Press Release on Deceptive Influences

New Xulon Title Provides Balanced Study on the ‘Why’ Behind Beliefs

Forbes simplifies the complexities surrounding the most critical question that people face

William Forbes’s mission is to provide readers an understanding of why people think and react to situations as they do. The author also, notably, challenges readers to analyze their beliefs—whether Creationist or Evolutionist—and how to defend them. His new book, Deceptive Influences – Life’s Emotional Opinion of God and Evolution examines the issue of education versus indoctrination as it relates to how and why people come to hold their opinions.

“With an open mind, we can come to real truthful conclusions about the meaning of all life, especially who we are and why we are here,” states the author. “We start programing our minds from the time we are born, forming our personalities into the end person we become. We set in motion our beliefs and generally don’t want them disrupted. But what if what we have put our faith in is incorrect? Explore with me the findings I have uncovered and make your own decision.”

William Forbes incorporates anecdotal material throughout this book, personalizing the text in his expressions of very human inquisitiveness. The author assesses the motivations and theories behind modern evolutionary synthesis, from the womb to the cosmos, and makes eminently logical demands of its very foundations. Forbes’s professional background is that of a licensed, master electrician. He completely built he and his wife’s first home at age twenty, started and ran an electrical company for eleven years and continues to build furniture, play golf, hunt and fish. Most important to him is his wife of forty-four years and their family. The author adds, “Letting my family know what I have learned was important to me and I would like to share this with the rest of the world also.”

The book is available online through, and

Contact: William Forbes


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