36 – Searching for Answers – The New Nurse

Sarah and Joe were still with Tom when he looked over at Ann and motioned for her to come closer. I asked your dad if he would let me marry you and guess what? He said yes! My dad must have been a little delusional today Ann fired off with a big smirk on her face. You know Tom; dad thinks you’re pretty nice. Sometimes I think he likes you more than me. Well what’s not to like replied Tom. Ann started to laugh and Sarah and Joe joined in as Tom pulled his pillow tighter to his chest to help ease the pain his laughter caused to his healing ribs.

Tom broke the laughter when his facial expression became more serious. Ann we need to get our parents together so we can tell them about us getting married before your dad lets it out. I’m sure he will tell your mom what I asked and I don’t want to give her any time to work on you to change your mind Tom added and again broke into a grin as the four of them started to laugh again. Ann looked at Tom and smiled. You’re starting to feel better aren’t you? Joe jumped into the conversation adding the old Tom appears to be on the mend. Tom quickly added and don’t you think we should tell them about the baby as he continued to focus on Ann’s face? I really think we need to tell them about our baby, about our baby boy we are going to have. They could see a side of Tom’s emotions that doesn’t generally surface. Ann’s face shined with the excitement about getting married to the man she loved but quickly diminished as she thought about having a baby. She got the chills and the doubt again flowed into her mind as she struggled to accept the fact that she was going to be a mom. How could this happen? I know we were caught up in the emotions that evening out at the bonfire, but we were so careful. This is crazy! Tom’s going to be a dad and I am going to be a mom? Ann stood silent as her mind moved into a world that was searching for answers that were eluding her. As her searching for answers continued all she could think about was that she was too young, Tom is too young, this will change everything, nothing will be the same, it will spoil all our plans, I will get fat and Tom won’t love me anymore and… She stood silently next to Tom’s bed staring at the floor when both Joe and Sarah realized she was in another world. Ann, are you ok asked Tom as he continued to look at her? Are you feeling ok? What’s wrong? Tom, I love you and I want to marry you. I can’t wait. But I’m not sure about the baby Tom. I don’t think I am ready for this. I’m scared, I just don’t know if I am ready to be a mom and a wife all in the same year. It’s not too late to make this go away Tom! I’ve been researching it online and I am not very far along so it would be easy. But I don’t know if I could go through with it either. I don’t know what to do Ann added as the tears began to roll down her cheeks and then dropping to the floor.

Tom reached over and raised his bed so he was sitting up and tugged on Ann’s hand as he pulled her closer. Joe stood silent on the other side searching for words that might help comfort Ann and support his friend Tom at the same time. Sarah looked over at Ann as she felt compassion for what she was going through. Joe’s began to let his mind search for answers that he might have if it were Sarah that was pregnant. Silence had filled the room when Tom looked up at Ann and said, it is going to be alright. I know it is scary right now but this baby is real, it’s alive, it’s living and it’s ours. I promise I will be there for you and our son no matter what. Sarah looked over at Ann adding I am her for you. Anything you need I will help you with it. You are not alone added Joe. We will be with you and Tom all the way. Maybe we could talk to Pastor Dan about how to handle this added Sarah. He is great and he listens well. Maybe, but he is going to tell me that the only thing to do is to have the baby, replied Ann. I am so scared Sarah. Ann I’m not going to tell you what to do and Pastor Dan won’t pressure you either. He may help you sort out some of the feelings you are having and then you two can make up your mind together. Ann you know how much I care for you. But I have to ask why you wouldn’t want to have your baby? It is part of you and Tom and you two are special and so is this baby boy that is growing inside of you. I know Sarah, but you are not the one that is having it. You are my best friend and I know you will be there to help me if I need it, but I am so worried about this. Sarah walked around the bed and put her arms around Ann giving her a hug. It’s going to be alright Ann. It’s going to be ok.

Tom looked over at Ann and said something that no one in the room expected. Maybe we should pray about it. I don’t claim to know or understand how you feel right now Ann. I just know that I love you with or without a baby. I want to get married with or without a baby. I want to have a family with you no matter when we have our first child. But I also know that God knows about this child, He knew it was a boy, and I believe He already has plans for him. How could He have plans for him already when he is not even a real person yet Ann replied? I’m not that far along. But he knows about him so he must already see him as a living person. I just think we need to talk to Him about this before we make any decisions. Sarah was looking at Joe as she continued to process what she was hearing come out of Tom’s mouth. This was a side of Tom she didn’t know existed. As a matter of fact no one in the room could believe their ears. Ann looked at Tom and smiled. If you think we should pray about it then we should. But how do we do that Tom? It’s easy. We just talk to him as if he is right here with us. That is all he wants. He wants to be our friend and it is up to us to invite Him in to help us Ann. Maybe we can sit down and read the bible or maybe Pastor Dan has some books on this that will also help added Sarah. But I know Tom is right. All God want is for us to love him and he will help us through every difficult situation we face. Sometimes we get answers after we pray to Him and then sit down and read what He had people write for Him. That is one of the most important ways for Him to speak to us. Tom tugged on Ann’s hand again and said let me try this. Let’s all hold hands and I will do my best to find some words. Sarah reached across the bed and took hold of Joe’s hand as he took hold of Tom’s while Ann and Sarah continued to have their arms around each other and Ann held Tom’s as tightly as she could as she could feel the emotions begin to build again.

Ok God, we are all her together and we need your help. We all know you are for real and we all believe in you. We don’t know what you have planned for Ann and me and our baby but please help us sort this all out. We need your guidance. You know how you made me feel when I visited heaven and was talking with grandpa, even though it was for only a short time before you told me I had to come back. And now that I’m back I am really happy to be here. I guess you knew what you were talking about when you said Ann needed me. You knew we were having a baby and you knew it was a boy so you must know answers to all our questions. You understand Ann and how she feels right now and she needs your comfort and support. I need your help to know how to take care of her and the baby. Please give us some answers and help Ann and I too make the correct decision. Oh and one more thing, help us when we tell our parents that we are going to get married and that they are going to become grandparents if that is what you want us to do. Thanks in advance for your help.

Ann took her sleeve and wiped her eyes so she could see again. She looked down at Tom and asked; you just said that God told you that you needed to come back and take care of me and the baby. I don’t remember you telling me that before. Well, it’s true Ann. That is why I was told I had to return. At first I wanted to stay but something told me that He had a plan and we are part of it so back I came. You really believe that God wants both of us and our baby to be some part of a plan Tom? I really do Ann. I have no idea what that is yet, but I am sure we will find out.

Sarah walked around to the other side of the bed and put her arm around Joe giving him a small hug. She then looked over at Ann with a big smile and said I think maybe God is trying to answer your question. You might be right Sarah. Maybe we could talk to Pastor Dan. But right now I am beginning to believe we are going to be parents Tom. You and I together, replied Tom. And maybe a dozen more!!! Let’s just get through this one first big guy, replied Ann as her smile began to shine again.

They all started to laugh a little louder when the nurse walked in. Looks like I just interrupted something big. Yes, you could say that, added Joe. Well, let see how Tom is doing today. After checking his vitals and looking over his injuries she look at his chart and smiled adding, if you keep this up we are going to kick you out of her in the next day or so. You are healing up quite fast based on the injuries you had. I guess you could chalk this up to some kind of miracle or something if you know what I mean the nurse added as she looked up at Tom and smiled. Tom just smiled back and added; yes it is more of a miracle then you know. Not really added the nurse. Once I found out that Ann was expecting I knew that something special was going to happen. Sometimes things just happen at the right time and you just know that God’s hand is in it somehow if you know what I mean.  She winked at Ann as she walked out the door and it closed behind her. Tom, is she new here? I have never seen her before. I think so Tom replied. How did she know I was pregnant? She was not one of my nurses.

Ann walked over to the door and quickly looked both right and left looking for the nurse that had just left the room but couldn’t see her anywhere. Sarah quickly joined her in the hallway. What’s up Ann? I’m not sure Sarah. Let’s go down to the nurse’s station and check to see if it is really possible that Tom will be released in a day or so. As they approached the desk, they couldn’t see the nurse that was just in Tom’s room so Ann asked the nurse behind the desk if she knew who the new nurse was that just checked in on Tom. Not sure what you are talking about. We don’t have any new nurses working here and the only one that would have checked up on Tom would be either Ronda or me. Ann looked at Sarah with a look of disbelief then turning back to the nurse behind the desk and asked if it was possible that Tom could be released in the next couple days. Well give me a little time and I will come down to Tom’s room and we will check things out. But in the end it is really the doctor who makes that call.

Sarah and Ann started walking back towards Tom’s room when Ann stopped and looked Sarah in the eye saying; what is going on Sarah? Who was that that checked on Tom?

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