29 – Searching for Answers – A Long Night Waiting

Greg and Sandy went down to Ann’s room just to check in again on their daughter. If she was awake they wanting to ask how she was doing and not just relying on what the doctors and nurses told them. It wasn’t that they didn’t trust them. They were looking for the comfort of hearing their daughter tell them it was going to be ok. Just as they were about to open the door a nurse walked out so they asked her for an update. Her vitals are good and she is in a nice sleep right now. Her body has been through a lot tonight and we have given her a light sedative which seems to be doing the trick. You might want to be quiet or even consider going home and coming back in the morning. Sleep is the best thing for her right now. They went in and could see she was sleeping so they quietly left and went back to the waiting room. Sarah looking up asked how she was doing and after a brief update they told Sarah that they were going back home and would be back early morning. Are you sure you want to stay Sarah? They told us that Ann would probably sleep all night now. Yes, I want to stay with Joe just in case we should get some news about Tom’s condition. I will call you if I think something is changing with either of them. Call me anytime day or night Sarah. We will, replied Joe and Sarah in unison. Ann’s mom gave a small waved goodbye as they left the room and headed down the hallway towards the parking lot. Joe got up and pulled two chairs and foot stools together. Joe looked at Sarah and told her he would be right back. He headed out to the nurses desk and returned in a couple of minutes with a couple of pillows and blankets. They snuggled up to each other but neither of them could fall asleep. After a few minutes passed Joe kissed Sarah on the forehead and she rolled her head up and returned the kiss only it was not on the forehead. After a short embrace they just looked at each other saying nothing. The exchange of smiles of concern answered the question that each was thinking about. Leaning back on their pillows they closed their eyes and a few minutes later they both drifted off into a deeply needed sleep that neither believed they would get that night.

Joe’s eyes popped open when he heard the door open. Sarah rolled over to see Ann’s mom walk in. Sorry to wake you guys but I couldn’t sleep so I decided to come back to the hospital. Were you two able to get much sleep at all? Sarah looked at the clock to see it was 6:15am. I guess we must have got some. Joe got up and walked to the window and stretched a little getting the kinks out then told Sarah he was going to check on Tom and Ann and would be back in a few minutes.

The door quietly closed behind Joe as he made his way down the hall towards the nurse’s station. The night nurse that was still on duty looked up and smiled then added you must be a pretty great friend to hang here all night. Can you give me an update on Tom and Ann, replied Joe? Well the best thing is Tom is resting and his vitals are stabilizing. Time is what he needs right now. Every hour he is stable is great progress and gives his body time to heal. It was pretty iffy last night when they brought him in. He was hurt pretty bad as you know. They lost him twice; once in the ambulance and once in the emergency room. It was only for a few moments but, that is always pretty stressful. Thank goodness we have some of the greatest paramedics and doctors working for us. They will keep him sedated until the swelling around his brain goes down and then only time will tell the final outcome. I can’t tell you more than that. Do you know when his parent’s will arrive? Sometime later this morning unless they have flight issues responded Joe. I promised them I would call them with an update before they boarded their airplane. Ann is doing pretty good the nurse added. She slept most of the night which is what she needed.  Joe’s mind was taking in everything the nurse had told him and as he started to turn to walk back to the waiting room he stopped long enough to say thanks for the update and for all that you guys are doing.

Joe reached for his cell phone and walked out the side door and dialed Tom’s Dad Randy to give him an update. Joe had not even heard the phone ring on the other end when he heard: Hi Joe, thanks for calling. How is Tom doing? They are telling us that he is resting well and that he needs this time to allow his body to heal up. Because of his head injury he has some swelling around his brain and that is why they have him in an induced coma which will keep the brain activity down until the swelling goes down. He is stable right now but it will be good when you both get here. I will call you back with any more information if anything changes. They are taking really good care of him here. Joe, what about Ann? She is doing pretty well other than a broken arm and a lot of bruises and she was able to sleep most of the night. Tom was the one that was hurt the worst. The car that hit them hit his side on the front left corner and then slide around and pushing his door in which is how he was hurt so bad. Ann appeared to have been buckled in but somehow her seatbelt was cut or just broke which allowed her to be ejected out what looked like the side window which must have been down. What the officers told us when they stopped by the hospital later last night was that she was really lucky because a pipe that was in the other car somehow flew out at impact and was lodged directly into where she would have sat. All I can say is the God was watching over them somehow. We have all been praying for them and Sarah and I will be here when you get to the hospital. Joe I can’t thank you enough. You are a great friend to Tom and we are just about to head to the airport and if anything happens call me back. I will, replied Joe. Travel safe and get here as soon as you can.

Joe headed back to the waiting room to find Sarah and Sandy drinking a coffee. I just talked to Tom’s dad. I gave them an update and they are headed to the Detroit Airport right now. Did you get an update on Ann, inquired Sarah? Yes she is just waking up and they want to check her over and then we can go in and see her. You want a coffee Joe asked Sandy? Joe smiled and said that would be great. The three of them just sat silently drinking their coffee when the nurse came in and said Ann would like to see them.

Ann’s mom got up and Sarah told her to go and that she and Joe would be along in a few minutes. Sandy smiled and headed out the door and down the hallway towards Ann’s room. As she walked in the door she could see Ann smile a little. How are you doing my beautiful daughter? I am hurting a little but they are giving me stuff to help with that replied Ann. Mom, I am so worried about Tom and the tears began to flow down her cheeks and Sandy took her hand, smiled and started to say I know and then the emotions let loose and they both cried for a while without saying anything. Sandy reached over and pulled a couple of Kleenex from the box on Ann’s bed stand offering one to Ann. Ann looked at her mom and said; Mom, I love Tom. They can’t let anything happen to him. I am so worried about him. Then Ann let her thoughts drift off into a world that had no words. Sandy just sat and held her hand. After a few minutes had passed Ann asked her mom if Sarah was still there? Yes, she and Joe stayed all night. Oh mom, I really need to talk to Sarah. Could you go and ask if she would… I will go get her right now. Mom, please just have Sarah come. I really need to talk to her. Tell Joe to give us a few minutes and then you guys come back. I really want you all here with me, I just need to see Sarah for a couple minutes.

Sandy could tell that Ann had something on her mind that she wanted to share with Sarah as she headed out the door to send Sarah in. As she walked into the waiting room she could see Sarah and Joe holding hands with their heads bowed as if they were both praying. They heard the door open and both looked up and Sarah quickly asked how Ann was doing. Well she looks a lot better this morning but she really wants to see you. Let’s go replied Joe. Well she asked if we would give her a little time with you Sarah before Joe and I come back. I can tell she has something on her mind and she really wants to talk to you Sarah about it. You better go see her Sarah. You and I will go down in a few minutes.

Sarah made her way down to Ann’s room and as she walked in she could see that Ann was crying. What’s wrong Ann. Oh Sarah, I really need to tell you something. I think I might… The tears were running so hard that all Sarah could do was hold Ann’s hand and cry with her. After a short while she looked at Sarah and said; I really need your help. What’s wrong Ann? Well….

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