30 – Searching for Answers – Three Days Later

Randy and Jill had made it in from Michigan and were staying with Greg and Sandy. They would go together and sometimes split up as they made trips to the hospital to check on Tom and Ann. Ann was doing better and they thought she could be released that afternoon to go home. Tom was stabilized, the swelling around his brain had gone down and the doctors were trying to decide when to take him off the drugs that were keeping him in his coma. Joe and Sarah had spent the last two nights in their own bed’s and were finally feeling a little more rested. The morning after the accident Joe had let his boss know what had happened and asked if he could take some time off which they told him to take as long as he needed and to keep them informed about Tom. Pastor Dan had been stopping by the hospital every day and had told Sarah that she should take as much time as she needed and if she wanted to come in she should feel ok to just leave when ever she felt she needed too.

Greg, Sandy, Randy and Jill arrived at the hospital together around 9:00am. After getting an update from the nurses they stopped in to see Ann and told her the news that it looked like they might release her that afternoon if nothing changed and that they were making plans to take Tom off the drugs that were keeping him asleep. Ann’s excitement could be seen on her face as she asked did they make any comments about how he will react once he wakes up? Not much of anything outside of normal doctor talk but they are very optimistic that he will be ok. They did comment that the swelling has gone down rather quickly which is good. We just have to wait and see after he wakes up. We will know much more then. Randy and Jill left Ann’s room and made their way down to the ICU to check in on Tom and were met by Doctor Conrad coming out of Tom’s room. Good morning guys replied Dr. Conrad. We just took Tom off the drugs we were using to keep him sedated and we expect he will wake up in a few hours. If it is possible that you guys could stay with him it would be good for Tom should he wake up and see you with him. We will be checking him frequently but if you should notice any movement or change please let us know as soon as you see it. Any movement, if he opens his eyes or try’s to speak or anything let us know. We don’t know what Tom will be like but we need to allow him to wake up so we can better see his progress of recovery. We don’t anticipate any long lasting issues with his brain, but we won’t know until he comes around and wakes up and we give him a little time to stabilize. We expect he could be hurting quite a little because we need him awake so we are also holding off on other pain medication until he wakes up. Thanks for everything you are doing Doctor, replied Randy. We will definitely stay by his side and we will let you know if we see any change. The tears began to fill Jill’s eyes as she walked over to Tom’s bed and took hold of his hand. Tom we love you so much. Dear God please keep him safe. Randy put his arms around Jill’s shoulders and repeated he will be ok I know he will be ok.

After a short moment of silence, Jill looked at Randy and said you better go and tell everyone else what is happening. I think Ann needs to know that they have already taken Tom off the drugs. I will stay with Tom. Randy quickly headed back down the hall to find Greg and Sandy and stopped at Ann’s room and could see that they were with her along with Joe and Sarah who had just arrived. I have some news about Tom he announced to everyone. We just talked to the Doctor and they have taken Tom off the drugs that have kept him sleeping. They told us to expect that he would sleep for a while yet and that he very possibly could have considerable pain when he first wakes up but that this needed to be allowed so they could see the extent of his head injuries before they give him more medication for the pain. I am going back down with Jill and we are going to stay with him until he wakes up. Joe asked Randy if he could come and join them. Yes Joe, come down whenever you want. Sarah, you should come to if you want and we can keep Ann updated on Tom’s progress. Looking over at Greg and Sandy he added you guy come down anytime you want. You’ve been the greatest friends we could ever ask for then added; they said they have no idea how long it will take for Tom to wake up. We just have to wait.

Joe and Sarah joined Randy as they made their way down to Tom’s ICU room. They went in and joined Jill standing around Tom’s bed hoping and praying he would be alright. Joe and Sarah held each other’s hand and silently prayed that Tom would be alright. A tear ran down Sarah’s face as she looked at Tom. Jill noticed that Sarah was struggling a little and asked her to come and sit with her for a while. Sarah made her way around the bed and sat down with Tom’s mom and leaned her head on her shoulder. I know this is really rough on you but is there something else that’s bothering you Sarah, inquired Jill. Is there anything I can do to help? Oh it’s nothing. I just know how much Ann loves Tom and he just has to be ok. Ann told me she… Sarah stopped herself in the middle of the comment and quickly added that Ann just wants to get out and have everything normal again. She needs Tom to be ok. It wasn’t long and Greg and Sandy opened the door to check on Tom and Sarah took advantage of Ann being alone and told everyone that she was going back to be with Ann for a while.

As Sarah walked into Ann’s room she could see the tears in her eyes. Approaching the bed Sarah placing her hand on Ann’s arm and wiping a small tear from her own eye and continued by saying, I want to help you Ann but I don’t know what to do other than pray for you and Tom. Ann reached out and took Sarah’s hand and said; I have to find out. I agree Ann, but how will we do that. Just then the nurse walked in to check on Ann. I got an idea, commented Sarah. Nurse Connie, can we ask you a question. Sure, I will do my best to answer it if at all possible. Well it’s really personal but Ann has a feeling she just might be pregnant and she needs to know for sure. Is there any way she could find out? I can check her charts and see if anyone ran any test that would show this and if not we could run one. Ann quickly spoke up asking; could you please check as soon as possible? I really need to find out and I don’t want to tell my parents anything yet. I need to know what I am going to do if I am pregnant before I talk to anyone else. Sarah looked at Ann with an astonished look of confusion but a look of compassion still the same. Let me go and check your paperwork and I will be back as soon as possible. Sarah’s mind was running in overdrive but neither of them said a word as they waited for Nurse Connie to return. It was only a couple minutes and she walked back into the room with a smile on her face. Ann, your premonition is correct. According to your chart it does show that you are going to have a baby. Do you have any idea how far along you are? It can only be a few weeks answered Ann as her face filled with tears. Sarah took hold of her hand and leaned over to give her a gentle hug. The nurse could see they needed a little time alone so she quietly slipped out the door saying, I’ll come back in a few minutes. What am I going to do Sarah? It only happened once and I thought we were more than careful. I love Tom but I don’t even know if he… Ann’s mind slid into deep thought asking subconscious questions faster than any one of them could be answered. Sarah looked at Ann and said you know Tom loves you Ann and he will love the baby also. You know he loves you. But what if he doesn’t recover, what if he doesn’t remember or what if something happens and I lose him, questioned Ann? What will I do Sarah and another flood of tears rushed down her cheeks? Sarah reached over pulling a couple Kleenex from the box on Ann’s bed stand and handed them to Ann to help soak up the tears. Sarah smiled at Ann with a look of compassion and composure adding words of assurance that I think we need to take this a step at a time Ann. We need to see how Tom is after he regains consciousness. I don’t know if I am ready for this Sarah? I am so scared. Ann, I understand right now you don’t feel like you are ready for all this. But together we will get ready. I will always be here for you. You are strong and if you’re pregnant it must have been meant to be. Just then the door opened and Greg and Sandy walked back into the room.

You two must be on an emotional rollercoaster right now commented Ann’s mom as she could see that they were both in tears. I’m sorry mom. I just have too many emotions going on right now. Can you tell me anymore about Tom? Only that he is still sleeping. Jill told me they would let us know of any changes. Greg leaned over, kissed Ann on the forehead and told her that everything is going to be ok. We love you and Tom. We just need to have faith that everything will be alright. I think I will go down and check to see if they can give us a time you will be able to leave. And don’t worry, after we get you home we will bring you back as many times as you want to see Tom. Greg slipped out the door and made his way to the nurse’s station. Sarah told Ann she would be back in a few minutes and she made her way towards the door.

Sarah left the room and headed towards the waiting room but took a turn to the left and headed outside to get some fresh air. Finding a bench she sat down, leaned her head back and looked up at the tree above her where she spotted a mother bird feeding its baby’s. She started to smile but then let her mind begin to wonder what Ann meant when she said she didn’t know what she was going to do. They had always been friends, they had talked about so many things over the years, but this was not a topic they ever talked about. Sarah started to wonder what she would do if this ever happened to her. How would she handle it? Then she remembered what her mom had said to her a few days ago about being human and how emotions can somethings take over and things can happen. Maybe that’s what happened to Ann and Tom? Man, I got to be there for her. Dear God give me the compassion and love I need to support Ann. Help me be there for her. Give me the words when she asks questions. Oh God just be with Ann and heal Tom so they can be together. Sarah’s thoughts began to move so fast that she leaned over and placed her head in her hands and elbows on her knees and began to sob quietly letting time escape into the sky.

Sarah heard someone approaching so she got up and decided to head back towards Ann’s room when she spotted Joe coming from the opposite direction. It appeared that Joe had taken a walk to clear his head also. As they approached each other they both could feel a sense of peace as they put their arms around each other and embraced. Joe whispered in Sarah’s ear; it’s going to be ok. Tears again watered up in Sarah’s eyes and when Joe asked her what was bothering her she started to cry even more. Let’s go get a coffee and try to relax a little Joe proposed. Ok, replied Sarah. I have something I need to tell you in strict confidence. I really need your help. I don’t think I can deal with it… Deal with what Sarah? Sarah remained quiet for a few moments as they walked back towards the hospital entrance. Let’s find a place we can sit and talk by ourselves and I will tell you.

They made their way to the cafeteria and after they each got a hot cup of coffee they found a table in the corner where they could talk by themselves. Ok tell me what is going on Sarah. Joe, Ann’s pregnant. She just found out. She told me she doesn’t know what to do and she is so worried about Tom and I think she is thinking about… Sarah stopped and took a drink of coffee and Joe just looked at her as his mind was contemplating how he would feel if he found out that Sarah was going to have a baby. But that’s not going to happen, at least until after we are married. Joe’s mind hit warp speed as it hit him just how much he loved Sarah. Is she the one for me? Oh God you got to help me here. Sarah interrupted Joe thoughts as she finally said I think she may even be thinking about not having it. What do you mean Sarah? I am not sure Joe. I only know I need to be there for Ann but I don’t believe in abortion. What will I say if this is what she is thinking about? Just then Pastor Dan walked in and could see them sitting in the corner. After he got a coffee he walked over and asked if he could join them. For sure Pastor, have a seat. You two look like you have a lot on your mind. Oh Pastor, you have no idea replied Sarah.

“To be continued”


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