20 – Searching for Answers – Influences of Others

Where is Joe’s head at? He admitted he is falling in love with Sarah but will Carol disrupt his feelings? Will his decisions stop all the dreams? What will Sarah’s reaction be the next time they are together?


Joe’s head was still spinning as he leaned back against his pillow. All he could think about was how he had just placed his faith in God and that he told Sarah he loved her and she had told him the same. I am ready to move on. I feel great! Life is changing and I am ready. No one will ever again make me doubt myself and the things I have decided to place my faith in.

Joe continued thinking about Sarah and could hear the words “I love you to Joe” bouncing softly around his mind as if she was still on the phone with him when his alarm went off. Jumping out of bed he headed for the shower and before he knew it he was driving into the parking lot at work just at the same time Tom arrived and pulling up alongside of him. As they made their way toward the entrance, Tom stopped. Hey, where did you go yesterday? I saw you pull a U-turn just down the street. Well I had something come up and I needed to get it resolved. So I called in and took a personal day. What’s the matter, you couldn’t get through the day without me, Joe said with a loud laugh. Ha, ha replied Tom. I just never see you miss work. You are the one who is always here. Well let’s just say, I am really glad I took the day off replied Joe as they punch the clock and made their way into the shop.

   It’s wasn’t long and the buzzer went off for break. Joe grabbed his thermos and was pouring himself a cup of coffee when Tom walked over and sat down with a Coke in hand and quickly said; so tell me what has made you so happy today. What happen yesterday that put you in such a good mood? It must be good! Well, I am not sure you would understand Tom. Try me, Tom responded with a smirk on his face. Hey, did you and Sarah get together and… No Tom, Sarah and I are not doing that Joe quickly barked out with a disgusted look on his face. Ok, but you did see Sarah again. You played hooky from work to hang out with Sarah didn’t you? You’ve got it wrong Tom. Just as Tom was ready to ask what was so all powered important to miss work over the buzzer sounded saving Joe from any further explanation.

Before long it was noon and Joe headed outside just to avoid Tom and escape all the questions. As he walked around he began to realize that his life was taking a turn that he was not sure he was ready for. I feel really good about my decision to place my faith in God and I really do love Sarah. So what is my problem? I really thought all my issues with life would just go away. Come on God, I need a little more help here Joe said to himself. Joe walked over and sat down by a big tree and started talking to God like he had the night before. Just what am I going to do now? I believe in you and want to be able to tell people that I do. You know me God. I’m generally willing to tell people what is on my mind. I want to tell them about everything I have uncovered while I was trying to understand all this. I just don’t know how I am going to do it. What will I say and how will I say it? So many of my friends still think and believe like I did before You help me figure these things out. They don’t even give You a second thought. Just then Joe heard a voice and looked up to see a stranger looking at him. Hey man, you know you are talking to yourself don’t you. No I am not responded Joe with a startled look on his face. Looking around the stranger replied; then just who were you talking to then? I guess I was talking to God Joe responded. Not believing he just said that, he looked up at the stranger to see his reaction which totally surprised him. I understand was the strangers reply. I talk to him too. I love it when He talks back to me. It’s not always with words, but I always know when He is trying to tell me something. Well I will leave you to your talks and you might want to try not moving your lips or letting out sounds unless you are some place private. Somebody might think you’re a little nuts. Remember, God always knows what you need. The problem is we don’t always listen very well. We let our personal desires, our own thoughts and decisions run our life. So remember to talk to Him and you can talk to Him without speaking out loud and He can hear you just fine. He is always there to help you when you need Him if you just take a moment and let Him. Thanks, I will remember that Joe responded as he started to get up to head back to the shop. Joe took a couple of steps and stopped, turning around he said what is your name just as the stranger vanished around the corner of the building. Joe quickly ran to the corner of the building but the stranger was nowhere to be found.

Joe stood still and shook his head in disbelief at how fast the stranger disappeared, then turned around and headed back to the shop. The rest of the day went by quickly and before long he was headed to his car when Tom walked up behind him saying; so let go grab a beer and you can tell me the rest of the story. Joe could still hear the words of the stranger tell him that God would help him so he agreed and they headed to the Pub to talk.

They walked in and found a table off to the side and had just sat down when Carol walked up with a big smile. Hi Joe as she brushed up against him. Did you get my note last night? Tom look at Joe and his mind was off to the races. Yah, I got it. There is something we need to talk about Carol, so we should catch up and I can tell you about things. Sounds like some things have changed in your life Carol replied with a big smile. Let me know when we can get together. In the meantime, what can I get you guys? How about a couple of those IPA’s you have on special replied Tom. Sure thing as she again smiled at Joe brushing his shoulder with her hand as she turned and headed back to fill their order. Tom looked at Joe with a big grin and a chuckle saying; I think she still likes you my man. You little devil you. You better be careful playing two girls at one time. I don’t think you are man enough to handle that. No, no, no replied Joe! It is not like that. I think Carol would like to see if we still have something left, but I don’t. We had a good time when we hung out together, but I never felt like she was the real deal for me. Actually I don’t think she ever felt we would become a permanent item either. Sarah’s my girl and I’m not going to do anything to mess that up. Ok, now you got my attention Joe. What is it about Sarah that is so different anyway. Sure she is cute, ok really cute, but she is also one of those religious types. Are you sure you want to go down that road? Well Tom, she has helped me with a lot of things I have been struggling with. You already know about my dreams that just won’t go away. Talk about real. They are so real I wake up and remember every detail. Sarah has been helping me do a lot of research on the topic of evolution and creation to try to find some answers. The problem was that part of me wanted to find an answer and the other half just wanted the dreams to quit so I could move on with life. But, the deeper we dug, the more real things became. This is the reason I called out yesterday. Oh boy Joe, you really are messed up with this aren’t you? Not anymore Tom. Not anymore. So what is it that has settled your mind, or better yet what have you finally determined the answers are, Tom inquired as he looked at Joe with a bewildered look on his face?

Joe sat silent in his chair as he pondered the question from Tom. How am I going to answer this? He is going to think I am a nut case. He will think I have become some radical believer in God. He will think I am history as a friend. He will never want to hang out with me again. He will tell all our friend that I have turned to the other side. He will make fun of me around other people like he does when he knows someone is a Christian. Tom has a big mouth and loves to joke around and sometimes he get carried away even when he doesn’t mean too. Oh I need some help God. How am I going to handle this?

Ok Joe, out with it. Just as Joe was about to attempt an answer, Carol showed up with their drinks. Hey guys, I thought you looked like you need a little nourishment after a hard day at work so I brought you a small order of hot wings – on the house of course as she smiled at Joe. Wouldn’t want you to waste away to nothing. Wow, thanks Carol Tom replied jolting Joe back to life with the reply; yah thanks Carol. That’s really nice of you. But you didn’t have to and we will pay for them. Tom sat looking at Joe thinking free wings and you want to pay for them. No, my treat as she walked over and put her hand on Joe’s sending him a signal that no one could misinterpret.

   Joe picked up his beer and took a long hard swallow. Sitting it back down he picked up a wing and started to eat it when Tom offered up the comment; you got some problems ahead of you my friend. Not sure how you are going to handle them. Joe just sat quietly continuing to eat the wings and slowly drinking his beer. How can all these things be happening to me all at one time? Why me? Why can’t life just be simple? Go to work, have a girlfriend, go out with friends and just have some fun? Joe jumped when Tom said; hey man where are you anyway? You still alive? You’re sitting there looking like something I never want to become. I got just the solution. You need a night out on the town. How about you get Sarah and I will get Ann and we can go out this weekend and do dinner, have a few drinks, and maybe some dancing at the club. Better yet, maybe we should get the gang together and go out to our favorite camping spot and just have a good old party? Yah, that sound like fun Tom, Joe responded before he realized what he had just agreed to. Ok, it’s a done deal. I will send out a text and let everyone know. You and Sarah show up and I will bring the drinks, my treat. Joe sat back when it hit him that he had just committed Sarah to a party that he didn’t even know if she would go to. Of course I need to check with Sarah to see if she is free Saturday night before I am sure we will come Tom quickly added. Well Joe, I am going to have the party one way or the other. So do what you need to do and I hope you two will come.

“To be continued”


How is Joe going to handle this? What about Sarah? Will she go to this party with him? Will Carol show up now that she is back in town? Will Tom get a little carried away and decide to have some fun with Joe and bring up some of the things he has told him? 

Come up heads 10 quintillion times in a row. Really?

The mind is such a valuable asset we each have. It ability to grasp the true nature of life, not to be swayed by someones individual agenda to prove the unprovable, lies within each of us. While some will choose to accept a given theory as proof based on a need for personal comfort and desires, some will challenge man’s desire to discredit creation when all odds point in the direction of creation. What is it that makes man take a positions that in the end has all the odds stacked against it? Why do our sciences try so hard to prove there is no God, no Creator, that this universe just happened? When instead they could use the idea of God and that all was created to set the foundation for science. To have a desire to understand how it works is the same in either case. If we were created, we have meaning. If we just happened then maybe we don’t. Thoughts to ponder don’t you think!

Live & Learn


I so was fascinated by this opinion piece in yesterday’s paper that I have shared all but a few sentences from the article by Eric Metaxas, Science Increasingly Makes the Case for God:

In 1966 Time magazine ran a cover story asking: Is God Dead? Many have accepted the cultural narrative that he’s obsolete—that as science progresses, there is less need for a “God” to explain the universe. Yet it turns out that the rumors of God’s death were premature. More amazing is that the relatively recent case for his existence comes from a surprising place—science itself.

Here’s the story: The same year Time featured the now-famous headline, the astronomer Carl Sagan announced that there were two important criteria for a planet to support life: The right kind of star, and a planet the right distance from that star. Given the roughly octillion—1 followed by 24 zeros—planets in the universe…

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19 – Searching for Answers – An Eventful Night

Can Joe finally wrap his head around everything that has happened? What will some of his friends think? Could Sarah be that special person that everyone always dreams they will find? 


Joe headed back to his place with his head in the clouds thinking about how much he liked Sarah and how nice her parents were. What more could anybody ever want in a girlfriend. Wow, I just officially called her my girlfriend. Maybe it’s even more than that. I think I have completely fallen head over heals in love with her. Stop – stop – stop, get a grip. You don’t stand a chance long-term. Yes I do. You don’t get those feelings if there isn’t something special happening on both sides. I know she likes me or she would not make me feel craze when I am with her, sending my head spinning when she kisses me, hugs me or just holds my hand. But remember that thing about having a belief the same as hers. I am not going to change my belief just for Sarah. Besides she told me that it has to be something I do on my own. But in the end I will lose her if I……. Ok this is crazy. I am talking to myself then answering myself and solving nothing.

Joe pulled into his place and made his way to the door and notice a note slid in between the door and the weather-stripping. Turning the key with one hand he grab the note and walked inside, laid them on the table by the door, walked to the fridge to grab a beer and then sat down in his chair. He laid his head back for a few minutes revisiting the events of the day when he remember the note. Retrieving the note from the table he sat back down and opened it. Hi Joe. I  just stop by to see how you are doing. We only had a short talk the other night and I wanted to catch up. Call me if you want. Love Carol. Joe reach over and picked up his beer, took a drink, laid the note on the end table and thought about Carol for just a few moments. Stop – just stop. I need to make sure Carol understand that I have a girlfriend and that we are not going to become an item again. I like Sarah and don’t want to do anything to screw it up.

Joe headed towards the bedroom wanting to just get some sleep. Crawling into bed he remembered back to the warm feelings he has when he is with Sarah. How he wished they could be together all the time. After a short while his eyes went closed as he fell asleep still dreaming he was with Sarah. As the night rolled on Joe began to roll and toss. Come on run faster Joe told himself. I can’t breathe and I need a place to hide long enough to regain some energy or I will become a dinosaurs dinner. Joe’s mind was processing everything around him at lightning speed as he looked around realizing he had been here before. Taking a quick left he headed up a small incline and spotted the opening in the side of the hill. Pushing forward with the last of his energy he reached the entrance to the cave and quickly disappeared into the darkness inside. Still hearing the sounds outside as the dinosaur push on everything in site in an attempt to locate his next dinner, letting out noises that would wake the dead and make them run, he quietly leaned against the wall of the cave gasp for oxygen and tried to regain some strength. All at once he remembered the entrance on the other side of the cave and how it was safe. Rolling onto his hands and knees he started moving deeper into the cave looking for that glimmer of light he remembered. Moving slowly, feeling the wall’s as he made his way deeper and deeper he keep saying; why didn’t I bring my lighter? I can’t believe I didn’t bring my lighter. Stupid, stupid, stupid. Trying to remember how far it was to the large carved out room where the light entered from the opening in the rock above, he realized he was going down a slope and not up like before. Joe could feel the frantic emotions as he realized he must have made a wrong turn when he heard a noise coming from deeper in the cave. It sounded like something or someone was calling his name. Keep coming Joe. You can make it. Joe sat motionless as his mind was running out of control as he tried to figure out what he was really hearing. He knew the sound of that voice but couldn’t put a face on it. Something told him he needed to retreat while something else was urging him forward. He started to move closer as the voice became clearer when he saw a light flicker giving him hope that this was the exit on the other side he was looking for. As he moved forward he expected to come into the larger carved out room he remembered. He started to side down the sloped floor of the cave. Something is wrong. He looked up just in time to see one of the largest flying beast he had ever imagined. Turning he quickly made his way up the slope and back in the direction he came from. The voice he heard was called his name again. You almost made it. Come on back. I know that voice Joe told himself. Who is she? I know it’s not Sarah. Joe continued working his way back as the voice became fainter with each turn of the cave walls when he again saw a faint glimmer of light. Inching his way forward he could see the small opening he remembered. He started moving quickly and slide through the small entrance and could see the pool of water in the center of the room. Reaching his hand in he took a drink to quench his thirst. Looking over to the opposite side he could see what looked like the exit he used once before. Slowly making his way forward he could see the drawings on the wall. He lowered himself and sliding on his belly he inched his way to the opening where the grass was waving back and forth as the breeze outside gently pushed it like someone blowing on a candle but not killing the light. He reach the grass and looking over its top he could see the lake and the animals and the birds were again singing that comforting tune. He looked across the lake and could again see Sarah standing on the other side next to the fountain. He started to call out Sarah’s name when he realized he was talking to the wall of his bedroom next to his bed. Sitting up on the edge of his bed, putting his hands on his head and resting his elbows on his knees, Joe started to shake. A tear slid down his cheek as he realized that he would never put this behind him until he made a decision. What will it be?

Joe took a deep breath and decided to do something he had never done before. God, if you are real, I need to talk to you. I need your help. Sarah told me about you and I have read how you created everything. I think it just might be true. She told me about You sending your son Jesus to earth just to help us craze humans understand what this life is really all about. I also heard he died and you brought him back to life and that people saw him and talked to him after he had been in his tomb for three days. She also told me You took him back to heaven to live with You and that he would come back someday for all of us. She told me that if I would accept him for who he is, ask him to forgive me for all the wrong things I have done, he would forgive me and never remember them ever again. She told me that my life would never be the same. That I would have an inter-comfort for the rest of my life, like nothing I have ever experienced. Well if you made this world and Jesus is really your son, then I want some of that. I have done so many thing wrong in my life and I would like to forget them and move forward. And I don’t know where these dreams are coming from, but if you have anything to do with them, could You just make them stop. I really do get it. You are the creator and Jesus is your son. I am ready to let You take over my life. I want You to forgive me for my past and help me with the future. As Joe sat on the edge of his bed, his tears began to flow down his cheeks as he said; please just show me the way and if you can, please show me you are with me. I believe in you and want you in my life from now on.

Joe felt something happen, something he could not explain, something that Sarah had hinted at but never really came right out and told him about. He began to smile as he felt the burdens of old lifted off his shoulders, the feelings of not understanding became clear and a feeling of joy filled his thoughts as his mind seemed to finally have all the answers he had searched for. He knew something had happened. Something deep in his chest told him he was now a believer and he felt great about it. Joe looked up saying; God, I guess this is the answer I asked for. I have found what to place my faith in. Thank you so much for being patient with me and letting me figure this out. Thank you so much and I look forward to talking to you more in the future.

Joe picked up his phone and hit the speed dial to Sarah. Sarah heard the buzzing of her phone. Looking at the clock she could see that it was 5 o’clock am but could also see it was Joe name on the screen. She picked it up saying; hi Joe. Do you know what time it is? No I don’t, replied Joe. It’s 5 AM Joe! I am so sorry Sarah. I just didn’t think about the time. It must be important if you couldn’t wait until morning to call, replied Sarah as she wiped the sleep from her eyes and feeling a little unhappy about being woke up so early. You know I need my beauty sleep Sarah added. Your beautiful without it Joe replied. But I had to tell you; I did it Sarah. I did it. You did what Joe? I talked to God and he answered me! I know now what it’s all about. I have found my answers. I asked God into my life. And I – I – love you Sarah! Sarah began to cry as she listen to Joe and his excitement as he continued to tell her all about the night. Joe offered up another apology saying; I am so sorry for waking you Sarah. Wiping her tears from her eyes Sarah tried to talk but was lost for words. After a few quiet moments passed Sarah said; I am really glad you called no matter what the time was. I am so excited for you. And Joe, I love you too!

“To be continued”


Where will Joe go from here with his new-found faith and his declaration of his love for Sarah?


18 – Searching for Answers – Hooky explained

Will Joe and Sarah take another step in their relationship? Will Joe let down his guard and tell Sarah how he feels about everything?


Well Mr. Hooky player, what were you up to today that made you decide to miss work, Sarah said half laughing? It must have been pretty important to make you take a day off. Well, I almost made it to work when everything that has happened came rushing back into my mind Joe said with a serious look on his face. I knew I needed to dig deeper and it’s more important to me than working. So much has happened to me in the last several weeks with these crazy dreams, getting to know you, running into people at places I didn’t expect. I knew I had some personal days stored up and they are pretty good about letting us take them when we really need to, so I did. Man, I just remembered. I bet Tom is wondering what I was up to. When I was pulling the U-turn he drove by me on his way into the shop. How will I explain……..Sarah interrupted Joe and ask; who else have you run into anyway? Well you know Dr. Bob at the Pub and oh yes I also ran into my x-girlfriend Carol who is back in town and now working part-time at the pub. Sarah quickly began analyzing the comment about the x-girlfriend when she blurted out; just how “x” is she? Well we dated for about a year when she left town and we broke it off thinking the distance would be too hard and we really weren’t all that serious anyway. Again Sarah’s mind was analyzing – not serious but dated for a year – and she was what he called his girlfriend. We just had a good time together. Good time, Sarah questioned as she again looked Joe in the eye. Yes, just a good time. Wait a minute Sarah, are you jealous? No – or at least I shouldn’t be Sarah admitted as her face turned a slight color of pink. Well you don’t have to worry, you are more important to me than anything and I really want to make thing work between us. That is why I played hooky today. I want to understand everything that has happened. If what you believe in is real I need some of that. If it is not real then I need to make that decision and then we can decide where we go from there. The point I am making is that I get it. You want a boyfriend that has similar belief as you, but you want that person to do it on his own. My point is that I want to be that person. I have been falling for you since the first day we met. Reaching over and taking Sarah’s hand, Joe slid over and gave Sarah a kiss. Sarah responded back as their kiss became more of a passionate moment. They could hear Sarah’s parents close the back gate and quickly went back to just holding hands. Hope we aren’t disturbing you two? We just needed to get then pruners out of the shed so we can trim some of the bushes in the front yard. Your fine dad. We were just talking. June looked at Carl, smiled and with a slight giggle said; I think we interrupted them just a little. Yah, it’s kind of fun isn’t it, Carl responded?

Ok Joe, tell me the rest of the story. Well I went home, turned on the computer and start to research evolution versus creation. I found this book that looked like it had some answers and found that it was at the library. So I headed there and found the book and sat reading it when I began to feel it was pushing me in only one direct and not just giving me information. It referenced the Bible so I went and found one on the shelf. There were several versions and I think I took the King James version, and read the first few chapters. Wow, you read one of the harder versions of the bible to understand Sarah added. I like the NIV version best. But they all really tell you the same thing, just using different words. Well anyway, I started to get it, Joe said. I started to understand where you are coming from. You know, it takes faith to believe in either. Just like what Dr. Bob has said. It is a decision each of us has to make on our own. I realized how late it was so I left the library and call you. After that, I went home, changed my clothes, turn on the TV and then you will never guess what happened. You had a dream again didn’t you Sarah said as a look of compassion came across her face. No, it wasn’t a dream. I was channel surfing when all of a sudden a Dinosaur was on the screen and all I heard was that a hundred million years ago this great beast lived. I couldn’t believe a show on dinosaurs would be on just at that time so pushing the channel button again, just a couple of channels away, was a picture of a dinosaur track on top of a human track. Now what are the odds? I just turned it off and headed to the car to come over to see you when I realized I had some time to kill and so I just sat back in the car and let my mind try to sort this all out when the phone rang and it was you telling me that I was late. Now you know the rest of the story of today.

So what do you think this is all about Sarah questioned? Sounds to me like someone or something is trying to get your attention or you just have a mind that likes to wonder and play tricks on you. Are you trying to call me a little crazy Joe replied as he chuckled out loud. Well maybe a little Sarah replied with a grin on her face. Well I’m still not sure but after talking to you and Dr. Bob, doing all this research and don’t forget all the dreams, I just might agree with you. However, no matter what it is, I think I am drawing some conclusions finally. I just can’t see how the evolutionary community can continue to push evolution as the only way when they just cannot prove it. Even the odds of it happening are against them by their own admission. It takes a lot of faith to believe in full-blown evolution. I guess I could use the term that they like to use; blind faith. And then when I read about creation, it also takes faith to believe. However, it does fill in a lot of blanks if we take a serious look at it. So I am leaning towards creation as how it all began. Sarah smiled as she knew this is how she believed. So is that all there is to it Joe asked? All I have to say is that I believe in creation and that this is how it all started? Almost, but it really in the end is putting your faith in Jesus, Sarah continued. What do you mean, Joe questioned looking puzzled? Well, it really is simple. A couple of years ago I made a decision to believe in God, to believe in his creation, and to believe he sent his son Jesus to earth to die for my sins. You can learn more about this if you continue to read the Bible especially the New Testament. I can tell you everything I know, but you really need to make this decision yourself. In my case, I knew I had done some wrong things in my life that really bothered me. I knew what my mom and dad had told me. I had already been through everything you are trying to figure out but I had never made a personal commitment to believe in Jesus. So one day I just did it. I asked for forgiveness for these things and asked Jesus into my heart, Sarah said as a tear trickled down her cheek. The feeling that came over me was unbelievable. Talk about a rush! I never have to worry about these things I have done wrong ever again. My wrong doings or as the Bible say’s, my sin’s have been forgiven. I still find it fun to research creation and evolution, but in my heart, I know it is God’s creation. The deeper we dig the more conformation I get.

Joe sat back thinking about what Sarah had just told him. He looked over at Sarah saying that he really appreciated her honesty with him and most of all her being true to herself and her beliefs. Taking her hand he stood up and pulled Sarah up with him. Putting his arms around her he embarrassed the moment as they held each other tight. Their lips came together as the passion rose and they kissed with a feeling that they both knew was special. Joe pulled back to tell Sarah he needed to get going, but Sarah just held him tight. She knew Joe was someone special and she didn’t want to let the moment stop. After another passionate embrace, Sarah took Joe’s hand as they started walking around the house towards Joe’s car. They talked a little as they walked hand in hand but mostly both were just feeling the love they were starting to experience.

Joe kissed Sarah one last time as he was ready to get in his car and head home. Sarah said bye as she turned and started walking back to the house thinking about how much she liked Joe. She looked back with a smile and waved just as Joe drove off.

“To be continued”


Where is Joe’s mind? Is it on God, Jesus, creation, evolution or is it Sarah? Is Joe going to give in just to be with Sarah or will he really changed his opinion on evolution?

17 – Searching for Answers – Dinner at Sarah’s

How detailed will Joe be with his feelings? Will Carol stay a memory of the past?


Joe headed back to his house to kill the next hour before going over to Sarah’s. Quickly changing out of his work clothes into something a little nicer, he sat down in his favorite chair, turned on the TV and was skipping around the channels when a dinosaur filled the screen. He had found the Discovery channel and they were airing a program on the history of dinosaurs. The first thing Joe heard was that 120 million years ago ………. Hitting the pause button on the remote Joe looked at the ceiling and said: man is not 120 million years old, so why would I have a dream about being chased by dinosaurs that are? He pressed play again and a few minutes passed as he was thinking about this one statement when he hit the channel button a couple times and stumbled on to a documentary showing a picture of a dinosaur track on top of a human track. Ok, this is just wild. The show was about some findings down in Texas. That’s it Joe thought to himself as he turned the TV off. He jumped out of his chair, grabbed his keys off the table and headed out the door. Checking the time he realized he had some time to kill before he went to Sarah’s, so he just sat there in the quiet of his car, closed his eyes letting his mind sort things out.

Joe’s phone rang and quickly picking it up he could see it was Sarah. Are you still coming over? We are almost ready to eat. Joe looked at his watch and discovered time had got away from him. I’m sorry Sarah. I am on my way and will be their in a few minutes. Tell you more when I get there.

Joe pulled up in front of Sarah’s house and quickly headed to the front door when Sarah opened it with a smile on her face. Well I thought you were going to play hooky from dinner also or was it that you don’t like to peel potatoes? I would never play hooky when it was to see you Joe whispered as he gave Sarah a big hug. Come on in, dinner is on the table Sarah said with a grin.

Hi everyone. Sorry I’m late, Joe said to as he walked into the room and saw Sarah’s parents walking out of the kitchen with the last of the food. It was really nice that you inviting me to join you for dinner. I will help do the dishes to make up for being tardy. Oh my, I think I like this guy Sarah’s mom said as she smiled at her daughter. Come on let sit down and get started. They sat around the table and Sarah’s dad told Joe it was a custom for them to say grace before dinner and that they held hands while saying it. Sarah reached over and took Joe’s hand and her mom took his other. Joe’s heart was racing and he didn’t even hear the prayer except the amen when Sarah’s mom let go of Joes hand. Sarah and Joe continued to hold on as the electricity would not let go.

Sarah’s dad picked up the dish of potato’s and passed them to Joe saying; guest first. Thank you Joe replied as he let go of Sarah’s hand to take the dish. Before long they were all eating when Sarah’s dad said; it’s really nice to have you join us for dinner Joe. Sarah talks about you sometimes, actually a lot sometimes, and has told us a little about you. We would like you to know that you are welcome at our house anytime. So what do you do for a living anyway. Well, I work in a shop where we build modular housing. We build the walls and floors in the shop and ship them to the building site where they are put together. Oh, I know that company. Is it Clifford Homes? Sure is Joe replied. I have a friend that is one of the owners there. Ok dad, enough shop talk. I want to hear about Joe’s day off work today and what he was up too. I’m not sure my day off work is a good topic for the dinner table Joe replied. Well it’s up to you Joe, but we always talk about our day over dinner sharing different stories and laughing at some of the craziness that happens Sarah’s mom added. Sarah jumped in saying; you can feel comfortable talking about anything if you want. I have told them just a little about your crazy dreams, so they already know you are a little crazy. We can talk after dinner also. But mom and dad are great listeners and generally have some good help and advice Sarah said with a snicker on her face. Oh just generally Sarah’s mom replied as she laughed out loud. Everyone joined in the laughter adding to Joe’s comfort level with Sarah’s parents.

Sarah’s dad broke the ice by looking at Joe and saying; we want you feel comfortable and welcome in our home and just all us Carl and June if you would like too. Sarah’s dad continued saying; from what Sarah has told us, you have some of the same issues I had when I was close to your age. I had big issues with this creation and evolution thing and I think we have better information now than we did back 25 years ago. I was so upset with the church I left it in the dust as I ran away. I was going to enjoy life and no one was going to make rules that were going to stop me. I don’t think I was a wild person; I just liked to have a little fun. Many of the people in the church I was raised in were so – well let’s say high and mighty and hypocritical – I didn’t want anything to do with them. It took me a long time to realize that I was judging God by just a few people. I met June’s parents and they showed me what a real Christian was really all about. I learned that many of those man-made rules that some religious organizations put on their people are just that; man-made. I don’t think I really ever stopped believing in God, I was just very upset with people who said they were Christian’s but acted like they weren’t most of the time. And then you add in all the hype about evolution – well let just say I kind of understand where you might be coming from. Did you ever have any dreams about dinosaurs Joe asked leaving the part about Sarah out? Not that I can remember Joe. Just a lot of doubt, frustration, anxiety and a general dislike of man-made religious rules designed to control our thoughts and behaviors.

Sarah reaching over and putting her hand on Joes arm said; Dad, I never knew you had any issues with the church or the Christian religion. You have never talked about it. You have always made me feel positive about God and have never added any rules outside of the ones I have learned from the Bible. Well that is because I figured it out just after you were born and I vowed to help you see Christianity the right way. I wanted you to know what took me so long to figure out without going through the feelings and doubts I had. I wanted you to make your decisions based on what is written in the Bible.

Joe looked over at Sarah saying you have some pretty cool parents. I guess some of us have some things in common no matter what we believe. Most people do have a lot in common Sarah’s dad replied. We just don’t realize it. We can get so caught up in our own thoughts and feelings that we can’t see the things going on around us. Well you both have made me feel welcome and Sarah, well you know …. Joe stopped as he was lost for words. Yes we like her too Joe, Sarah’s mom added.

Joe looked at Sarah and said come on let’s get started with the dishes that I volunteered us to do. What do you mean us, Sarah said laughing. It wasn’t long and things were put away and dishes were clean. Sarah asked Joe if he would like to go out and sit on the deck. I really want to hear about your day she added.

As they walked outside Joe reach for Sarah’s hand which she willingly gave him. She looked around and not seeing her parents watching she put her other arm around Joes neck, pulled him close and with her beautiful brown eyes looking into Joe’s, stood on her toes and gave Joe a kiss. Joe responded as he quickly pulled her even closer. They held each other tightly for a few moments before they made their way to the sofa on the deck. They just sat quietly for a while holding hands as they stared out at the sun set when Sarah said; ok, tell me about your day.

“To be continued”


Is Joe changing his feelings about Christianity? Is Sarah going to give into her feeling for Joe and allow herself to become Joes girlfriend in spite of their different beliefs? 

16 – Searching for Answers – Influences

What will Joe do with the information Dr. Bob gave him at their chance meeting? Will he hang around and wait for Carol to take another break?


Joe sat at the bar and took another sip of his beer letting his mind continue to analyze the comments Dr. Bob had made when Carol walked up and asked if he would like another beer. I don’t think so. I need to go back home, get some sleep and be ready for work tomorrow morning Joe said smiling back at Carol. Well I thought you were going to update me on what has happened in your life Carol added. I would like to but I really need to get going. Well here’s a rain check with my new number on it, Carol smiled as she slid it across the bar to Joe. Give me a call if you ever want to get together. It would be fun. Joe tossed a twenty on the bar to pay his tab, picked up the paper Carol gave him saying it was great to see you again, stuffed it in his pocket and headed to his car.

Joe got in his car, sat back in his seat, turned on the radio and turned his mind loose trying to understand everything that just happened. He smiled to himself remembering how much fun he and Carol have had but then he remembered Sarah and how she made him feel and Carol never had that effect on him. What am I doing Joe mind snapped?

Joe fired up his car and headed home arriving just in time to catch the latest sports update. He headed off to bed and after a short time was sleeping like a baby. The next morning came quickly as usual and Joe got up, showered, ate breakfast and headed to work. He was almost there when he pulled over to the side of the road, picked up his phone off the seat next to him and dialed the office number. A recording came on and said; our office hours are between 8 and 5 Monday thru Friday. Please leave a message and we will call you back as soon as possible. Joe looked at his watch and it was only 7:45 am and quickly said; this is Joe. I need to take a personal day today. Sorry for the late notice but I have something that has come up and I must take care of it. I will be back in tomorrow.

Joe pulled a U-turn just as Tom drove by. Waving at him, Tom wonder where he was heading. He must have forgotten his tools or something. Joe headed back home, turned on his computer as soon as he walked in the door, started a fresh pot of coffee, and quickly started his search for answers. He searched the word “evolution” and found so much information he decided to change his search to “evolution vs. creation”. After reading several opinions he came across and advertisement for the book Evolution vs. Creationism: An Introduction and the statement from  Edward J. Larson, The International Society for Science and Religion Library Project: … “an invaluable resource for those seeking to understand the American controversy over creationism and evolution from the perspective of an eloquent and knowledgeable partisan … offers an insightful overview of the American controversy over teaching evolution along with a representative sampling of short excerpts from both creationists and evolutionists. By reading it, teachers, parents, students and the public can be better prepared to answer creationist claims and defend the teaching of evolution”. Joe quickly logged into the library site to see if they had the book available. After seeing it was on the shelf he headed to the library to pick it up. He found the book on the shelf and taking it to a chair he sat down and started to read through the information. Skipping around from chapter to chapter he began to get a feeling that the evolutionary community had an agenda based on how the book seemed to give a foundation to exclude creationism. Joe sat back and remembered what Dr. Bob had said the evening before about the odds of evolution happening and how the Bible tells us a different story.

Joe got up and headed back to the shelves and located a Bible and opened it up to the first book and read the first few chapters. So this is really what Sarah believes. What if she is right? What if we were created? What if some forms of evolution are real but it really all started with creation by God? This could mean that what we are taught in school is one-sided and we have never been given the rest of the story allowing each of us to make up our own mind on the subject. If I wouldn’t have run into Sarah on the street that day, I wouldn’t even be investigating this.

Joe leaned back in his chair and thought about the talks he and Sarah has had and also Dr. Bob. Then he remembered Tom and how he said you don’t want to become one of those people who can’t do anything fun do you. Joe got up and looked for a research book on the Bible. Finding one he opened it up and a paper fell out on the floor. Picking it up he started to read what was written on it. It was someone’s hand written “Rules of God”. The first is to Love your neighbor as yourself and second is to Love God with all your heart. It went on to say that one should follow the Ten Commandments because these were the rules laid down by God our creator. On the bottom of the paper he could see a note written in small letters that said; why man has made up rules and then claim that they are from God – is wrong. Just follow the simple rules that will make one’s life great and this world would be a better place. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you!

Joe stood smiling to himself, his heart was racing and all he wanted to do was call Sarah. He wanted to tell her what he found and how he was beginning to understand how she believed and why. That just the simple rules of the Ten Commandments which are really what everyone should do anyway and that he felt that the evolutionary world had an agenda and a desire to teach their side of the topic only he was starting to understand. How the world would be a better place if people were loved and not manipulated.

Joe put his books away and headed back to his car when he realized it was mid-afternoon already. Picking up his phone he called Sarah and she picked up after the first ring. Hi Joe, what’s happening? Well I played hooky from work today and have been at the library again and oh yah I saw Dr. Bob last night at the Pub. I really want to tell you what I have found. Are you free after work today? You played hooky Sarah responded with a laugh? No, not really. I called in and took a personal day to see if I could come to grips with everything Joe quickly replied. Before Sarah could say anything Joe said I need to see you. Can I come over? Well I am finishing up a project and getting ready to leave in about a half hour. Mom is planning on me to help her fix dinner tonight. Let me call her and see if she would mind if you join us. Can I call you back in a few minutes? Sure. But I don’t want to intrude on your family dinner replied Joe. I am sure it would be just fine Joe. I just don’t want to spring it on her at the last minute. I will call you right back.

While Joe sat in his car waiting for Sarah to call back, he closed his eyes and said; God if you are real, if you really made everything we see and hear, if you have that kind of ability then why do you let people do the bad things they do. I need to understand what is your plan anyway? If you are behind my dreams then I would like it if you would help me understand why and what you are trying to tell me but most of all just stop them. God please….. Joe phone was ringing and it was Sarah. We are going to eat around six and mom told me she would love to have you come over. If you want to come on over in about an hour, you can help me peal potato’s. Ok, I will see you in an hour at your place.

“To be continued”


Joe is excited to tell Sarah about everything he has discovered, about his chance meeting with Dr. Bob, but will he tell her about his old girlfriend Carol? 


The message in this post is full of passionate wisdom and worth our time to explore and ponder. Thank you Secret Angle.

The Abuse Expose' with Secret Angel

is a word that came to me…
meaning “let it all go”…
to be what God wants you to be.
No agenda…
not to have your own way…
but just to be obedient…
to do whatever He will say.

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