44 – Searching for Answers – The Next Day

Joe was up fixing breakfast when Tom walked out the bedroom rubbing his eyes and carefully stretching his injured body in trying to work the aches and pains away. After a quick bite and clean up they were both on their way to meet the girls at church. They arrived just in time to walk in with Sarah and Ann who had arrived just a little earlier and were waiting in the parking lot for the boys to arrive. When the service was over, Sarah grabbed Joe’s hand and they quickly walked over to where her parents were standing. Hey mom, Joe and I would like to take you guys out to lunch if you’re free. Carl looked at June and quickly added; if it’s a free lunch count me in! We’ll meet you guys at that new restaurant on the North end of town, added Sarah.

Joe and Sarah arrived a little before her parents and requested a table in the corner. It wasn’t long before Sarah’s mom and dad arrived and they were enjoying a cup of fresh coffee, had ordered their lunches and were having small talk when Carl smiled at Sarah and said; so what’s the occasion that you two want to hang out with us old folks and then buy us lunch to boot? June looked over at Sarah and as she did she spotted the beautiful opal ring on Sarah’s finger. June smiled as she reached over and taking her hand she could tell it was something special. Sarah looked up at her mom with a smile and started to say; well mom and dad… Joe quickly interrupted Sarah when he looked at Carl and said I have a question I need to ask you. Sarah had no idea where Joe was going with this, so she sat back and listened as Joe continued. I really like you guys and well I really like Sarah as you must know by now. Joe’s words stalled for just a short moment as he continued sort out his thoughts wanting to say them in a perfect way. He quickly glanced over at Sarah and could see a smile that reminded him how in love he really was. Joe quickly looked back at Carl and spoke up saying; I’m sorry, I am a little lost for words right now. I think I will blame it on a lack of sleep. Well Joe, replied Carl. Just say what’s on your mind. We are all friends and we think the world of you. Sarah was still smiling and was still in a bit of a state of shock not knowing what Joe was up to. She had no idea what Joe was about to ask her dad. Joe quickly cleared his throat a little and finally said; I love Sarah and I want to know if you will agree to let me marry her? Carl looked over at Sarah and knew she was in love with Joe. Looking over at June he said; so what do you think June? Should we say yes? With a big smile on both their faces that looked across the table at Joe and Sarah saying; we would be very happy to have you as part of our family. Sarah held out her hand again to show her mom the opal ring she was wearing quickly telling her the story behind it. June leaned over and gave Sarah a big hug and gave Joe a big smile over Sarah’s shoulder as a tear trickled down her cheek. Carl was leaning back in his chair smiling to himself think about how much fun he will have with Joe hanging around. Maybe we will play a little golf with together, watching football and maybe even doing a little hunting.

They finished up lunch and Joe quickly grabbed the check before Carl could react and made his way towards the register to pay. Sarah stood up and both Carl and June put their arms around her giving her a group hug telling her how happy they were for her. Before long Joe and Sarah rolled up to Sarah’s house. Joe got out and walked around and took Sarah’s hand as they made their way towards the front door when Sarah veered off to the side and led Joe towards the back yard. They made their way towards the two recliners located under the tree in the back corner. Joe pulled Sarah close as they embraced letting the love they both felt flow between each of them. After the electron flow in their bodies had slowed just a little Sarah made her way to one of the chairs and sat down. Joe pulled the other one in close and sat down taking Sarah’s hand in his as he leaned back and closed his eyes. You’re craze Joe, were the words that came out of Sarah’s mouth. What do you mean I’m crazy? Well you didn’t have to ask my dad if you could marry me. And why didn’t you tell me you were going to ask him? Well – it was just something I had to do and now I know everything is going to be perfect. I love you Sarah. Sarah smiled and had no words to add as she leaned back in her chair and closed her eyes letting her mind drift off thinking how happy she was that she bumped into Joe on the street that afternoon.

Ann drove Tom back to Joe’s place after they had stopped off at the local deli and picked up a couple of sandwiches for lunch. Ann was wondering how Sarah and Joe’s announcement went when Tom got up and walked over to the sofa and picked up the information Pastor Dan had given them. Ann slid up next to him, put her head on his shoulder, closed her eyes. Tom, I love you so much. I am so happy. I can’t wait to get married. It is going to be so great. And our little boy will be the greatest son anyone could ever ask for. Tom sat thinking about how he looked forward to playing with the little guy that was still growing inside of Ann. Hey, we aren’t going to stop with just one are we, interrupted Tom? Ann just smiled and said only time will tell. One at a time Tom. But a little girl would be really nice. Tom opened up the folder and they started to leaf through the information. After they came to the last page Ann looked at Tom saying; I’ll call Sarah in the morning and set an appointment with Pastor Dan. That sound great, replied Tom. Can you imagine that in just a few short weeks we will be together forever! Both Ann and Tom leaned back on the sofa, closed their eyes and let the moment soak in as they both slipped off into a much-needed afternoon nap.

Later that afternoon they heard someone at the door when it opened and Joe walked in. He did knock first before opening the door. He had spotted Ann’s car still in the parking lot so he assumed she was still with Tom. As he walked in Tom was still sitting on the sofa rubbing his eyes and Ann was already standing up trying to fix her hair a little. Well you two look well rested, commented Joe. Yah, we both fell asleep after we read the information we got from Pastor Dan. Hey, you need to read this stuff you old dog, added Tom with that devilish smirk that so often hits his face. Joe just smiled not wanting to spur Tom on. Ann walked over and gave Tom a kiss, told him to behave and told him she was going to head home. I’ll call you tomorrow after I talk to Sarah and sets an appointment. It will probably be later in the afternoon. I have to be at work really early and I will be out around two thirty and will call you then. Ann added; love you guys as she closed the door making her way to her car.

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