40 – Searching for Answers – The Other Side

Everyone had left and Joe and Tom continued talking about how everyone seemed so happy for Ann and Tom. I’m really happy Ann has such great parents commented Tom. They make me feel like part of their family. I wasn’t sure how they would handle the part about Ann being pregnant but it was as if they were ready to become grandparents. Joe looked at Tom and smiled as he made his way to the kitchen and started cleaning up the rest of the dinner dishes as they continued to talk. Joe’s mind was drifting into thoughts about Sarah and how much he wished she could have been there. Tom leaned forward in the chair and placed his elbows on his knees and placed head in his hands as he continued to absorb the idea that Ann and he would soon be married, living together and raising a child. Joe looked over and could see the smile on Tom’s face as Tom picked up his head and began to speak when Joe interrupted. Hey, you must be tired and I need to get some sleep or I will still be in bed when the girls show up for lunch. I am replied Tom. He managed to get up and as he headed toward his short term bedroom he stopped at the door and turned around. Joe I just want you to know how much I appreciate all your help. You are more than just a friend. You treat me like a brother and I want you to know… Joe interrupted adding; enough said my friend. I feel the same. Now let’s get some sleep.

Tom smiled as he turned shutting the door behind him and made his way to the bed. Before long he was sound asleep dreaming about the events of the evening. Joe cleaned up around the kitchen a little more and then walked over and sat down on the edge of his bed. It wasn’t long and he laid back, closed his eyes and was thinking about Sarah and how he couldn’t wait to see her tomorrow and tell her the whole store about the announcement and also his dream, but most of all just wanting to see her again. Before long he had drifted off into a much needed sleep.

Joe picked up his head and looked around and all he could see was a boulder staring at him. As his eyes adjusted to the light he could see that it was cradled into the side of a hill surrounded by some brush and a couple scrub trees. Something was telling him he had been here before. Surveying the area he couldn’t see anyone but he heard voices that sounded like they were just on the other side. Carefully he looked but still couldn’t see. He inched his way up the hill and looked over the edge. At first he had to let his eyes adjust to the brightness as the sun was setting behind what sounded like several people talking. As his eyes came into focus he could see someone sitting on a stone while several others were sitting on the ground. Listening he felt a sense of calmness and didn’t feel there was any threat, so he inched his way closer trying to hear what they were talking about when he heard the speaker that was sitting on the rock say; everyone, we have a visitor. His name is Joe. Come on over and sit down and join us. Joe looked closer and didn’t recognize who he was but felt compelled to join in and listen. Joe made his way to the edge of the semicircle and sat down on the ground as the speaker continued saying; we were just talking about how everything began. And as you all know you need to feel free to ask any questions and that includes our new visitor as he smiled at Joe.

Well as I was saying when my Father told me he had decided to create all of what you see, He wanted to have more than just something beautiful to look at. So He decided to add animals. One of the people sitting on the ground raised his hand and asked; when were people added? That is a great question. It was really one of the very last things we did. He decided to add people and make them superior to everything else he had created. He decided to make them like us. He wanted us to enjoy what He had created and not just wander around eating and sleeping. He wanted us to take an interest in everything. So He gave us a mind to think with and added desire to it so we would each have something special that was a little different for each of us. He designed us with the ability to decide how to deal with things around us. He had already created all the animals, the trees and flowers were here so He felt what would be better than to have all of you able to enjoy his creation along with Him. One of the people raised her hand asking what about all the bad things that has happened? Well that is the result of some of his creation prior to each of you. When He created us and enabled us to think for ourselves, He gave us the freedom to choose right and wrong. This is something that He believes in very much. He doesn’t want to tell us what to do. He just wants us to do good because we want too. He wants us to love him for whom He is. This is what He did with all of his angels also. He created them to be his helpers. While He doesn’t need any help, He really likes to have others with Him and wants them to enjoy everything as much as He does. So He gave them tasks to do just like He has. Things went along pretty good but then one angel decided he was tired of listening to all of my Fathers stories and didn’t like taking any request to do anything especially something he didn’t want to do. So he went out on his own and started causing problems. One thing lead to another and before long he had a following and they started raising havoc, causing all sorts of problems. He finally came up to my Father and told him he was tired of His lording over them and they wanted to do things their way. My Father walked away shaking His head wondering what have I created. So He decided He would create what you know as earth and placed the one’s there that had decided to not love him anymore. This was just a little before He created man and woman. Not wanting to tell them what they had to do, He thought maybe letting them fend for themselves and find out that the things they once had were pretty good would bring them to their senses. But they didn’t appreciate what my Father had done and they continued to speak out against Him. So He left them to fend for themselves.

I need to go back just a little. It wasn’t long after created the earth that He could see that it was really something special. It had such great potential. He is so full of love that He decided that maybe he would give them another chance and so He added everything from the sun, moon, stars, trees, animals large and small, and even what you call dinosaurs. Sometimes I think He added them thinking that maybe they just might scare some sense into those that wanted to live on their own. He never told me that, but sometimes I think that was why He created them. Don’t get me wrong about angels. There are many, many really good angels. They watch over everything and see to it that my Father’s wishes are taken care of. When He looked around he could see that what he had created was so beautiful and such a waste if He left it all to those angles that had went against Him. So He created man and then woman. He wanted them to be good and so He created them in His image just like me. So we are all brothers and sisters. How cool is that! Joe sat in total astonishment at what all he was hearing. He raised his hand and the teacher looked over and asked; what your question Joe. Well first I don’t know where I am and I would like to know how you knew my name when I had never told you it. There is no one’s name I don’t know Joe. I have them all written down in this special book and I guess you might say I have a pretty good memory. My Father gave me this ability to remember everything. You have it also but due to timing and so many things going bad, it has changed how it works. Well what do you mean gone bad asked Joe? Well it all started when man met the angle my Father had sent to earth as punishment for his attitude and actions he had taken against Him. Can you tell me more inquired Joe?

Well this is how it all started. The first man and woman were walking in this beautiful garden and could see that it was full of everything that anyone could ever desire when they noticed someone else was there that they hadn’t noticed before. They didn’t know what fear was so they walked over and he was staring at this tree that was loaded with the most beautiful fruit one could ever desire. So he asked them if they would like one and they told him that they were told that this fruit was not good for them and to never take any of it. But this stranger told them this was not true. He told them that if they ate it they would become extra special and that they would never be happier. After sometime passed the woman reached over and took one of the fruit from the tree. Looking it over it looked really good. She smelled it and began to think it would taste great so she finally took a bite as the stranger stood smiling. See I told you it would be ok. She began to smile as the taste was so good she felt something change in her body. She handed it to the man and said you got to taste this. It is incredible! So he reached out thinking it didn’t hurt her so what harm could it cause and took a bite and the same thing happened to him. Something came over him and he felt different. It was only a short time and they could hear their names being called out. The person that was with them disappeared someplace and so they were alone and suddenly noticed they had changed. They could see things they had not been aware of before. They began to see things differently. They realized they didn’t have any clothes on so they hid in the flowers and trees. But when they heard their names called again they knew they would need to step out so they grabbed some large leaves from a flower nearby and covered themselves as they walked out into the open. What have you done was the question they heard? They stood silent until He said; you ate some of that fruit from the one tree you were not supposed to eat from didn’t you? The man looked at the woman and said she gave it to me and she looked back at man and said that stranger made me do it. Then He looked around and could see the stranger hiding off to the side and He looked at both man and woman and told them you have done wrong and will now have to pay for what you have done. I put that tree here for a purpose and you have gone against my one request. And then He looked over at the one that was hiding behind the bushes and told him; you have done this again and so from now on you and all your followers will live the life of a serpent. He looked at the man and woman He had created and was so upset with them that He told them to get out of the garden and that they would never be allowed back in again. But because He still loved both the man and woman He gave them some clothes to put on, told them what to expect from now on and then sent them out of the special garden. He placed guards at the entrance so no one would ever enter this special garden again. That is how all the bad things started to happen.

Joe raised his hand again and asked; why did your father give everyone the ability to make their own decisions? Wouldn’t it have been better if they were incapable of do anything wrong? Well this is something that takes more time than we have today to explain. As you know we have a lot of time so let’s plan to talk about this the next time we get together. But it’s really important and I really want…

Joe’s eyes popped open and he found himself staring at the light that was sitting on his bed stand. The moon was shining in through the branches of the tree. Shaking his head he realized he had just had another dream. He was trying to remember everything. He looked over at the clock and could see it was early morning. All he could do was wish that he could talk to Sarah. He rolled over and closed his eyes and was sound asleep when his alarm went off startling him. He reached over, hit the button on its top to shut it off and mumbled to himself; I thought I turned that off last night. It wasn’t long and Joe was up, showered and making his way towards the kitchen to fix breakfast for Tom and himself. Tom opened his eyes and rolled out of bed when he heard Joe in the shower and was resting in Joe favorite chair when Joe walked out of the bathroom. Don’t get too attached to that chair Tom, Joe responded with a grin on his face. Joe quickly rustled up some grub and before long everything thing was cleaned up and they were sitting around talking about everything under the sun. Joe could tell Tom was on the mend. It wasn’t long and the morning was history. They were both sitting back relaxing their eyelids when they heard the doorbell ring. Joe jumped as the noise startled him and quickly made his way to the door. When he opened it he was quickly handed a platter of food as Sarah was standing with her hands full of their lunch.


“To be continued”

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