34 – Searching for Answers – A Plan Unfolds

Jill and Randy were still with Tom and Ann when Joe and Sarah walked in Tom’s room. Greg and Sandy had left so Greg could go back to work. Sandy had several errands to run so Sandy dropped Greg at his office and told him to call when he wanted to leave.  Ann was still glowing from the morning conversation and proposal from Tom, but he had been sleeping most of time since Sarah had left to call Joe. No one had said a word to Jill and Randy about them getting married let alone about the baby. Ann really wanted Tom to tell them when he was ready. She didn’t want anyone to accidentally let it slip out especially about her pregnancy that she still had mixed emotions about.

Ann patiently sat in the chair next to Tom’s bed waiting for him to wake up again. She knew he was starting to feel better but his body still needed sleep to allow it to heal. Every time he woke up he was more alert in spite of the drugs they still had him on. Ann’s mind was continuously wondering off into a world of her own as she sat there waiting and praying that everything would soon be back to normal. Sometimes she would question herself wondering if she had heard Tom correctly, was he just telling her about a dream he had, something like what Joe talked about when he told them about his dreams. But he was alert and Sarah was here and she heard him. How could he have known if someone hadn’t told him? Why didn’t he tell me about how he had made a decision to accept the fact that Jesus was real, that he opened up to Him, that he had silently prayed that night to accept Him? All he told me was that he wanted to find out if the things Joe had told him are true and that was before we arrived at the church to meet with Dr. Bob. Maybe he was going to tell all of us when we hooked up at the Pub after the meeting? Sarah walked over and put her hand on Ann’s shoulder which shook her out of her thoughts and back into reality. She looked up at Sarah then over at Tom just as Tom’s eyes opened. His smile was enough to tell her he was feeling better. Jill walked over to Tom’s bed, leaned over giving him a kiss on his cheek and told him she really happy he was starting to feel better. After a short conversation with Tom about his aches and pains, wanting to know where he was hurting and what he would like her to get him, she could tell Tom wanted to talk with Ann and she could see the look in Ann’s eyes that told a story that she had a lot on her mind. Maybe we better give these two a little time alone. Randy, I sure could use a cup of coffee. Let’s go down to the cafeteria and see if they have a fresh pot brewing. You and Joe want to join us Sarah? Sure, I could use a coffee as she looked over at Joe.

While Joe, Sarah, Jill and Randy were gone Ann took the time to talk to Tom. He was still a little groggy but feeling a little better he wanted to talk also. How’s your arm doing Tom asked with a concerned look? It’s doing good responded Ann as she lifted it up to show she was not having any pain with it. I’m on the mend but it’s you that needs to heal up. I’m going to be alright. I am just happy you are not hurt real bad. I don’t know what I would do if I lost you, Tom added as his emotions began to build. Ann quickly switched the subject and asking Tom if he meant what he had asked her. You mean to marry me responded Tom with a little bit of a question in his mind. You did answer me didn’t you? Yes I did. And the answer was yes wasn’t it? Yes! I love you Tom and I’m so excited, but what about the baby? Are you really sure we are ready for this? We are still young Tom and this will change our lives a lot. I know Ann. But I am really excited about it. I love you so much and this is going to be great. Getting started right now, maybe we can have eight or nine more Tom add with a snicker. You must be feeling better added Ann as she told him; not a chance! So how do we tell everyone, Ann? I want to tell my mom and dad but I want you with me if you agree. They are going to be so excited. They love you Ann. What about your parents? Well I haven’t given that much thought, but I think my mom knows something is up. I can tell by the way she looks at me. I know they will be very happy also. They think you are a great catch Ann added with a smirk on her face. Well I kind of am don’t you think Tom said as his face took on the same smirk as Ann had on hers. You are feeling better aren’t you Ann replied as she gave him a big kiss. She leaned back and added that maybe we should tell both our parents at the same time. Yes let’s get this planned and…

Just then Sarah and Joe walked back in the room. Did we interrupt you guys? Looks like you are deep in some conversation. We can come back if you would like added Joe. No, you are the guys we need to talk to added Tom. What’s on your minds inquired Sarah. Well we need to tell our parents about us getting married and also about the baby. Tom looked over at Joe adding; I knew you had to know about it Joe. Joe looked at him with a bit of a devilish smile on his face. Yah, Sarah and I have talked a little about it but she also told me you told them some other stuff that you wanted to talk to me about and she wouldn’t tell me anything else. Well right now we need to figure out how to break this news to our parents. You guys have any ideas? Sarah stood thinking for a few seconds then said let me go check with the nurses and see just how much company you can have at one time and I will be right back.

Sarah was gone only a few minutes and returned with a smile on her face. They said as long as you felt strong enough they felt that you could have everyone in the room for ten or fifteen minutes. But that if you felt strained or became overly tired that we would need to leave so you can get some sleep. So it is up to you when you want to tell them. Ok, but how will we tell them inquired Tom. Just tell them how much you love each other and how you have wanted this for a long time. Ok, but I should talk to Ann’s dad first. I think I need to ask him if he will let me marry Ann. A little old fashion I know, but that is what my dad has always told me. Ask for his blessing first. So that’s how you are supposed to do it commented Joe with a big smile on his face before he added; ok, we need to get Ann’s dad here somehow by himself. When do you want to do this Tom? You get it done and I will be ready. You’re going to be my best man aren’t you? Joe energetically replied; wouldn’t have it any other way. After that we will break the news to both sides at the same time about our plans and then tell them about the baby. Ann’s mind took a spin as she heard the word baby. Am I really ready for this she asked herself? Is this the right thing to do? Is Tom really ready? I can’t do this on my own. Maybe I should just… But it is a living person and it is living inside my body right now. A tear ran down her cheek as she stood off to the side of Tom’s bed.

Joe told Sarah he would be back in a few minutes and left Tom’s room and headed back towards his car. He picked up his phone and called Paul who worked in the shop area where Greg was one of the managers. Paul picked up when he seen that it was Joe calling. Hi Joe, what’s happening? Is Tom ok? Yes, he is doing a lot better today but right now I need your help Paul. I can explain a little but I need to get Ann’s dad Greg back down to the hospital. Tom wants to see him but we can’t tell him that. It’s not an emergency but I would like to get him here around lunch. You got any ideas? After a few seconds of silence, Paul said; Greg offered to buy me lunch the other day and maybe I can get him to go out today and I will suggest we swing by the hospital to check in on Tom. I will check and call you back.

Only a few minutes had passed when Joe’s phone rang and it was Paul calling him back. It’s all set. We are leaving around 11:45 and I will ask if we can swing by the hospital first. We should be there around noon. I can call you if anything changes. Sounds great Paul and thanks for the help. I will tell you more latter.

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