41 – Searching for Answers – “An Unexpected Question”

It wasn’t only a few minutes and Ann arrived. They all sat around the table eating some of the most delicious sandwiches Joe could remember in a long time. It may have been just that Sarah had made them but they were really good just the same. The three of them were giving Sarah their rendition of the conversation that happened the evening before. Telling their version of how each of the parents responded to the news was most interesting and Sarah laughed and even shed a couple tears as the three of them carried on, some came from emotion and some from just plain laughter at how the three of them had different stories of the same event. It wasn’t long and the lunch was finished and the dishes were cleaned up. Everyone was still chuckling and making fun of each other when Joe looked over at Sarah and suggested that maybe they could take a walk and give the love birds some time alone. I think that is a great idea replied Sarah as she smirked at Ann. Ann and Tom just smiled as Sarah and Joe made their way towards the door. Joe looked back and said now you two be good while we are gone. With a body in this kind of shape you don’t have too much to worry about rattled Tom as he smirked at Ann. You guys go, replied Ann. I got me a big stick if he gets out of line as she reached over and retrieved Joe’s yard stick from behind the table stand by the wall.

Joe and Sarah were still laughing as they closed the door behind them. They decided to take a walk to the park that was just a short distance from Joe’s place. Sarah was telling Joe about work and other things that had happened over the last couple days as they walked, but all Joe had on his mind was his dreams and how he wanting to tell Sarah about them. They walked over to a shade tree and Joe laid out the blanket he had grabbed on his way out the door. Sarah and Joe sat down and Joe let himself fall backwards and was lying on his back with his eyes closed when Sarah leaned over and gave him a kiss. It wasn’t long and the passion was flowing. Their hearts were pounding as the adrenalin rush was racing through their bodies. Pausing long enough to catch their breath, Joe looked at Sarah telling her; I have really missed you the last few days and I hope you know how much I love you Sarah. Sarah responded with another round of passionate kissing and stopped only long enough to tell Joe she felt the same way. It wasn’t long and they both knew they better take a break. Taking a deep breath Joe said; I am going to step out on a limb here and ask you a question. Sarah looked at him and was beginning to wonder just what Joe was going to… Sarah I really love you and… Joe stopped in the middle of his question as two people walked by. Joe, we have both been so consumed with everyone else that we have not had any time to spend alone for what feels like weeks. I know Sarah but I never stop thinking about you. Well I hope not replied Sarah with her hair glistening as the sun was shining through the limbs of the tree. Do you think we might get married someday Sarah? Well if you play your cards right… They were both looking into each other’s eyes when Sarah just responded with a yes! Yes you will marry me or yes you can see that maybe someday we could be married. Well what are you exactly asking me Joe? I want you to be with me forever Sarah. I want to know if you feel the same. Joe I have been in love with you for a long time now. If you are asking me to marry you then the answer is yes. Joe reached up and pulled Sarah close and whispered the official question; will you marry me Sarah? Yes Joe I will, responded Sarah softly in his ear. They went silent as they collapsed in each other’s arms both realized that what they wanted to happen just took place.

A couple kids came running by and slowed down just long enough for Joe and Sarah to hear them giggling at them as they continued to hug each other. Joe looked at Sarah, reached into his pocket and pulled out a small velvet bag he had been carrying in his pocket and said; I have a special ring that was given to me by my grandmother that I would be honored if you would accept as an engagement ring until we can pick out the perfect wedding ring. Joe opened the bag and pulled out the most beautiful white opal ring that was surrounded by eight small diamonds in a sterling silver setting. Oh my Joe was all Sarah could muster up as she just stared at it. Oh Joe this is so beautiful and look it even fits my finger. Well I kind of had it sized with a little help from Ann. You mean that Ann knew about this? Yes. Well not so much about the proposal. I just don’t want to wait any longer. I love you and… Sarah stopped Joe’s words as she wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him close as she planted the kiss that answered every question Joe could ever think of. Sarah leaned back and after some time passed she looked at Joe and said; when do you think we should make this official? Should we wait or just tell everyone now? I think maybe they already know added Joe. Let’s invite your parents out to dinner and we can tell them then. I want to tell Tom and Ann when we get back if that’s ok with you, added Sarah. Ann will be so excited.

A slight breeze began to move the air as the sun continued to shine through the branches of the tree. Sarah seemed to have a special glow on her face that allowed the sun to bounce different colors off her cheeks and hair. Joe leaned back as he continued to look at Sarah as she pulled a small brush from her purse and ran it through her hair. Joe looked at Sarah saying; I have never been this happy Sarah. I’m beginning to think God had a plan when I stop that day at your church and then how we ran into each other at the party store. I know Joe. It may be a little crazy but I feel the same way. Speaking of crazy Sarah, I hope this doesn’t change your mind about marring me, but I had another dream last night. It’s like someone or something is trying to tell me something. Even the ones from before that drove me to dig into the history of evolution and compare it with the writings of the Bible. That’s how I decided to accept Jesus after I discovered that the faith I needed to believe in evolution was far greater than the faith I needed to believe in Jesus. The peace I got when I accepted Jesus was something that I have never felt before. I never had that peace and confidence before I made that decision. But, I don’t get it. Why am I still having dreams? Joe, you remember I also had a dream that day in our back yard and it was the same one you had. I sometimes dream of different things but most of them are gone from my memory the next day and I can only remember small parts of them. You have never told me you have dreams except the one we had together that day in your backyard. Well Joe, I asked Pastor Dan about this and he says it is different for different people. Some just have these dreams and visions. Joe looked at Sarah with an expression on his face that let Sarah know he was concerned and confused. I wish I knew what it is all about Sarah. If this is God talking to me, what is he trying to tell me? Well it sounds like he wants you to know why things are like they are Sarah replied after giving Joe’s comment some quick thought. We should go and tell Pastor Dan about this and maybe he can help you understand things a little better or point us in a good direction. Yes, but Sarah, why me? I am a new Christian. I’m really new at this. I don’t have any background in these things. Heck, a few months ago I didn’t even want to enter the doors of a church. I don’t get it. Tell me a little about the dream you had last night inquired Sarah as she looked intently into Joe’s eyes?

Well it all started when I was looking straight at a large bolder. Sarah tipped her head to one side and raised her one eyebrow as she said; you mean like the one from your other dream? Yes, and it had some bushes around it and it was on the slop of a hill. I could see some light shining towards the top but it was yellow and not the orange and red color I saw the time before. So I made my way up the slop of the hill and as I looked over the top I could see people sitting quietly on the ground while someone was talking to them. I tried to get closer and the next thing I knew the speaker called me by name and told me to come and sit down and join them. Sarah sat intently listening to Joe not wanting to interrupt his thoughts. Then he started to talk about how everything began. Sarah. He talked about the earth and everything that we know about it as far as plants and animals. He even talked about the dinosaurs a little. The he explained about the angles and also about those fallen angels that Pastor Dan has talked about. Then he talked about us. What do you mean about us Sarah excitedly asked? Did he say our names? No not like that, replied Joe. Not by names. It was more about man and woman and the first two that were here. I think he was talking about Adam and Eve but he didn’t mention them by name either. Joe was getting a little excited in his explanation to Sarah when his phone rang. He quickly pulled it from his pocket and could see that it was Tom.

Yah, what’s up Tom? Well we were wondering if you two were coming back soon. I would like to get out for a little bit and was wondering if we could go down to the pub for a brew. Can you drink a beer yet, inquired Joe? Yup, the doctor told me that as long as I was off my pain med’s, which I have been, that a brew or a glass of wine would be just fine. We will be back in a few minutes and we have a couple things to tell you guys anyway. See you in a few minutes.

Joe looked at Sarah and said that they better head back. Ok, but is that the end of your dream. Not totally, replied Joe. He also talked about angles. Good ones and bad ones and how the bad ones lived on earth first before everything else we know about were here. He talked about a garden with a special tree. You mean the Garden of Eden? I’m not sure but it had a special tree with special fruit on it and… Joe stopped mid-sentence as two people walked by. Let get going Sarah before Tom and Ann wonder where we are and I can tell you more as we walk back. Joe continued to tell Sarah everything he could remember and before long they were walking in the front door of his apartment.

Hey their back, commented Tom with a little bit of enthusiasm. Ann just looked over at Sarah and Joe and smiled. Has he been like this for very long, asked Joe with a playful voice? Well I only had to beat him with that stick once, replied Ann. Come on let’s get going replied Tom as he was making his way towards the door.


“To be continued”

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