27 – Searcing for Answers – Dr. Bob Meets the Gang

Sarah rolled over and put her face in her pillow as she heard her mother give her a shout to come down for dinner. After a couple minutes her dad stuck his head around the corner of her door saying; are you going to join us? Sarah tipped her head a little, smiled then added; I’ll be right down.

June had pealed some potato’s and sliced them into home fries and had put them along with some wings on the grill and had just finished tossing the wings with hot sauce when Sarah walked around the corner commenting; smells good, mom. What would you like to drink Sarah, rattled out from behind the refrigerator door as Carl grabbed a large bottle of raspberry lemonade that was sitting on the door shelve? A coke would be great dad. Before long the wings were gone and Carl was finishing up the last of the fries that were in the bowl. Sarah noticed her mom had been a little quiet during dinner and asked her what she had on her mind. Mom, I can see those wheels turning in your head so you must be thinking about something important. Sarah’s mom looked at her, smiled as she said; I didn’t think it was that obvious. It’s nothing more than a parents concern for their child, responded June. Come on mom just tell me what’s bothering you. Well it’s easy to see that you and Joe are getting pretty serious about each other. A slight blush came over Sarah’s face as she replied; yes we are mom. He is really special and I am not sure where it will lead but we both want to find out. Well I know I don’t have to tell you this, but be careful just how much you two decide to find out. Oh mom, don’t worry about that. Sarah, we really like Joe and we enjoy having him around but you two are only human and… Sarah quickly jumped in saying; Mom, Joe and I have talked about it and how important it is too wait. We promised each other… well you know what I mean, until we were… Sarah stopped short of saying until we are married. June smiled a big smile at Sarah and nothing else needed to be said.

Sarah got up and started picking up the dishes when she looked up at the clock and it was already 6:15pm. Oh no, I’m not ready and Joe will be here in 15 minutes. Mom, can I… Oh just go get ready Sarah. I will clean things up. Thanks mom, you’re the greatest. Are you guys going to the special meeting at the church with Dr. Bob tonight replied Carl. We sure are Dad. Joe even wants to get there early enough to talk to Pastor Dan before everyone shows up. He wants to set an appointment with him so they can talk about some of the things that Joe has been trying to figure out. I told him that Pastor would be a great listener and he would have some of the answers and would help him find the rest. Good advice Sarah. I always enjoy talking to him and even if he is quite a bit younger than I am, he knows how to listen and has some really great responses and insight. If he doesn’t know the answers, he will tell you he doesn’t. He is always challenging me to dig deeper and when I get back with him to tell him what I found, I find that he also was digging into the question. He really takes you serious and is committed to helping everyone. You’re right dad. He is the same at work. He might challenge me but never more than he would challenge himself.

Sarah quickly changed and was working her hair over a little when the doorbell rang. Tell Joe I will be right down. Carl opened the door and looking at Joe he said; women, they just are never quite ready on time. Sarah will be right… Hi Joe, sorry I’m a little late as she smiled that smile that did nothing but make Joe’s heart skip a beat. Have fun you two replied Carl as he walked back towards the kitchen to help June finish up dished. Joe looked at Sarah offering up; we better get going or we won’t have enough time to talk to Pastor Dan before the meeting gets started. They headed hand in hand to Joe’s car and before long they were pulling into the parking lot of the church. They were early as they had planned and only Pastor Dan’s car was sitting there. Quickly getting out of the car, Sarah reached out for Joe’s hand. They made their way to the side door of the church and when Joe grabbed the door knob and at the same time looked at Sarah gave her a smile and that was when the embrace began. It wasn’t long and they could hear Pastor Dan approaching the door so they cooled it just as the Pastor came into view. You two are a little early aren’t you was the reply along with a slight smirk? Well not really Pastor, replied Sarah. Joe wanted to talk to you before the meeting got started if that’s ok? Anytime, you know my door is always open. What’s on your mind Joe? Well I don’t know where to start, and we probably don’t have enough time right now, so maybe we can set an appointment where we could have an hour or two. Well I’m pretty open tomorrow. When do you get out of work? Maybe we could get together tomorrow afternoon. I get out at 3:30 and could be her by 3:45 if that would work. It’s a plan Joe. Any hint about what you have on your mind?

Well as you know I am new at being a believer in God. I accepted Jesus and I know he has forgiven me for all the stupid things I have done wrong. I knew I was different the moment I asked Jesus into my heart. Something just happened. I can’t really explain it very well. Kind of like when you feel heat hit you when you have been cold. I have some questions about the trinity and I want to tell you about these dreams I have had. Ok, you have me intrigued Joe. Do you believe that God can give us dreams when he is trying to tell us something Pastor Dan? I sure do! I’ve had a couple over the years that were… well let’s just say they were mind grabbers. Sarah jumped in saying; you won’t believe this but Joe and I each had a dream today while we were together. We were resting in the backyard and I guess we both fell asleep and the next thing we knew Joe was on the ground and I was looking at him wondering what had happened. He started to tell me he had another dream and that is when we discovered we had almost exactly the same dream. Now that’s… Hi Joe came from the back of the church as Tom and Ann walked in. I’ll tell you the rest of the story tomorrow afternoon Pastor, replied Joe. Sarah and Joe turned and made their way towards Tom and Ann just as the door opened and in walked Paul and Carol. Before long the rest of the gang showed up along with at least twenty other people that Sarah knew. Ann walked over to Sarah and said; Tom is really asking a lot of questions. I am not sure what is really on his mind but he is really on edge and I am not sure what he will ask tonight. Better tell Joe to be prepared. Oh, don’t worry Ann, Dr. Bob has heard it all and I am sure he can handle Tom just fine if he needs too, but I will tell Joe what you said. Just as Sarah was about to talk to Joe, Tom walked up to him and struck up a conversation. It wasn’t long and Dr. Bob walked in and Pastor Dan announced that they would like to get started. Pastor Dan told everyone he would like to open the meeting with a prayer as he offered up; Dear God we are grateful for everything you have created and we ask that you help each of us to open our minds to what Dr. Bob has to speak to us about tonight. We ask this in Jesus name, amen. Well take it away Dr. Bob.

Hi everyone. As you know my name is Bob and I am happy to join you again tonight and look forward to a great discussion. Please feel free to ask anything you have on your mind. If I can’t answer it we will take a note and find an answer and get it back to you as soon as possible. Pastor Dan, maybe you could take some notes so we don’t miss any questions and if you have one please make sure you give us your name and email or something before you leave so we can get back to you.

In the last meeting we talked a lot about creation and evolution. Many of you expressed an interest in digging a little deeper. Some of you asked how the effects of Noah’s flood could play a role in today’s evolutionary theories. I have prepared a couple slides that should help us. Pastor Dan hit the button on the projector and the first slide showing the Grand Canyon appeared on the wall. When you look at the Grand Canyon you see how deep and wide it is and how its walls look to be layered with different types of rock and soil. These layers show little to no signs of rocks being bent in different directions like you might see if you explore how the mountains appear to have been formed. So for the walls of the Grand Canyon to be formed by the earth shoving them upward this does not look like it would have happened this way. If you really observe the height of the walls you will find that some of the walls are higher than others. Actually the walls of the canyon located towards the upper end rise up to the highest height and then as you continue they back down to a lower level at the far end of the canyon. So the height of the walls where the canyon originates from is lower than the walls downstream. One might say that for the canyon to be formed by water it would have needed to flow uphill in order to get started and we all know that won’t work. Once the highest point of the canyon walls are reached, they decrease in height until we reach the end of the canyon where the Colorado River empties out the south end. The evolutionary theories involve hundreds of millions of years. However, many people now question how such a large canyon could be formed by slow erosion over millions of years based on the Colorado River washing out the dirt, stone and rock’s that in the end formed the canyon into what we see today. How could something so wide at the top be washed out when we only have a small river in comparison to the canyon’s width and depth flowing through it? How could the water that was supposed to have started the Grand Canyon’s formation flowing in the opposite direction of the Colorado River and at a lower elevation than the highest walls of the Grand Canyon start this process? We all know that water flows downhill. However, after the Grand Canyon was formed the water of the Colorado River now flows towards the south end of the canyon. So rivers and streams that form a force that could wash out dirt and stones to form new land marks, crevices, gullies, and even canyons would do so based on the direction they flow. With the formation of mountains we generally observe that the rock layers are pushed and shoved upward, bending the rock layers, pointing them upward on different angles. If the higher walls were formed in this fashion after the canyon was formed, then they should show at least some bending of the rock but they don’t. There are just flat layers. The evolutionary theories of how the Grand Canyon was formed have some very interesting issues to deal with. Granted, many things could have changed over the period of several hundred million years as they tell us it has happened. But… Well if it didn’t happen as the evolutionist tell us, then how did it happen? So how did it happen came a question from the audience? Joe knew the voice and looked at Sarah saying, here it comes. Tom continued with his question adding; so how did God create it? A couple others joined in the question adding how would Noah’s flood cause it? And how do we know that Noah’s flood really happened? All great questions responded Dr. Bob. So let’s take a shot at some opposing points of view and see where it takes us.

For the Grand Canyon to have been formed to the size it is and in a relatively short period of time, it would take a lot of water to wash it out. It would take a lot of water and very fast moving water. Has anyone been around a flood? Carol raised her hand and said I saw the effects of one when the floods happened on the east side of the Rocky Mountains north of Denver. It washed out roads, homes, farms buildings, people died, and cars were washed down rivers as the bridges collapsed. It was just devastating to everyone that lived in the area. Do you remember how long the flood lasted, Asked Dr. Bob? Well I wasn’t there but from what my Aunt told me, once it started many things happened very quickly. Some people just could not get out of the way fast enough. Well that is a little like what I am talking about, replied Dr. Bob. Carol sat back recalling everything her Aunt had told her and remembering how she had seen all the homes that had been destroyed. She leaned her head on Paul’s shoulder as he put his arm around her letting her know he understood how she felt. Tom spoke up adding that this would be impossible to happen. Science has proven how the Grand Canyon was formed. Joe turned and looked at Tom and smiled adding that I felt the same way until I really opened up my mind to all possibilities. It was then that things started to make more sense. We are told by everyone what we should believe. What we need to do is take charge of our own thoughts, do our own research and draw conclusions based on our own findings. What we all need to do is look at all the evidence from all sources, not just one side.

Dr. Bob interrupted trying to put things back on track adding; let’s give creations point of view a shot. Everyone here knows the evolutionist point of view because it is the only one taught in our schools today. If we did have a great flood that crested over the highest peaks of the Grand Canyon and the water started to flow, releasing even more water from the build-up that would have been required to break over the top edge, the flow would become huge in short order. It would have spread out for miles in just minutes pushing things out of its way that got in its path. It would take a global flood for this to be accomplished. A flood so large it would have filled the north end lakes and valleys which are lower than the Grand Canyon walls with enough water to start the process once it reach the highest point of the Grand Canyon walls. Once released the erosion process would have started and the Grand Canyon walls would have been formed as it washed out layer after layer, driving deeper and deeper until we have basically what we see today. This type of an event would have made it possible to form the Grand Canyon in days and not hundreds of millions of years. We also have the effects of time over the last forty five hundred years for the more evident remainder of the erosion to have happened by the wind and rain.

So this brings us to the question: Was there a global flood – Noah’s flood? Pastor Dan interrupted the conversation saying that the hour of time they had planned was about over and added that maybe they could plan another visit from Dr. Bob to dig into the issue of Noah’s flood. Several people quickly spoke out saying; that would be great. I would love to come back replied Dr. Bob. I will plan this with Pastor Dan and we will let everyone know. Pastor Dan dismissed everyone and the gang gathered in the back of the church.

Tom quickly spoke up and asked if anyone would like to join him and Ann at the Pub for a quick drink adding we can discuss everything we heard as he smirked at Joe with a look that let Joe know he was not buying everything he had heard that night. Joe looked at Sarah asking if she would like to accept the offer. Sarah leaned over and whispered in Joe’s ear; I think we better or Tom will lead everybody down his road of logic. Soon everyone agreed to meet at the Pub except Carol who quickly added; I have to be at work at 5:30am tomorrow. I think I need to have Paul take me home. Sure replied Paul.

They headed out the door and before long they were on their way to the Pub. Paul headed off to take Carol home and Tom lead the way to the Pub with Joe and Sarah right behind them. Ann looked over at Tom and said; Tom, you know I love you right? Sure do and the feeling is mutual responded Tom. Well, I want you to know that I support whatever you believe, but I need you to know that I believe in God and that he created everything. That’s good replied Tom as he looked over at Ann and smiled. Ann looked at Tom and a look came over her face, her jaw dropped, and all Tom could see was the look… Joe slammed on his brakes and swerved to the right. Coming to a halt, he quickly jumped from his car and ran towards the twisted up car that Tom and Ann were in. Running up to the broken out windshield he pushed the air bag out of the way and could see Tom strapped in with blood running down his face. He looked over to see Ann but she was gone. Sarah was coming up from the other side when she spotted Ann lying on the ground. She quickly screamed as Joe came running around to the other side. Dial 911 Sarah. I will see what I can do to help. Joe looked up in the sky and said if you have ever helped anyone before, I sure need your help now.

“To be continued”

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