24 – Searching for Answers – Joe and Sarah go to Church

How will Joe handle the first time going to church with Sarah? Will the people at church accept him and make him feel comfortable?


Joe jumped out of bed realizing it was already 9:00. Wow, did I sleep last night. The evening’s events and talks began to mentally resurface as he was brewing a fresh cup of Kona coffee. The toast popped up from the toaster and grabbing the raspberry jam from the fridge Joe spread some on the toast and carried them along with his coffee over to the small table next to his favorite chair and sat down. What a night. I can’t believe I told everyone about how I felt about God. And Tom, I still can’t believe he just sat there and said nothing. I expected him to needle me and give me a hard time. And then everyone else that joined in. Even Carol and Sarah met each other and exchanged phone numbers. Oh that might not be all that good for me as Joe’s mind began to recall some of the mischief he and Carol had gotten into when they were dating. Joe told himself to stop worrying about the past as he convinced himself that Carol had made a good friend in Sarah and that was a good thing.

Joe looked over at the clock and realized time was getting away from him again and quickly headed for the shower. After a quick shower he picked out some of his better clothes to wear, got dressed and before long he was at Sarah’s house and they were driving to Sunday morning church together for the first time. Walking in Pastor Dan spotted them and walked over to say hi. Sarah, I see you brought Joe with you. Hi Pastor Dan, it’s nice to see you again, replied Joe. How’s everything been going Joe? Things have been getting better and I think you might be seeing a little more of me. I look forward to it, replied Pastor Dan, but please just call me Dan. You guys going to come tonight when Dr. Bob is here? Wouldn’t miss it, replied Joe with a level of enthusiasm that left no doubt in the Pastor Dan mind that something had changed in Joe. You know I ran into Dr. Bob at the Pub a couple weeks ago and we had a great conversation. I look forward to talking to him again. Well, we better go find a seat. We will see you tonight, right. Pastor Dan smiled saying I wouldn’t miss it. Joe and Sarah made their way towards the middle of the church when Sarah saw her parents. You want to sit with mom and dad. Sounds good to me Joe replied as they made their way over to say hi. You guys have a good time last night? Oh mom, you don’t know the half of it Sarah responded with such enthusiasm it took her mother by surprise. Really, what happened that is so great, quizzed her mom. Well it’s a bit of a long story. We can tell you more at lunch if we are still invited. Of course you are and dad made reservation at that new restaurant you guys went to a few weeks ago. Why don’t we just plan to meet you guys there after church? Sounds great replied Sarah as she look at Joe with a smile that left no question in her mom’s mind that Sarah was falling for Joe.

Joe sat back waiting for the service to begin when he began to recall the first time he had walked in the doors of this church and a chill came over him. Oh come on Joe, you’re happy to be here and you’re with Sarah. But I felt like no one wanted me here before. Is it because I have better clothes on or maybe because I showered before I came that I feel welcomed? Is it because I’m with Sarah? But that shouldn’t be that way. It shouldn’t matter. Maybe it is just my attitude that has changed. Maybe it was all in my mind that I wasn’t welcomed. After all, Sarah told me she came looking for me but I was already gone. Maybe I didn’t give these people a chance and look how nice Sarah’s mom and dad are. I know I wasn’t about to give God a chance at that time but is that the difference? They do have some good music, Joe thought to himself as he smiled at Sarah and took hold of her hand giving it a small squeeze. Wow, my life has really changed began surging through his mind.

Church was just getting started when Joe felt someone behind him tapping on his shoulder. Turning he could see Ann and then he spotted Tom sitting on the other side of her. Joe poked Sarah in the arm and as she turned to see what Joe wanted she saw Ann and Tom sitting right behind them. Looking a little closer she also could see that most everybody that was part of the discussion at the bonfire was sitting there also. She leaned over and whispered into Joe ear; did you see what I see? You mean Tom and Ann, replied Joe? No – I mean everyone from last night. Joe turned his head taking a quick look and couldn’t quite believe his eyes. Then he spotted Carol sitting with Paul just behind the rest of the gang. Joe raised his hand just a little, smiled and gave a small wave at everyone. He turned back around, took hold of Sarah’s hand again, took a big breath of air and just smiled a big grin.

After a couple of songs and a few announcements were made, Pastor Dan stood up and was just about ready to start his message but stopped long enough to say; I see we have some visitors with us today and I want to welcome each of you. Joe smiled to himself as the rest of the gang realized Pastor Dan was speaking to all of them. Pastor Dan began speaking on his topic for the day which fit right in with the topic that Dr. Bob would be covering that evening. It wasn’t so much about evolution and creation as it was about how we need to open our minds and explore topic’s like evolution and creation even if it makes us feel a little uncomfortable. He spoke about how we are all gifted with a mind to think with and how we many times don’t even realize how we allow our mind to be fed with information. How we get stuck in a way of thinking because someone else tell you how you should think. He conclude the service by adding that you should always feel free to question and even challenge things that I speaks about. That is why God gave us the brain and mind to think with. All of Joe and Sarah’s friends really caught hold of the last statement. Pastor Dan sat down, the final words of the closing song was completed, and church was over. Ann and Tom and the rest of the group joined together in the back of the church by the door and was just having small talk when Sarah broke the ice about everyone coming to church. Looking across the group but more directly at Carol, she said it is really nice to see everyone this morning. I really had a great time last night with you guys. Thanks for making me feel so welcome. Carol quickly spoke up saying; it was really nice to meet you also but that had to be one of the more interesting parties I’ve been to in a long time. Everyone smiled and acknowledged that Carol was right. Several others spoke up saying it was a lot of fun and a couple added that they really enjoyed how open everyone was. Joe turned and looked at Tom saying; Hey man, I am really glad you came. Well – you are my best friend and I decided I better check this out if I was going to keep our long standing friendship together. Somebody’s got to keep you straight. But really you should thank Ann just a little. She suggested it. We sat around talking about everything you guy’s told us last night after you guys left and… well let’s just say that Sarah made a lot of good points but the jury is still out on you, Tom said as he started to laugh and others joined in. We all know you can be a bit crazy at times. Ha, ha Tom, was Joe’s reply. So I guess I really do want to know a lot more about what you have learned about evolution and creation and the possibility that God created everything, Tom added after the groups laughter slowed down. Several other joined in saying; we all do. Joe quickly replied by saying; well if you really want to learn more about evolution and creation maybe you guys should come back tonight at 7:00. Sarah and I will be here and they have a guest speaker, Dr. Bob, who I have met more than once and is a great one to ask your questions too and he’s really easy to talk too. I think I will come, Tom quickly added. You going to come with me Ann? I sure am. I got to keep tabs on you buddy. Before long everyone had committed to be there but Carol who spoke up saying I have to work tonight at the Pub. Maybe you could get someone to fill in for you, Paul quickly added. It would be great if you could come. I could pick you and we could come together. I’ll try and give you a call to let you know either way.

The group broke up and Joe and Sarah made their way to the restaurant where her mom and dad were waiting. Let’s order. I’m starving commented Sarah’s dad. They ordered up and before long their meal had arrived. Sarah’s dad looked at Sarah and said; for some reason I feel like we should say grace before our meal today. I think we really should dad, Sarah quickly added. We have so much to be thankful for. I second that Joe chimed in. Sarah’s dad said a short prayer thanking God for their food and added; thanks for Joe and Sarah’s and their special friendship.

Ok, let’s eat. I’m hungry added Sarah’s dad. Ok dad, we get it. You are a little on the hungry side, added Sarah as she smirked at her dad and started to laugh. About halfway through the meal Sarah’s mom spoke up; so what happened last night anyway and who were all those friends that showed up today at church? Oh mom, you aren’t going to believe it. Come on, out with it. I can’t stand this suspense any longer, Sarah’s mom added. Sarah went on to tell the story about the fire and the songs and dancing and how everyone was have a good time. She continued telling her parents about how good Joe was playing the guitar and singing and how she and Ann started singing together like they did while they were in school. Then the topic about God and evolution and creation came up just because Joe told them he need to get me home so we could make it to church this morning. That’s when the discussion got started and before we knew it they all wanted to know more about God and I read them my cheat sheet from my purse and… well let just say several others spoke up about their belief in God. Joe and I finally said we had to go and got up and left as they sat quietly around the last of the fire. We had no idea they would show up at church this morning and now most of them are coming tonight to hear Dr. Bob. Can you believe it? Yes Sarah I can, replied Sarah’s mom. Yes I can. It is amazing how people react when they are just told the truth.

Before long they were done and when Carl went to pay the tab he found that it had already been paid for. The waitress told him the young man at his table had slipped her his credit card and all was taken care of. Carl walked back to the table and looked at June and said; I guess we are special people. Joe bought us lunch when my back was turned. You know Carl you are not a quick as you used to be added June as she grinned a slight smirk and then thanked Joe for lunch. Well you are both special people to me, Joe quickly added. You have made me feel welcome from the first time I met you. You have fed me and most of all you are just really nice. So thank you and oh yes I kind of like your daughter Sarah too if that’s alright. Sarah blushed as she looked at her dad and mom and smiled. Well we like her too added Carl with a chuckle. And I am glad you do, added Sarah. Joe, you are welcome to come and join us anytime. Especially if you are going to pick up the check, Carl added as June poked him in the ribs. Everyone laughed as they made their way to the exit.

Joe and Sarah walked out and just as they got in the car Sarah leaned over and gave Joe a kiss and a hug. You make me so happy Joe. Well you make me very happy too, replied Joe. You are very special Sarah and I want to continue our relationship and make it work. I love you and someday… well let’s just say if we continue and things work out maybe someday we can be like your parents. Still in love with each other! Sarah heard something that scared her a little but at the same time brought about a feeling she knew she wanted to experience with Joe. She looked over at Joe and smiled as she leaned over and gave him another kiss. Joe didn’t need to hear any words. The kiss said it all.

“To be continued”


Where is the relationship between Joe and Sarah headed? How will the gang react to Dr. Bob? Will the gang fall apart after the special meeting on evolution and creation because of the difference of opinions?

23 – Searching for Answers: Is the Party Over

Joe put his arm around Sarah pulling her close. Sarah leaned over and gave him a kiss then they both leaned against the tree and just watched the fire as it sparkled and flashed as it danced above the embers only to be interrupted on occasion by the popping sound as the wood gave way to the fire. Ann leaned over and put her head on Tom’s shoulder and he responded pulling her close as they joined into the trance that a dwindling fire takes you to. Before long everyone had relaxed and only the sound of whispers and the crackling of the fire could be heard. Carol leaned over and put her head on Paul’s shoulder and he responded as he slid a little closer to let Carol know he liked her more than just a little. Carol looked up at him and smiled reassuring him she enjoyed his company. Randy was leaning back on a log he had propped up behind him and Mary leaned back and laid her head on his chest as he softly stroked her hair. At this point everything in the world seemed perfect to Joe as he looked around.

The fire had burned down to a small pile of glowing embers when Sarah looked up at Joe and kissed him on the cheek. Joe looked around and could see that several couples had already left leaving only Tom and Ann, Randy and Mary, and Carol was still sitting with Paul. A few seconds had passed when Joe whispered to Sarah; if we are going to make it to church tomorrow morning we probably should get going. Tom overheard Joe and look over giving him a look of astonishment. Are you really going to church in the morning Joe? Ann poked Tom in the ribs telling him to leave Joe alone. If he wants to go to church with Sarah it is his business. I like to go every once in a while. What’s the big deal anyway? I’ll tell you the big deal. When church enters in, the party stops, replied Tom. Oh come on Tom, replied Sarah. I go to church and I am at this party. Are you going to tell me I didn’t have a good time tonight? Well no, blurted Tom. Mary could hear the discussion and added, yah Tom what is wrong with going to church anyway? Well you told us that you only went to keep your parents off your back didn’t you, retaliated Tom. Yes, but I do enjoy it from time to time and maybe if you would go someday, you would find out what it is all about instead of picking on the people that go when you really have no idea why they go, Mary added. Yah Tom, what do you think it is all about anyway, Sarah added? Maybe you should come along and find out. Yah, right, don’t think so, Tom replied as silence overtook the group again.

Tom sat silently staring into the glowing embers for a few minutes. Joe could feel that Tom was getting ready to add something to the conversation when Tom looked right at Joe and asked; so what is this all about anyway Joe? You seem to be changing your opinion on lots of things lately. Joe’s mind took a spin as he was not ready for this kind of question from Tom. After a few seconds passed he offered up; well it’s a long story Tom. Well try me so I can have good reason to pick on people that go to church, retaliated Tom with a snicker on his face. Joe sat still for a few moments trying to find the words to express what was on his mind when Sarah looked at him and said; just tell them everything that has happened. It’s the truth and what can be wrong with telling the truth.

We it’s like this Tom. You already know part of the story. About the dreams and how nothing was making sense to me, right? Yes, I guess I do. Everyone was listening and wondering what dreams except for Ann, Tom and Sarah. What dreams are you talking about, inquired Mary? Carol’s ears were focused on Joe. She knew him from the past and never had seen this side of him. That would take too long to explain but let’s just say they messed with my sleep and they had to do with evolution and creation. One side was always fighting the other. It wasn’t people arguing with people, it was more personal than that. There would be a dinosaur chasing me and just as I was about to become his meal, I would be in this beautiful place. He left out the part about Sarah always being someplace in his dreams. Well what side won the battle Tom asked? Joe sat still as he searched for the words he needed. Sarah whispered in his ear; just ask God for the words and they will come. Joe smiled at Sarah and quietly looked up saying please help me God under his breath.

Ok this is it. I believe that we were all created and that evolution is not how it all began. I can go into details on this but it will take all night so that won’t happen right now. I would be happy to tell anyone the whole story another time if anyone wants to hear it. What I can tell you is that I believe that God exist and that he was the creator of everything. I finally made a decision to accept this and asked God into my life. So yes I am now a believer and a Christian. Sarah smiled at Joe and added, so am I. Ann add I am also. I know that I am not always doing the right things, but I do believe in God. Mary spoke up saying that I think I am but I am not sure anymore. Carol looked at Paul and smiled as she secretly wondered what he was thinking when she added; so how do you become a follower Joe? What is so great about becoming a Christian? Is there some mystery to it? No, I don’t think so. I just made a decision and kind of prayed and told God I believed in him and asked Him into my life. What about you Sarah, Carol added? Can you explain this better than Joe?

Tom sat silently taking this all in. Ann put her head on his shoulder and smiled as he looked at her and said; you never told me you were a Christian. No, I guess it never came up, replied Ann. But I am. Does that change your mind about me? No, you know it won’t Ann. Sarah opened her purse and said; I am not very good at this Carol, but I do have what I call my cheat sheet. I have never used it before but I will read it to you if you want to hear it. Carol quickly replied that she wanted to hear it and Paul quickly said, so do I. Come on Sarah, added Tom. Tell us what you have written down. Ok, hear it goes.

  • First: God loves each of us and has a plan for each of us if we want it and you can find this in the Bible in John 3:16 and John 10:10.
  • Second: We are all born and given freedom to choose to do good or bad. The bible calls it to sin or not to sin. We are separated from God and will never receive God’s love and plan for us until we accept God for who he is which is in Romans 3:23.

I think this is one of the most important things to learn. We all have choices to make in our lives. And who would want it any other way. Who would want someone telling them every move they should make. What kind of a god would God be if he mandated every move we make? So giving us freedom to choose is a big deal. It’s just that some people choose to do bad things.

  • Third: Jesus Christ is God’s provision to know the truth and He provides a way to get rid of our wrong doings once and for all. He died for each of us so we would have a chance, but is up to each of us to decide. Romans 5:8
  • Forth: Each of us must make a decision ourselves to accept this gift from God and receive Jesus Christ into our hearts. Then we will know and experience God plan and his love for each of us. John 1:12

It is simple but hard at the same time Joe added in. We are told over and over again in school the opposite is true. That we evolved from some big bang. But in the end what really happened. I learned that it takes faith to believe in evolution and it takes faith to believe in God. I made a decision to place my faith in God and Jesus Christ. It was my decision alone. No one force me to do it and I can tell you that once I did, I felt great about it. My dreams are gone, and I look forward to the rest of my life. Sarah squeezed Joe hand to let him know she was with him all the way. Well that is the reader’s digest version of my story. Mary sat on the other side of the fire with tears rolling down her face as Randy held her hand and gave her a hug. Carol was looking down at the ground and Paul just held her tight as they both were mulling around what they just heard. Ann looked at Tom and said; I am sorry that I have never told you how I felt about God. Sounds like something I better investigate Tom replied. Will you help me? You know I will Tom, Ann said as she kissed him on the cheek. Carol looked up and said is it really that simple Sarah? It really is Carol. I would be happy to talk with you anytime. I will give you my number. Just give me a call. Joe and Sarah stood up and told everyone good-by giving some a hug as they made their way to the car.

Before long they were on their way to Sarah’s house. They both just sat quietly thinking about what just happened. Neither of them knew just what to say but at this point no words were required. They pulled up in front of Sarah’s house and just sat quiet for a few seconds when Joe looked at Sarah and said I couldn’t have done that without you Sarah. You know what Joe? I couldn’t have said all that in front of your friend if I wasn’t with you either. But, I think it had a lot more to do with God being there for both of us. Yes, you are probably right. It’s just that you are the one that has stood by me all this time and I want you to know how much it means to me. They got out of the car and walked towards Sarah’s front door. Holding hands as they walked, the electricity was flowing with such force that they didn’t even make the steps when Joe pulled Sarah close and they embraced sharing the love that was growing between them. Sarah noticed that a light was on in the kitchen and said maybe we better cool it a little. Maybe my parents are still up and… I know Joe said. I really like your parents and they are also one of the reasons I love you so much. Joe opened the door and Sarah walked in and gave Joe one last goodnight kiss. Joe turned and stopped and said, what time can I pick you up in the morning? How about 10:40. That will give us enough time. Don’t forget about lunch with my parents.

Joe walked to his car and before long he was lying in bed thinking about the events of the evening as he slipped off into a well needed sleep.

22 – Searching for Answers – The Bonfire

How will Sarah handle all of Joe’s friends and her first party hanging out with them? Does Tom have anything special planned to spice things up a little?


Joe drove up to Sarah’s place and quickly headed to the front door. Just as he was about to ring the doorbell, the door quickly opened and it was Sarah’s mom. Hi Joe, Sarah’s heard you drive up and is not quite ready and asked me to have you come in for a couple minutes. She said it wouldn’t be long. She was a little late getting home from work today. No biggie replied Joe. We are not on any type of time schedule. It’s not like we had to have a reservation for a bonfire. June laughed as she smiled at Joe. You have a great sense of humor Joe. I like that. It is what makes life fun. Too many people get all serious and loose what this life is really meant to be about. God wanted us to have fun and enjoy what he created not be some stick in the mud. Just then Sarah walked around the corner. Well you two have fun, Sarah’s mom added as she turned to make her way towards the kitchen. We will mom. I won’t be too late. I plan to go to church in the morning. Hey Joe, are you still coming with me? Sure am. That’s great, replied June. Hey, I was planning to get your dad to take me out to lunch after the service. You guys want to join us? What do you think Joe, Sarah added as she smiled at Joe? Sounds like a winner to me as he took Sarah’s hand in his. Oh super, June replied with a sound of approval on her voice. I will tell dad to make a reservation for four so we don’t have to wait too long. You know how those Sunday after church crowds can be. Yes mom, Sarah replied as she smiled at Joe with a raised eyebrow. See you later if you’re still up. Ha, ha Sarah. You two have fun, replied June as she turned and walked back into the kitchen with a smile on her face telling herself how nice it is to see Sarah so happy. Joe must be good for that girl.

Joe and Sarah made their way to the car and found themselves standing next to the passenger’s door when Joe pulled Sarah up close and gave her a kiss which didn’t just last a couple seconds. Sarah responded with a huge hug as she kissed him back. I hope your mom and dad know how much I like you Joe added once the passion of their kiss slowed down. I think they already know Joe. Joe opened the door and Sarah climbed in and before long they were on their way to the location where the party was already underway having small talk about the day as they drove along.

Joe pulled into an open spot off to the side of the other vehicles and shut the engine off when Sarah said; wow, there are quite a few cars here. I hope I know somebody else or you are going to have to hang with me all night. Well I know Ann will be here and you know Tom, so you will know at least three of us. But beware of Tom. You just never know what he will say especially after he has loosened up a little. He just loves to start something or just make some off the cuff comment just to keep the party interesting. He really is a nice guy and I have always got along with him. I would call him one of my best friends. He would give you the shirt off his back if you needed it. Joe opened his door and reached over the seat and grabbed his guitar. Sarah latched onto the cooler with pop and beer in it and they made their way to the bonfire. I see they saved me my favorite tree to set next to, Joe told Sarah as he smiled to himself. Joe walked Sarah over to his favorite spot and had Sarah set next to the tree so she could use the trunk as a backrest as he would normally do. Oh I see what’s going on here Joe, Tom piped in. This must be serious if you are going to give up your special tree trunk to Sarah he continued as he pointed his finger waving it back and forth between Joe and Sarah. Yup, you got it Tom, responded Joe as he sat down on the log next to Sarah. We are very much together added Joe as Sarah looked at him with a surprised look on her face but also a smile of approval that everyone  could see. Joe looked around to see who all has showed up as he began to play a few note on his guitar making sure it was tuned correctly. Only a few seconds had passed when he noticed Carol sitting on the other side of the fire. Oh boy. I didn’t see this coming. Worry and concern started to rattle through his mind when he looked over at Tom just to see him smiling like he was the one that invited her. Joe started playing and a couple other guys joined in as the music began to add additional life to the flickering flames of the bonfire in front of them. The first song had lead into a second when Joe leaned over to Sarah and said guess who’s here? A lot of people I don’t know are here I can tell you that, responded Sarah. See the girl with the pink scarf as Joe motioned with his head. I think so. You mean the girl on the other side of the fire, questioned Sarah? Yes – well that is Carol. The “Carol”, Sarah whispered in his ear? Did you talk to her yet? No! Well she should know by now since you just announced to everybody that you and I were together and not just as a date. Well – one way or another she was going to find out about you, commented Joe as he picked up the pace of the song and rolled right into another one. Several of the girls stood up and started dancing around the fire. It was only a short time when several guys joined in after a little prodding by the girls. Others just relaxed and watched the flames dance in spectacular colors as they bounced off the logs and swirled in the air. The others were still playing their guitars when Joe stopped long enough to lay his down and ask Sarah if she would like a beer or a soda as he leaned over to open the cooler. A beer sound good right now replied Sarah. Joe fished out two beers handing one to Sarah.

Ann was sitting a little off to the left of Sarah and smiled as she waved when Sarah reach over to take the beer from Joe’s hand. Hi Ann. Joe told me you would be here. Do you know everybody here? Yes, most of them are friends we hang out with everyone once in a while, replied Ann. They are all a lot of fun and you will fit right in. If you can get along with Tom who is the biggest pain here, you will like everyone else, Ann said with a big smirk on her face. Oh come on Ann, replied Tom with a big grin. Me! You know you love me for it. You really think so Ann fired back. Well, I guess maybe sometimes I do. You do keep a party lively. You can say that again added Joe. Joe picked up his guitar again and the music continued for the next hour as the three players exchanged song ideas and those that knew the words to the songs sang along. Sarah was having a good time singing the songs she knew when Joe leaned over saying; wow, you have a great voice. Where did you learn to sing like that? You shouldn’t hide something that sounds as good as that. Well thank you Joe replied Sarah with a slight blush on her face not knowing how to reply to the compliment. I guess I did sing in choir at school and I still sing in the choir at church. I have actually liked to sing since I was a little girl. Ann overheard Sarah and Joe’s conversation and came over and sat down striking up a conversation about old times singing in the choir at school and the couple times they sang in church together. They started following along with the next song and before long were harmonizing taking the song to a new level, something that also surprised Tom. He just never realized Ann could sing that good either. Before long everyone was joining in, even those that couldn’t carry a tune if their life depended on it. Everyone was laughing and having a good time as the fire started to dwindle down. Joe leaned over to Sarah and said; I need to visit the rest room. I will be right back.

As Joe got up and walked away, Carol could finally see her opportunity to introduce herself to Sarah and find out just what’s really going on between the two of them. Walking around the fire she approached Sarah and sat right down in Joe’s spot, looked right at her and said hi, I’m Carol. I don’t think we have ever met. Well hi, I’m Sarah and no I don’t think we have. But it is nice to finally meet you. So you do know who I am, quickly replied Carol. Well Joe pointed you out and told me a little about how you two dated in the past. All good things I hope, replied Carol. He just said you guys dated for quite a while until you moved away. That’s true replied Carol. I take it that you two are an item now? Yah, we have been dating for the last couple months, replied Sarah as she offered up a smile that should have let Carol know she really liked Joe and that they were more than just ships passing in the night. Too bad for me I guess. Joe probably told you I was trying to get together with him again, added Carol, fishing to see if Sarah was totally interested in only Joe. Yes he did and he told me he was going to talk to you about us. He just hadn’t had a chance yet, Sarah responded with a look that should have sent a message to Carol that it was hands off Joe. Carol still wanting to check for any possibility that Sarah and Joe were just really good friends offered up; I was hoping Joe was unattached and that maybe we could get back together. But now I can see you two are a little bit attached. I think he was trying to tell me that the other night but I was not hearing what he was saying. Sorry if I caused any issue between you two. You know how guys can be though. A little wishy washy! Yes, you can say that again, Sarah added. Tom had been listening in on the conversation between Carol and Sarah and quickly replied with an; oh come on girls, guys aren’t like that. They sure are replied Sarah. Sarah, it was nice to meet you and you got yourself a real nice guy Carol added with a smile that let Sarah know any pursuit of Joe by Carol was over. Carol stood up and looked again at Sarah and added; if he treats you as nice as he did me you will be very happy. Joe walked out from around the corner and could see Carol standing next to Sarah and all he could think about was; oh boy, this night just went down hill. What is she up too? As Joe walked over to Sarah, Carol moved to the side making room for Joe to sit back down. Hi Carol, Joe responded as he looked down to the side to see Sarah looking directly at him with a smile. I see you met Sarah. Yes I did Joe and why didn’t you just tell me right out that you had a girlfriend? She is really nice and… well I like her and you better be good to her. Joe stood silent not knowing what to say. Carol just turned and started walking back to her seat next to Paul on the other side of the fire.

Hey, didn’t you and Joe date a couple years ago Paul asked Carol after she sat back down next to him? Yes we did, replied Carol. When I moved away I wanted a little freedom so I broke it off. I made a mistake I think. He is really a nice guy. Hey, what am I? Just a… oh stop replied Carol. I like you just as you are and I’ll bet you are as nice as anybody here once I get to know you. Paul smiled to himself thinking he would never have a shot with somebody as good looking as Carol. I try replied Paul. Carol smiled and gave Paul a peck on the cheek and no more reply was needed.

Tom looked over at Joe and smiled saying; guess that problem is gone. No thanks to you Joe replied. Ann hit Tom in the arm and Sarah laughed a little thinking back to what Joe told her. Hey Tom, sometimes things don’t turn out like you plan them Sarah said as she laughed at him? Ok, I guess I had that one coming, replied Tom as he grinned back at Sarah. Everyone broke out into a laugh and Sarah added, Tom I still like you and anyway I don’t have a choice if you are one of Joe’s friends. Ha, ha and that’s not going to end Sarah. We have been friends forever. We were neighbors while we were growing up and most of what Joe knows came from me. Well we can tell that none of his music talent ever rubbed off on you Tom! Wow, you’ve got quite the wit about you, don’t you Sarah? I try Tom. Joe just sat quietly listening and think how much he liked Sarah and how easily she handled Tom. I think Tom has met his match don’t you think Joe volleyed across to Ann? I think so Joe.

“To be continued”


Stop trying to do God’s job

Stop trying to do God’s job

Chris has told this so very well and hit’s the nail on the head. I trust you will enjoy it as much as I.

Chris Martin Writes

I want to apologize up front if this post comes across a little stronger than usual. Time is short. People are dying. As a Church, we need to take a long, hard look into the mirror, and figure out real quick-like how we are representing the word, Christian.

It’s not our job to change people. Let’s start with that.

We sow seeds. Sometimes, we get the amazing opportunity to water those seeds. God brings the increase. God, through the transforming work of the Holy Spirit, brings conviction into people’s hearts. He brings change.

We’ve got to stop thinking everyone is wrong if they don’t believe exactly as we do. To put it quite simply…that doesn’t matter at all.

We need to stop debating with atheists, agnostics, and Mormons. We need to stop boycotting every single business that supports gay marriage. We need to stop pointing out everyone’s faults.

And we…

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21 – Searching for Answers – Can Love Blossom

Where will Joe and Sarah take their relationship now that Joe has some answers and made his decisions on evolution, creation and God? Will Carol mess up the works and send Joe tumbling backwards putting tension between them?


Joe and Tom split the bill throwing enough cash on the bar to pay the tab along with the tip and Tom added enough extra while Joe wasn’t looking to make Carol smile when she counted it. Keep the change Carol. See you next time Tom said with a smile and a raised voice making sure she heard him. Carol smiled back but was looking straight at Joe and said I hope so and quickly adding; call me when you get a chance. Joe just smiled as he turned and walked to the exit. Walking out the back exit they headed to their cars. See you later Joe. And Joe, you better be careful or Carol just might have other ideas for you. Oh come on Tom. That is just not going to happen. Tom chuckled out loud as he opened the door to his car. We’ll see Joe, we’ll see. My money is on Carol.

 Joe jumped into his car, fired it up and turned left on to the street and headed back to his place when his phone rang. He left it lay next to him on the seat not answering it but could see it was Sarah. A few seconds later he could see she had left a message which would wait until he made it to his place. Joe hung a right and before long he was walking into his apartment. He quickly opened his phone, hit voice mail and heard Sarah say; hi Joe, just wanted to give you a call and see how your day was. Call if you have a minute. Nothing important, just wanted to say hi. Talk to you later. Still thinking about everything that happened during the day and how Tom was egging him on and then there was Carol flirting with him, too much to process right now Joe told himself. Heading over to his favorite chair he sat down and closed his eyes just to rest his eyelids and possibly shut down his mind enough that he just might be able to get some sleep. After some time had passed he began to relax, so he headed to bed and before long he was sleeping like a baby.

The alarm began to ring and Joe quickly rolled over and hit the snooze button. I just got in bed. Why is this alarm ringing already he asked himself subconsciously? Glancing at the clock he could see it was telling him it was 6:00am. It can’t be. Maybe this should be another hooky day. No – I better get up and head to work before the boss gets upset with me. Rolling back over he forced himself out of bed and headed for the shower.

Before long he was in the parking lot and walking in the door. Tom was a little bit early and was already sitting on a chair in the area they both worked. Good morning my man, Tom blurted out. It would be if it was Saturday and I could have slept in Joe said as he rubbed his eyes. What’s making you so smiley this morning? I had fun last night watching you try to ignore Carol and all the flirting she was doing with you. Oh yah, picking up right where you left off last night. I already told you that Sarah….. Ok let’s just drop it Tom. I am tired and don’t want to play this game right now. Sorry, just having some fun Joe. What else is there in this craze life if we can’t have fun? Yah, that’s true, replied Joe. Tom chucked as they both strapped on their tools. A few seconds later the buzzer sounded, hammers started making noise and the workday was in progress none too quick for Joe.

Joe was working along when his mind went back to what Carol had said about giving her a call. Should I call her, should I tell Sarah about her first or should I just leave it alone he asked himself? I really need Carol to get the message that I am not interested and I sure don’t want to screw up anything with Sarah. Maybe I should start with the most important person first. Sarah.

The buzzer sounded and it was break time so Joe headed to the door and quickly opened his phone and hit the speed dial to Sarah. Sarah picked right up startling Joe. Hi Sarah, I’m surprised you were able to answer. I’m on break for just a couple of minutes and was going to leave you a voice mail. Do you have a minute right now? Sure Sarah replied, but let me close the door first. Joe could hear the door close and then Sarah said; what’s up? Well I…. I really need to see you today sometime if I can. I need to tell you about what happened last night. Remember I told you my old girlfriend was back in town? What did you do Joe? I didn’t do anything Sarah. I just want to talk to you first before I do anything. What do you mean, before you do anything? You told me it was history and I believed you, Sarah blurted out. Well that is just the problem. She doesn’t get it. I guess I need to tell her about you and… well I think you know what I have to do Sarah. No, I don’t know Joe. History is history. Yes it is and it sounds like you are taking this wrong Sarah. All I wanted to do was ask if we could get together tonight. I want to tell you the whole story. Could I come over and see you after we are out of work later this afternoon? Sure, but why don’t you come over around 7:00 tonight? I should be home by that time. Ok. See you at 7:00 and don’t worry about anything, Joe added. Joe flipped his phone closed and walked back inside shaking his head saying; Women!

 Sarah hung-up and sat back in her chair thinking about what she had just heard. Men, they drive me crazy. I think we just had our first fight? It’s too early in our relationship to be having any kind of fight. No, that was not a fight. Anyway, what is this Carol up too? No good by the sounds of it. Well I know one thing for sure. If Joe and I are going to have a future he will need to deal with this and show me I am important or it is just never going to work. Come on Sarah, you know Joe loves you. He told you he did and he just made a commitment to God and has found answers to a lot of his questions and you are worried about some old girlfriend? Get your act together girl!

It wasn’t long before Joe was driving up in front of Sarah place. He jumped out and was making his way towards the front door when he heard Sarah. Sarah had seen him drive up and heard him close his car door and shouted; I am out back Joe. Heading around the corner of the house he could see Sarah sitting in a lounge chair next to the table under the tree in the back corner. Opening the gate he waved as he walked on back. Oh this is not good Joe muttered to himself as he made his way towards Sarah. Something is wrong. Joe walked up to Sarah who remained in her chair and bend down expecting to give her a kiss when she gently turned her head so Joe kissed her cheek instead. Joe’s head was spinning with thoughts. Man, Carol has already screwed things up and she didn’t even have to try very hard. That is one of the things I disliked about her when we were dating steady a year ago.

Joe sat down next to Sarah, looked over at her and started to say; Sarah you know I love you and I am sorry if you have misunderstood any of this. I should have talked to you last week about Carol. Sarah jumped in saying Joe, Carol should have been history and that is why I never worried about her. But now it sounds like she is not. Well she is Sarah. I meant what I said. I just need to make her aware of it and she just doesn’t take a hint very well. That is what I wanted to talk to you about. So how am I supposed to help you with this anyway spouted out Sarah. Well you really can’t. I just wanted you to know that I was… that I need to go and talk to Carol and wanted you to know I was. I don’t want anything between us Sarah. I want this to work and for that to happen we need to be open with each other. Sarah turned her head and had a slight smile on her face. I’m sorry Joe. I am not very good with all this. I was hurt by a guy a couple of years ago who let an old girlfriend back in his life and… Stop Sarah, there is no old girlfriend coming back into my life.

They sat quietly for what seemed like minutes and was really only a few seconds when Sarah got up and stepped over towards Joe holding her hand out. Joe stood up and taking hold of her he pulled her close and kissed her on the neck and whispered I really love you Sarah. She turned her head slightly and then they were face to face as their lips came together and they held each other close. Sarah pulled back just enough to reply, I love you too Joe and I am sorry for being defensive. I understand that you need to take care of this thing with Carol and I will help any way I can. Just your understanding is all I need Sarah. I do, replied Sarah as she kissed him again.

Just then they heard the back door open and Sarah’s mom shout out; hey you two, we have pizza if you guy’s would like to join us. Sarah looked at Joe and said have you eaten yet? Yes, but there is always a little room for pizza. They started walking towards the back door when Joe took Sarah’s hand and said; Tom is having a party Saturday night and he is putting pressure on me to come, bring my guitar and he invited you also. Tom is bringing Ann and I am sure there will be several couples there. Will you go with me? Just then the door swung open as Sarah’s dad walked out. I need to get a couple of beers from the patio fridge. Do you two want anything? Yah, get me a coke but Joe may like one of your beers. What would you like Joe. Do you have an IPA? I will bring one in for you.

The four of them sat around the table talking about their day at work, telling jokes and stories, eating pizza and laughing a lot. Joe felt very comfortable around Sarah’s parents. They made him feel very welcome in their home as if they had known him all their lives. They had just polished off the remaining pizza and were shooting the breeze when Joe checked his watch and realized just how late it really was. As much fun as I am having, I really better get going so I can make it to work tomorrow morning. It was really nice of you to invite me in and I had a really nice time and thanks for the beer and pizza. In just a couple of minutes Sarah and Joe found themselves standing outside the front door trying to say good-by, when Sarah looked at Joe and said; I want to go with you Saturday night. What time does the party start? I will pick you up around 7:30 if that’s alright. But I can’t stay out too late. Remember we have that meeting the next evening with Dr. Bob and I want to go to church Sunday morning. Hey, you want to come with me Sunday morning? You are still planning to go to the meeting Sunday night with me to listen to Dr. Bob aren’t you? Joe stood quiet for a couple seconds and finally said; sure, why not. I’ll plan to go to both with you. We can talk about it a little more Saturday night. Sarah took Joe’s hand as she began walking him to his car. Joe opened his door as he was getting ready to leave when Sarah put her arm around his neck and gave him a kiss that made his head spin. See you Saturday night around 7:30. It will be a campfire so don’t get dressed up Joe added. Ok replied Sarah as she made her way back towards the house. Joe slid in his car, closed the door, fired it up and looked over just in time to see Sarah wave good-by as she walked in the house.

“To be continued”


As the love grows between Joe and Sarah will Carol get the message? How will Sarah handle Joe’s friends? Will the party be a lot of fun or will Tom stir things up just a little? How will Joe tell Carol that he is not interested?