind them. Joe jumped to the side and pulled Sarah with him as they hid behind some big bushes. Before long three men and a women dressed in strange clothes passed by chatting something that neither Joe nor Sarah could understand. One of them had a small animal hanging over his shoulder as they headed left at the fork in the path as if they knew where they were headed. Joe looked at Sarah and motioned for her to follow him as he quickly took the fork to the right and headed down the path. It wasn’t long when they came to what looked like the end of the trail. It stopped at a river that was too wide and deep to swim across. Joe turned to Sarah saying we should follow the river upstream and look for a place where it is narrow so we can cross over to the other side. Sarah nodded in agreement and motioned to Joe to lead the way. The going was slow as they made their way through the brush along the river bank when they found a narrowing in the river. They quickly jumped in. The water was a little deeper than either of them expected and they almost had to go into a full swim to get to the other side. They quickly scrambled up the bank, found some bushes to hide behind and tried to wring some of the water from their clothes. After emptying their shoes and drying off the best they could, they began to follow the river upstream when Joe quickly stopped and Sarah ran into the back of him as she was looking backwards because she thought she had heard something following them. They fell to the ground with Sarah landed on top of Joe and they both covered each other’s mouth as a signal to be quiet. Before long they could see two people running down what looked like a trail off to the left of the river sounding like they were laughing and having fun. Joe motioned to Sarah to stay put and he quietly made his way over towards the trail. After a few minutes he motioned for Sarah to join him. Sarah quickly made her way towards Joe and once she arrived Joe said; I think we should follow them and see where this leads us. They seem to know this area and by their sounds they are not too worried about anything. Sarah quickly responded yes, but we better be careful. They made their way up a hill and as they crested over the top they could hear more voices and could see what looked to be twenty or thirty people milling about and several children jumping around and dancing. There was a large camp fire burning with what looked like a large pot of something hanging over it and a small animal that looked like a pig also roasting over the fire. Sarah grabbed Joe’s hand offering up; they look peaceful enough. They continued to look at the group below them, listening to the singing and trying to make a decision if they should go any closer when the four people they had seen earlier walked up from behind startling them. Joe quickly turned, his mind was racing as he was searching for a quick plan of escape when the lead person the party motioned with his hand and spoke in some language that neither Joe or Sarah could understand but what looked like a sign of friendship for them to follow them. Sarah looked at Joe saying, do you think we should go with them? They seem to be friendly and what other choice do we have right now. Maybe they will give us something to eat and we can make a better plan of escape if we need one. Ok replied Joe, but make sure you stay on your toes and be ready to make a getaway if we have too.

Joe and Sarah follow the lead person and the other three of the party followed close behind them. They reached the outskirts of the camp and as they made their way towards the camp fire the others came over to see these new people. No one acted like they were going to hurt them. They looked a little different but Sarah had a feeling they were friendly people and Sarah pointed at Joe and said this is Joe and I am Sarah. Joe, Sarah as she pointed at Joe and then herself again. One of the ladies of the tribe then pointed at herself and said Mia and then pointed at Joe and said Joe and then at Sarah and said Sarah. Yes Sarah said with a smile. The lady motioned for them to come and sit down by the fire. She quickly had someone get them some water and she pointed at the pig roasting and then pointed at her mouth and rubbed her stomach as if to say do you want something to eat. Sarah nodded her head yes as she rubbed her stomach in reply. Before long they were eating and trying to converse with their new friends. Joe was reaching over to pick up his water when he accidentally slid off his handmade chair and hit the ground. Everyone started to laugh and when he looked up he could see Sarah’s house staring at him. Sarah heard the noise as Joes chair slid into hers. She opened her eyes and could see Joe on the ground.

Are you ok Joe? I am not sure Joe replied as he looked like he had just seen a ghost. Joe got up off the ground and sat back down on his chair when Sarah said; I had the strangest dream. I was with you and we were lost someplace in a forest. Joe blinked his eyes and quickly looked at Sarah and said; you had a dream and you were where? Wow, that got your attention Joe. Yes it did. So tell me more about this dream, Joe replied with a serious look on his face. Well you and I were lost and we found some people who were really nice to us. What else happened in this dream? Well I don’t know any more or how it ended because you woke me up when you fell out of the chair. But they were nice people and they gave us some food to eat and…. You aren’t going to believe this but I had the very same dream and when I reached over to get my water to drink, I fell out of the chair and hit the ground and here we are. Are you kidding me Joe? No I’m not Sarah. Wow! Now you got me pulled into these dreams of yours Sarah quickly replied with a look that Joe was not sure what it meant.

“To be continued”


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