The Power of Science and the Media

I totally respect “Science”. It’s discoveries continue to unfold each and every day. I just discovered that “Scientists create artificial human eggs and sperm” which was aired by Jessica Firger on CBS News December 26, 2014, 1:45 PM. This leads one to believe that we evolved just as so many in the sciences would like each of us to believe. However, when reading deeper into the article it is revealed that they required an egg and sperm to start with and the end result was:  

“Their final products were not actually working sperm and eggs, but rather germ cells that potentially could mature and become viable for fertility. The study’s findings were published Wednesday in the journal Cell”.

If one was to read only the headline and not the details one could live the rest of their life with a belief that life can be created in the science lab.

Food for Thought–

With all the scientific equipment available today we are still not able to produce a living egg and sperm that will allow human life to begin. So how could an explosion or any other theory without any of todays extremely scientific and technical equipment produce what we see today?

So much of what our medical and biological sciences have been able to discover and reproduce has been designed with already available “Stuff” which takes into account anything that already exist. In my mind it is engineering backwards so to speak which does lead to many new and wonderful discoveries. I am sure some will say that it is only time that is needed before some discovery will reveal exactly how such a miracle happened. We should all admire each and every scientist for everything they do. However, the media and the sciences that jump to conclusions and lead people down a road that is not proven is still wrong.

–?- Question -?–

Were you created or did you just happen from billions of years of chance?  



The power of observation is so often taken over by the power of ones speech. Silence can be golden!

Orlando Espinosa

The best lessons are learned when you watch and observe other people’s behavior!observe orlando espinosa monsters inc

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46 – Searching for Answers – Sharing the Dreams

Joe and Sarah were walking back to Joe’s car when he carefully spun her around and looked her directly in the eyes with a very concerned look. Are you sure you’re alright. I’m fine. It really was nothing physical Joe. Everything is ok. But your body just went limp and you were not responding to anything we said and you didn’t even flinch when I slapped your cheek trying to get a response out of you. Really, you slapped my cheek, responded Sarah. Joe quickly responded saying, well not very hard. Sarah started to open her car door when she looked back at Joe and said; I really am happy that you worry about me but really I’m ok. Ok, I believe you Sarah. Hey, if you’re up to it, how about I come over and pick you up around six and we can go out and have some something to eat at the pub, suggested Joe. That really sounds great, Sarah replied with a big smile and feeling like she had found the most wonderful guy in the world.

It wasn’t long and Joe and Sarah were sitting at the pub when Carol walked up to take their order. The Pub wasn’t too busy so Carol sat down for a couple minutes asking about Tom and Ann. After they gave Carol an update, Carol looked at Sarah and Joe with a slight smile saying; you two look exceptionally happy today. Sarah held up her beautiful opal ring for Carol to see and then announced that they were engaged. Joe was smiling from ear to ear when Carol offered up her congratulations, adding you two are made for each other and I’m very happy for both of you. You take good care of this girl Joe. She is really special. I know, replied Joe. It’s crazy how we met and even crazier how everything has unfolded in our lives. It’s quite a story. You’re going to have to give me details sometime, Carol replied with an inquiring smile. We will Carol, replied Sarah. You’ve been a good friend and I have a feeling we are going to see more of each other in the future. Carol smiled as she walked away not knowing exactly what Sarah meant, but knew she was happy to have her as a friend.

Carol had walked behind the bar and over to the computer to place their order when Sarah turned to Joe saying; we should find a time to tell Carol that she was included in our dreams. I am not sure how she will… Just then Joe phone rang stopping the conversation as he checked to see who was calling him. Its Dr. Bob was the comment coming from Joe’s mouth as he hit the answer key on his phone. Hi Dr. Bob. What’s happening? Hi Joe, I only have a couple minutes to talk right now, but I took a chance you might pick up. I was wondering if we could find a time to get together. I have a couple things that I think you will find interesting. For some reason I feel like I need to share these with you. Is there any chance you could meet me down here in Denver next Saturday afternoon, let’s say around 2:30? You should bring Sarah with you and maybe we can go out to dinner after we meet at the University. I think we can, but I need to ask Sarah. Hold on for a couple seconds. Sarah, Dr. Bob wants to have us come down to his place Saturday afternoon. Do you think you can go? As far as I know, replied Sarah. Ok Dr. Bob, we will be there. Should we come to your office? That would be great, replied Dr. Bob. I will send you the direction via text. It’s been great talking to you were his last words as Joe heard the phone go silent. Dr. Bob was gone before Joe had a chance to ask what he wanted to show him.

Sarah looked at Joe and Joe’s expression was a state of excited confusion. What do you think he wants, inquired Sarah? I have no idea. He sounded excited but reserved. It didn’t sound like he wanted to go into any details on the phone. Maybe he was just really busy Joe. I guess we’ll find out Saturday.

It wasn’t long and Carol arrived with their meals asking if there was anything else she could get them. Joe and Sarah replied in unison; I think we’re good. As they sat eating their food they exchanged ideas about the talk they had with Pastor Dan and then the impromptu call from Dr. Bob. Sometimes I feel like things are moving too fast Sarah. So much has happened and I or maybe I should say we have so many loose ends and things we don’t understand hanging around our necks. Tom is getting better and it won’t be long and they will be married. I will tell you one thing Sarah; I wouldn’t want to be going through this with anybody but you. I just wish we could fast forward a little and that we were already married and some of this was behind us. Sarah reached across the table and took Joe hand and smiled as she told him she was having the same feelings. I love you Joe and we are going to spend the rest of our lives together. I have this feeling that it is going to be quite an adventure and I am looking forward to it. Joe leaned over giving Sarah a kiss and added; I love you Sarah.

After they had finished their meal and the table was cleared, Sarah looked over at Joe and said; I have an idea. What would you think about getting the whole gang together and have a bonfire Friday night and we could tell them all about what has been happening? It might be nice to update everyone and Ann and Tom should be able to join us now. That might be a great idea, replied Joe. With everything that has been going on, we haven’t had a chance to see some of them for a long time now. We could tell everyone about us, Tom and Ann can update them on what happening in their lives and we could tell them about… Yes we can tell them Joe, interjected Sarah. I think they should know. They are our friends. Ok, let’s talk to Tom and Ann and see if Friday will work.

After a quick call to Tom, Joe fired out a text to everybody letting them know that Friday night they were going to meet at the old camp site just after dark for a bonfire. Before long they had a response from everyone confirming they would be there.

Joe and Sarah arrived a little earlier and had the fire looking good before the rest of the gang arrived. Ann and Tom arrived shortly after dark and Joe, Sarah and Tom cracked open a beer and Ann opened a Coke as they sat staring into the flames. Joe let his mind flash back to his dreams about the fire pit as he pulled Sarah close and they sat silently. Sarah looked up and could see all the stars in the sky as they sparkled and winked at her making her smile as she gripped Joes arm a little tighter. Joe leaned over and picked up his guitar and just as he was about to start into a song the rest of the gang arrived. Before long everyone was talking and laughing and having a good time. Joe was playing one of Sarah’s favorite songs and Ann and Sarah were singing along as all the rest started to join in. After a couple of songs, Tom and Ann updated everyone on the events in their life including about the baby. Paul had just added a couple logs to the fire when Carol asked if Joe and Sarah could tell them the rest of the story they started back at the restaurant.

Well it’s kind of a long story, replied Joe. Are you sure you want to hear it all? Well maybe you better just give us the Readers Digest version came a quick response from Tom. You know how long winded you are and we only have so many logs. Everyone started laughing as Tom was getting gently ribbed by Ann. Ok Tom, we will try to give the short version, replied Joe as he looked over at Tom and grinned.

Well first of all I think you all know by now that Sarah and I are engaged. Sarah held up her ring for everybody to see as the gang hooted and hollered for them. Tom quickly added; I tried to talk to Sarah about this but she just won’t listen. Laughter erupted as Ann put her hand over Tom’s mouth. Randy spoke up quickly saying; well one thing is for sure, Tom is just about back to his old self. Amen was a quick response from Sarah as the gang continued to laugh and have a good time. Ok Joe, let’s hear the story came a shout from the other side of the fire. Joe started by reminding everyone about how he had met Sarah and how he felt about the church which led him into his story about his first dreams. Before long everyone was silent as Joe continued telling his story. Joe finished telling about the story about how he had seen the fire and how people just disappeared into it but left out the part about Carol being in the dream. Sarah looked at Joe and could tell he wasn’t sure if he should tell that part. Well interjected Sarah. There is a little more to the dream but… Joe stepped back in adding; Sarah had something happen to her the other day. We were sitting talking to Pastor Dan about these dreams when she fainted or something. We called 911 but before they arrived she came too and started telling us a story of her own. So what happened Sarah, inquired Carol. Are you ok? What did the paramedics tell you? I’m fine replied Sarah, but it was really weird. All I remember is that this lady came up to me and started talking to me and Joe and Pastor Dan acted like she wasn’t there. Come to find out, she really wasn’t there. I had some type of a dream or vision or something myself. And Carol, it included you. What! came a quick response from Carol. I can only tell you that for some reason that I don’t understand, you are going to be a part of something that I also don’t understand, continued Sarah. Joe looked over at Carol whose mouth was open but no words were coming out. Carol its true and you have been in both of our dreams. Silence overtook the gang as they tried to comprehend what Joe and Sarah were telling them. After what seemed like forever came a question from the other side of the fire. Ok, so where was I in your dreams Joe, asked a cautious Carol. Joe tried to tell her about how she had walked out of the trees and how she had talked to Jesus who was talking to this group of people. How he was looking up her name but Joe left out the part about how her name was not in the book. What book are you talking about Joe, inquired Carol as her anxieties continued to grow? Well, it was the “Book of Life” Carol. The one we read about in the Bible. Well was my name in it Joe? Well, not really Carol. That is why he didn’t know your name when you walked up. That can’t be true Joe. I believe in Jesus and I try to do things the right way and help people. So if that doesn’t work just how does one get their name in this “Book of Life”? What does it mean if it is not, inquired Paul as he gently rubbed Carols back while she was sitting in surprise at what she was hearing? It is easy Paul, replied Sarah. It’s all about if you believe in Jesus, but you have to confess your wrong doings and ask for forgiveness and accept him into your life. If you do, then you go to Heaven and will be with Him forever when you die and if you don’t you go to… Sarah stopped short of saying Hell. Tom quickly interrupted saying; I have been there. It is real. Heaven is real. I saw it when I died. What are you talking about Tom, inquired Pete? When I died, I went there and I met my Grandfather who talked to me and then I met someone that told me I had to go back but not before he told me about our baby and that it was a boy. That is how we know that our baby is a boy. He told me I had things to do down here and that it wasn’t my time yet. Ann spoke up telling everyone that she hadn’t told Tom about being pregnant. Only Sarah knew about it. But when he woke up he knew the whole story. I don’t know how to explain it except that it happened just like we are telling you.

The entire gang was silent as they soaked in everything they had just heard. After what seemed like forever, Sarah spoke up and added that she could only explain this as if God was taking control and was leading them down a path that they still didn’t understand. This is what we wanted to tell everyone about. It’s pretty scary and also exciting all at the same time.

Joe picked up his guitar again and started to play it as everyone sat staring at the fire. Carol was deep in thought as Paul sat still lightly rubbing her back. Cal and Connie along with Pete and Nancy sat to the side talking about this “Book of Life” while Randy and Mary continued to stare into the fire as if it had them in a trans. Sarah leaned over and put her head on Joe’s shoulder while Ann and Tom were cuddling off to the side. After Joe had finished playing a couple songs the fire was dying down as everyone relaxed allowing each of them to drift deep in their own thoughts. So Sarah, I want my name in the “Book of Life”. Can you help me, inquired Carol? Anytime, replied Sarah. Carol leaned her head over on Paul’s shoulder as she looked across the fire at Joe and Sarah still deep in thought about what she had heard.

Where Does Faith in Science Stop and Faith in God Begin – It’s a Choice

True story: A man visits his Doctor and after some test he is diagnosed with cancer. Surgery is scheduled and during the surgery the Doctor find that he is full of cancer, much worse that they had anticipated and they can do nothing. They sew him back up and after a short stop in the recovery room, the Doctors give him the results of what they found explaining to him and his family that he has only a short time to live. They tell him to go home and call them if he feels things are progressing or if he has any additional issues but that he should return in one month and they should be able to tell how fast the cancer is spreading and how much time he has left.

The man goes home and together with his family they begin to pray for his health to return.

The man returns one month later and when the Doctors checked him out they look at each other not believing what they are finding. They run more test and finally return to tell the man they cannot find any cancer. They have no explanation. One of the Doctors added; I have seen this happen once before. I cannot explain it. First it is there and then it is gone. The other Doctor added; I know what we saw when we had you opened up. There is just no medical or scientific answer to how this could have happened.

” I know such a man that this happened too. No explanation outside of his prayer asking to be healed. No pills, no drugs, just prayer to God.”

The question is: If we as a human population rely so heavily on Science and stand so firm on the idea that for ever action there is a reaction, that all things can be proven by Science and only after proven will we believe something is true, then what did this just prove? Science tells us he should have died of cancer, but he didn’t. So can Science be wrong at times?

Conclusion: if Science tells us one thing but something else happens then it is a Miracle and yes God exist! However, if one chooses to not believe in the existence of God, that the miracle just happened for what ever reason, then we are still choosing to place our faith in something without a proven explanation. So it does take faith one way or the other.

The follow-up question: how deep have you looked into the possibilities that some of what you have been told may not have real scientific proof behind it? In the doctors case they had the proof that he had cancer and that he would only live a short time. Case after case people died with this type of cancer. But how did it go away? If you dig deep enough you will find other cases where science is defied as something else is the final result.  

45 – Searching for Answers – The Monday Visit

Monday afternoon had rolled around and Joe was walking into Pastor Dan office when he noticed Sarah sitting at her desk with a stack of papers in front of her. Quickly he changed direction making his way towards Sarah. She looked up just in time to receive a gentle kiss. Sarah quickly stood up as they both embraced each other. Hi Joe was the sound they heard coming from Pastor Dan’s office. Come on in when you’re ready were his words as he chuckled loud enough for the two of them to hear. You’re coming in with me aren’t you, questioned Joe? Only if you are sure you want me too, replied Sarah? Joe reached down and took Sarah’s hand, smiled and said; I will always need you with me.

They walked in to Pastor Dan’s office, Joe pulled up a second chair and was about to sit down when Dan spun around in his chair and stood up saying; let’s go out back and sit under the big oak tree. The weather is great and I have been in this office most of the day. I would love some fresh air and God can help us out there just as much as he can in here.

The three of them walked over towards the tree with Sarah and Joe sitting together on the one bench and Pastor Dan sat across from them on a small chair complete with a back rest and legs that had been made out of a short tree log by one of the members of the church. Well Joe, I have really been giving each of your dreams a lot of thought and I am not sure I have all the answers and I am not sure all your dreams are… Pastor Dan stopped for just a couple seconds trying to gather his thoughts when he said; I think God is talking to you Joe. I think he has had his eye on you for a long time. I think he has a plan for you that only time will allow it to be revealed fully. Joe sat quietly trying to take in every word that Pastor Dan was saying and Sarah was trying to look at both of them as she wondered what she would hear next. I have prayed about this and believe that Sarah has been part of a plan for you before either of you had any idea each of you existed. Sarah started to feel the emotions of where this was heading when she felt Joe reach over and brush a tear from her cheek that had tricked down from the corner of her eye. All I know Pastor Dan is that I love Sarah and if it was God that introduced her to me then I believe you that these dreams are from Him. I will do what He wants. The problem is I don’t understand what He is trying to tell me, Joe added as he looked up towards the sky. Everything went silent for a few moments as Joe stared up through the limbs and could see the sun flickering on and off as the leaves flowed back and forth with the breeze. It was then that he noticed Sarah pointing up at something. Both Pastor Dan and Joe finally noticed what Sarah was so intently pointing to. Just off to the side of the tree was a cloud that had a shape like a cross. As the three of them stared up they noticed the bright light from the sun as it settled over the top of it as the cloud continued to move. No one was saying a word. It was as if they were each hearing something special spoken directly to each of them. Then a strong wind came up and they quickly looked at each other. Sarah said; do you guys see that? Both Joe and Pastor Dan replied in unison with a yes. The three of them again looked back towards the sky and the cloud had changed to a new shape and the sun was so bright it caused each of them to cover their eyes with a hand.

Pastor Dan had waited for his eyes to refocus when he looked over at both Sarah and Joe where the emotions were running high and suggested that he would like to say a short prayer. They both just bowed their heads as Dan started by saying; Dear Lord, we are sitting here not knowing exactly what You are trying to tell Joe, what the involvement of Sarah is and what You need me to tell them. I ask You to help us understand what You would have each of us do. I ask You to reveal to us the meaning of these dreams. In Jesus name, amen.

Joe griped Sarah’s hand tight as he looked over at Pastor Dan. I have so many questions that I don’t know where to start. I want to do what is right. I want to marry Sarah. I want to follow God’s direction for me. Just where do I start? What do I… Joe stopped midstream and went silent as both Sarah and Dan looked at him. Sarah closed her eyes and quietly started to ask God to help Joe when she felt something happen. She reached up and put her hand over her heart, leaned her head onto Joe’s shoulder and drifted off into a state of sleep. Joe felt her body go limp as he put his arm around her. Joe looked at Pastor Dan with eyes that were about to jump out of his head when Pastor Dan realized that something had happened to Sarah. Joe tried to wake Sarah but she didn’t respond to anything. Pastor Dan quickly helped Joe lay Sarah gently on the grass. Joe took a cushion off the bench and slid it under her head. Pastor Dan pulled his phone from his pocket and dialed 911. This is Pastor Dan at …. Before long the emergency crew was on their way to the church. Pastor Dan started to pray for Sarah when all of a sudden she opened her eyes. She had a smile on her face but could see the terror in Joe’s eyes and could see Pastor Dan saying a prayer with his eyes closed. She realized she was lying on the ground with Joe holding her hand when she heard Pastor Dan say her name in his prayer. Hey, what happened, Sarah asked. Pastor Dan opened his eyes and Joe snapped out of his state of shock as he asked; are you ok Sarah? Yes, but can you tell me how I ended up on the ground? Sarah closed her eyes again and went silent as she remembered everything that had happened to her. Just as quickly she opened them again saying; it was wonderful. What do you mean wonderful, inquired a very concerned Joe.

Joe, I think I have some answers to your dreams. I… Just then they heard the paramedic’s pull around the back of the church. Pastor Dan ran over to direct them to Sarah and before long they were checking Sarah’s vitals to see if she was ok. Sarah insisted she was fine offering up that all she did was close her eyes for a couple minutes to think. One of the paramedic’s looked at Sarah and with a slight smile she added; it looks like you are going to be fine. Everything is stable, but we should take you to the hospital and make sure. Sarah sat up and told them that she was fine. I don’t need to go to the hospital. Are you sure? It really would be good just in case, added Joe. No, I’m fine, replied Sarah with a smile.

The paramedics packed up their things, filled out their report, gave a copy to Sarah and made their way back to their rig and headed back to the fire station. Sarah was sitting back on the bench when Joe looked at her and asked; what really happened Sarah? You started to tell us that you… Sarah interrupted Joe as she jumped in and started tell them what happened.

I am not sure exactly what happened but when the lady walked up, she stopped and started talking to me. She was telling me that the reason behind your dreams was that God wants you to do something for Him, if you are willing. What do you mean a lady walked up, inquired Pastor Dan? Well, both you and Joe were just sitting here when she walked up to me and started to talk to me. But Sarah no one walked up to you, added Joe. Yes she did and you two were just sitting there talking to each other as if you didn’t notice her. Sarah quickly switched back to the conversation with the lady. You remember your dream about how the dinosaur was trying to eat you for dinner and how you found the cave to hide in? Yes, I will never forget that Sarah. Well she knew all about it and it was a safe place for you and… How would she know about it Sarah, Joe interrupted. And she was not even here and… Joe stopped himself when he felt something grab ahold of his thoughts. Joe leaned back against the bench, looked up towards the sky, took a deep breath then turned towards Sarah. Wow was all he could find for words. Pastor Dan just sat silently on his hand made chair trying to take in everything he was hearing. Sarah broke the silence when she added; I have more. She told me that when you were seeing the fire coming out of the ground that you was seeing into the future. That you were seeing that there is good and bad in this world. That the fire represented what we call hell and that people someday will either go to heaven or hell. She told me it is real. She said that you were listening to Jesus talk to that group of people. That is why you felt so comfortable with Him and how He knew your name. That book that had all the names in it is the Book of Life. That is why the people that were not written in it were sent towards the fire in the ground and not allowed to stay. She said those people had their chance to believe in God. But Sarah, one of those people was Carol, interrupted Joe. Yes, that is true and we have to talk to her. We have to talk to everybody we can. That is the key behind your dreams. She said that Carol can be part of it if she wants to. Even Tom and Ann and their little boy are part of the plan. What plans are you talking about Sarah, inquired Joe? I’m not totally sure Joe. She told me we could learn the answers but we need to dig into the Bible to find them.

Sarah, Joe and Pastor Dan went silent as they were trying to grasp what had just happened. The three of them stood up and together they took hands and formed a circle. Joe looked at Pastor Dan and then at Sarah and closed his eyes and began to pray. Dear God, please help me understand, help me find the answers to my dreams, help me to know what you want me to do. Thank you for Sarah. Thank you for Pastor Dan. Thank you for Jesus and everything you have shown me. Thank you for opening my eyes to everything you have to offer. Thank you for never giving up on me. Help me to be a great husband to Sarah. Be with both of us and guide us down the path you are taking us on. I can’t do this without You. Help us talk to our friends and guide our journey. Amen.