15 – Searching for Answers – Feelings, Convictions, Deep Thoughts

Where is Joe’s head anyway? Why doesn’t Sarah just give in to her feelings for Joe and not worry about any differences in beliefs? They have a great time together. That should be enough!


Before long Joe was back at his place still wondering where those words “I think I love you” came from. Man, am I an idiot. I can’t live my life-like this. I’ve never believed in God let alone the one Sarah talks about. I don’t want to become one of those people I generally dislike. Besides, those church goers don’t want much to do with me. I don’t want to become a churchy guy and miss out on all that life has to offer. I really like Sarah but this is crazy. Joe was sitting in his favorite chair when he realized he hadn’t eaten and was quite hungry. He quickly jumped up and headed back to his car and drove to the local Pub.

Joe jumped up on one of the stools at the bar and ordered up an IPA along with a burger and fries. He was sitting there deep in thought when one of the bar tenders returned with his beer, sit it down in front of him and said; some heavy though going on in that head of yours Joe. What’s happening anyway. Joe looked up to see that it was his x-girlfriend, Carol. When did you start working here Joe commented with a startled look on his face. Just the other day. I needed some extra spending money so they hired me back. If you remember, I think that was the very same stool you sat in when we first met, Carol continued. Anyway, what’s your story? Stumbling to find words Joe continued saying – it’s really a long one. More than you probably want to hear. Well maybe you better give me a try. I’ll be on break in about ten minutes. I’ll be back and you can tell me about it or we can just catch up as she smiled and walked away.

Joe smiled saying, see you in a few. Joe was slowly drinking his beer while waiting for his burger to arrive and thinking about what he would tell Carol. They always had fun together but she left town for a while and they just seemed to drift apart. Man, she is still really good-looking. Then he remembered Sarah and drifted back to his thoughts. Next thing he knew someone put their hand on his shoulder saying, hi Joe. And it wasn’t Carol. Before Joe knew it some guy asked if he could join him. Joe was expecting Carol, not Dr. Bob.

Oh hi, Dr. Bob. I am surprised you remember my name. Oh I can’t forget a face especially when that face came to one of my meetings with Sarah. And you have to call me Bob. I really don’t like that doctor title. Ok Bob, Joe replied adding the question; what are you doing in town? Well, I had some business here at the school but it got late and I needed something to eat so I just stopped in for a quick bite. But it’s nice to run into someone I know Bob continued as he pulled up a stool next to Joe. When you travel it can get a bit lonely on the road. Bob sitting his coke on the bar asked Joe how things were going. They had some small talk for a while and before long Carol was back with his burger. Well I guess you found a friend already Carol said with a grin. Oh well, maybe I will see you later. Sure replied Joe.

Bob smiled and asked, are you still hanging out with Sarah? Oh yes, replied Joe. We were together earlier today at the library. The library! Now that sounds like a fun date Bob said with a smirk. What were you guys doing there if you don’t mind me asking? Well to be honest, I was studying up on DNA so I could ask some good questions Sunday night. Trying to stump me are you? No, not really Joe said jokingly. Just really confused on this God thing. Sarah is totally convinced that God is real and that he created everything. I really have a hard time with it. I believe that DNA really points at evolution as being true. Just the proof that it changes based on environment is pretty solid. Bob reach over and picked up his glass just to find it was empty. Joe let me buy you another drink. My glass seems to be empty and I need another one. Bob waved down Carol and told her to bring another round to Joe and that he would have the same. Joe almost slid off his chair. He knew Sarah would have an occasional beer, but Dr. Bob. Thanks Bob Joe finally replied.

Joe let me see if I can give you a little more information. This is what convinced me that God was real and maybe this will help you begin to sort this thing out. It has nothing to do with the issue of DNA or its ability to change based on its surroundings. It has to do with how it got started. It has to do with if it had any chance at all to even get started. We know it is required or nothing would be here and we wouldn’t be sitting here talking. So when I looked at the odds of it happening, my ideas started to shift towards creation. Have you ever heard of Borrell’s Law? I kind of remember it from school and didn’t you mention it a little in that first meeting, replied Joe. It really didn’t sink in for me so maybe you can explain it again. Well it states that for anything to have a chance at happening it must have better odds than 1 out of 10 to the 50 power. So far I have not found any scientist who actually gives evolution or the foundation of DNA that good of odds of happening. It kind of kills the big boom theory or at least puts some serious doubt in it. This is what helped me make a decision that creation is real and this also made it possible for me to believe God may have just really created everything as the Bible say He did.

Joe and Bob picked up their drink and clicked glasses while Joe added, I will tell you one thing, you do put it in a way that raises serious doubt about how evolution got started. I want to know the answers Joe continued. I will tell you one thing Joe. You will find that it takes faith either way. You have not met God in person just like you have not seen the big explosion in person.

Joe sat his beer back down, his thoughts we running wild again. He flashed back to the dinosaur chasing him and Sarah waiting for him. So let me ask you something Dr. Bob. Come on Joe, we agreed no doctor, just Bob. Alright Bob, I have this recurring dream. Please don’t think I crazy. The short story is that it begins with a dinosaur chasing me and then something happens and I see Sarah smiling and waiting for me in some beautiful place and the dinosaur is gone. Ok, I know it sound kind of crazy, but I have had this same dream with some alterations, several times. Some times I am sinking deep in water just to have someone or something pull me to the surface and there is Sarah again. Sarah has tried to help me figure this out, but I am not making any headway. Wow. Sound like an adventure Bob added. Not an adventure I want to continue, added Joe. After a little time passed, Bob looked at Joe and said, can you remember when these dreams started? Go all the way back to the beginning and start there. Joe sit silent for a while and then said. I guess it all started when I was at that party and found myself sitting alone staring into the fire thinking about life in general. Why are we here, how did this all start, how will it all end.

 Let me ask you Joe, do you believe in Angles? Well I am not sure Joe quickly replied. Maybe it is an Angle trying to get your attention and is using Sarah to carry out the task replied Bob. I do know one thing for sure. Things happen in the world that we have no explanation for and we continue to search for answers to them. Some times we have to just let our mind absorb what we hear, learn, see and feel. It is when we let our thoughts explore things no mater what we believe that we start to find the answers we search for. That is the best place I can tell you to start at. Just be open with your self.

Well I got to get going Joe. I look forward to seeing you Sunday night.

“To be continued”


What will Joe do now? Has Carol disrupted his feelings for Sarah? Did Dr. Bob help steer Joe down a road that would in the end help him find the answers he is searching for? Will Sarah get her prayers answered?

14 – Searching for Answers – What’s this all about

Will the evening end with answers? Will Joe and Sarah decide they are a real couple?


Joe quickly walked around the back of his car feeling a little lite headed as the adrenalin kicked in gear from Sarah’s kiss. His head was spinning so fast he had to slow his walk just to catch his breath and give himself a few seconds to regroup and not look like a total idiot when he climbed in the driver’s seat. Wow – that girl has an effect on me. Still a little in la-la land, Joe open his door and slid into the driver’s seat and as he looked over at Sarah their eyes met again. The fireworks again exploded as their mind’s were racing so fast neither of them could say anything. Reaching across the seat, their hands touched and as they looked at each other they both knew that they needed to get to the bottom of Joe’s dreams if they ever would stand a chance at a real relationship which in each of their minds they both deeply desired even if they had never said the words.

Lets go to the library Sarah suggested. Maybe we can find some books on DNA. I have my iPad and should be able to connect to their internet and do some research online. I think it is important to look at both sides of the question and not just use Dr. Bob’s take on it. And I really want to be ready to talk about this when we get back together with him on Sunday night Joe added. I am sure he will enjoy the discussion Sarah commented as she privately prayed Joe would see that God really did create everything, that Joe would come to know that He is real. Sarah sat back in her seat as Joe headed towards the library when her mind started telling her that maybe Joe would never believe as she does, that they would in the end just become good friends and nothing more. As Joe was driving towards the library he quietly thought that maybe things would be too difficult and maybe impossible to reach a solid conclusion to the question about God and evolution. Maybe he and Sarah could just agree to disagree. Yes, that could be the answer. But, would that be enough? Would Sarah ever agree to that? But there has to be an answer. I have to figure this out before I have another night of dreams. Someone or something is trying to tell me something.

They arrives at the library and made their way to the science section. Joe sat down at the library’s computer and typed in the letters DNA and the screen quickly populated with several books on the subject. Joe recalling what he had heard on the radio, looked for a reference that could add clarity to his ideas. Sarah typed the letters “DNA and God” into her pad and looked at the reference material as it filled her screen. The more she read the more she confirmed her faith in God. She looked over and could see Joe deep into reading information from a book and could see the letters DNA on the spine. Joe sat back in his chair and looking at Sarah said; if everything has its own DNA and it has been proven that DNA can change on its own due to different foods we eat, the environment it is in and by diseases, then does that not support evolution? Sarah felt the wind leave her sail as the impact of what Joe just said set in. Was Joe leaning towards a faith in evolution? After a short silence, Sarah replied with “but how did DNA get its start? How could something so complicated just evolve on its own without totally killing itself off. How could every living plant and animal have its own complex DNA structure evolve at the same time when many of the different plants and animals needed each other just to survive?” Joe looked up at Sarah feeling the hidden impact of what she had just said and smiled saying, maybe I better dig a little deeper.

As the afternoon moved on they bounced different ideas off each other and before long they heard that the library would be closing in 10 minutes. Looking at the clock they discovered it was 7:20pm. Wow time fly’s when you’re having fun they said in unison. After a short laugh they put their books away and headed for the car.

Joe took Sarah’s hand as they made their way to the car when he stopped just long enough to say; Sarah I am trying to find the answers to this God and evolution thing and I can see your side as well as the other side. Thanks for all your help and support. I really like you, actually I think it’s a little more than just like. I just need to figure this thing out. I sure hope you will stick with me no mater what the outcome is. Sarah smiled and with a squeeze of Joes hand she looked him in the eye. Joe I feel the same way. I will help you in any way and please be honest with me about your feelings on everything.

As they arrived at the car Joe asked Sarah if she would like to grab a bite to eat. I would love to but I still have a couple of things I need to get done tonight. So could I have a rain check. For sure Joe offered up with a smile and continued with an apology for keeping her out late and not thinking about dinner.

Joe drove Sarah back to her place and pulled up in front of the house. Joe quickly got out of the car and by the time he arrived at the other side Sarah was just closing her car door. He reach out for her hand and they made their way to the front door saying nothing as they walked up the sidewalk. Joe turned to Sarah, put his arms around her and with a firm but soft embrace he kissed her good night. Just as he was about to let go and walk away he turned and looked Sarah in the eyes and out of his mouth came the words – I think I am falling in love with you. Sarah knew she felt the same but also knew this was leading down a path that she had promised herself she would be careful of. Joe I think I am also, but until we find the answers to your dreams and you are able to draw your own conclusions, I need to make sure I don’t allow myself to sidetrack either of us with feelings and emotions. I promise I am here for you. After one last short kiss, Sarah walked inside and closed the door as Joe made his way back to the car.

Sarah leaned against the wall as she offered up a prayer. Dear God, please help Joe find his answers. Please help me give him support and help me to not get so involved that Joe makes a decision based on emotions for me. Help me keep my emotions and desires in check. Please help me find the information he needs and help him find the answers, please help him find You.

“To be Continued”


Where will Joe go from here? Will he find his answers? Can Sarah handle the emotions of a continued relationship with Joe while he figures this all out? What will Sarah do if Joe sides with evolution?

Everyone has Faith

  • It takes faith to believe in Allah.
  • It takes faith to believe in evolution.
  • It takes faith to believe that good works will get you to heaven.
  • It takes faith to believe in the Cast system.
  • It takes faith to believe we only live once and then we are dead and nothing else matters.
  • It takes faith to believe we come back to this world as someone or something else after we die.
  • It takes faith to believe that if you kill someone in the name of Allah you will have virgins waiting for you on the other side.
  • It takes faith that when you go to sleep you will wake in the morning.
  • It takes faith that when you get in a car, a cab, a train or an airplane to go someplace you will arrive safely.
  • It takes faith to order food in a restaurant or buy it in a store and believe it is safe to eat.
  • It takes faith that if you work hard at your job you will get a raise.
  • It takes faith to believe you can do something you have never attempted to do.
  • It takes faith………..

It takes some level of faith to believe in anything. We have those that will try to confuse the idea of faith by adding the word blind faith trying to make your faith unbelievable. Some confuse faith in evolution by removing the words micro and macro. Some people speak as if they have all the answers, that they have facts, that they have proof. Some people believe they are better than you or I. Some people have an agenda that is for themselves and not anyone else unless you agree to the faith they have in their agenda.

You see “FAITH” is something that we all have one way or the other. It is where we choose to place that faith that is important. So the next time we find ourselves thinking we have all the answers, thinking everyone is crazy if they don’t believe as we do, take a step back and realize that everyone has faith in their belief. The key is to make sure that where we place our faith is real or has the highest chance of being true. To openly share your faith and why you believe in it, to listen to the opposite points of view, to look into the chance of something being true, to look into the real background of any faith, religion or belief will bring each of us closer to what we should place our faith in. Faith should not be based on what we like to do or what makes us feel the best or what we want to hear. It should be based on something that is real to each of us, something that we can say holds our faith steady or something that is not threatened by others or ourselves because we look into other faiths or beliefs. Real faith should stand the test of investigation by you or others.

So where do you place your “FAITH”?

13 – Searching for Answers – The Mystery of DNA

Will Joe’s thoughts on DNA prove to be a problem solver? Will this help Joe and Sarah find solid ground for a relationship and solve the mystery of his dreams?


Joe woke early the next morning, his mind racing 100 miles an hour and the inside of his head pounding. The tension in his shoulders crept up the back of his neck working its way up his spine. It wrapped around both sides of his head then came together between his eyes turning inward where a throbbing pain would come and go with each beat of his heart. Cradling his head in his hands, he sat on the edge of his bed and massaged his temples attempting to relieve some of the pain. He forced his way to the aspirin jar, dumping 3 extra strength Excedrin in his hand, he popped them in his mouth, took a drink of water and made his way out to his favorite chair to wait the pain out. Closing his eyes he sat motionless trying to relax allowing the pain to subside.

After some time had passed and the aspirin kicked in gear, Joe’s mind slowly turned to his thoughts from the evening before. I know everyone has a specific DNA that is just their own. I know that this is passed down from everyone’s parents to their children and a child can be matched to their parents using DNA. I could even believe that if a parent has some illness or comes in contact with some substance that this could alter the DNA that could possibly be passed on to a child not yet conceived. But this is caused by something bad, not by some special need to adapt. In most cases we see abnormalities or birth defects or even some physical issues passed down. We see more and more of this happening around the world. But what about that child that has become a leader in a specific field, intelligent beyond their parent’s, or with physical abilities that a parent never had. Is it just that they have been better educated or worked harder in physical training or is it tied to the world of evolving DNA? But wait a minute. This is all happening after they were born, after they had received their DNA from their parent’s. Their DNA was already set. Maybe it could be altered because of something that happened at inception, or maybe something that happened after birth as a young child or even later in life.

Joe sat motionless in his chair. His mind was racing from one thought to the next when it hit him. If our DNA can be altered after birth, then proving someone is a specific person using DNA is not a perfect science. For evolution to change some unborn child into something a little different than their parent’s, than DNA would have to be altered somehow after birth enabling this change to be passed onto their unborn child. How do we know what part of DNA will be altered? How do we know what alters it? We know man can alter it. But that is man, not nature. Is there more to this DNA story?

Joe was deep in thought when he realized his phone was ringing. As he picked it up he could see that it was Sarah. Hi Sarah, how’s your morning starting? Well, that is why I called you. I got your message late last night and wanted to know what you were so excited about. Are you available tonight for dinner Joe asked with a level of excitement? This DNA thing is real and you could use it to confirm evolution or dispel it. But I am no scientist and I need a little more investigation. Can we get together tonight and maybe you can help me figure out how to better understand the evolutionary world of DNA. I really believe this holds the core answers. Sure, what time Sarah replied with a smile on her face that Joe couldn’t see. I get out of work early today, so anytime after 4:00 works for me. I’ll bring my iPad and maybe we can do a little research. Sounds great. I will pick you up around 4:30 Joe replied. Call me if anything changes. I will. Got to run or I will be late for work. See you this afternoon.

Both Joe and Sarah sit back in their chairs thinking about how much they liked each other. Neither could think about anything else the rest of the day and couldn’t hardly wait until 4:30 arrived. Joe looked forward to seeing Sarah and holding her in his arms, to feel the comfort that she brings when they are together. Sarah was hoping Joe would want to talk about more than just DNA and evolution. She looked forward to those special feelings she got when they are together.

The day seemed to move exceptionally slow for both Sarah and Joe, dragging on for what felt like a week and not just a few hours. As Joe pulled up in front of Sarah’s house, she was already headed out the front door. Joe jumped out and as he made it to the other side, Sarah through her arms around him and gave him a big hug and a serious kiss that sent Joes heart into a serious thumping in his chest. Joe opened the door for Sarah and as she got in she looked up at Joe and said “and I thought chivalry was dead”.

“To be Continued”


Will Sarah and Joe forget about the research and just enjoy the evening together? Will the DNA controversy become an issue that kills the romance or will it bring them together?

12 – Searching for Answers – Mind over Matter

So will Joe join Sarah at the meeting or find some excuse to blow it off? How will the events of the last couple months effect Joe decisions? Is it possible for Joe to walk away, to forget about Sarah? 


Joe’s mind was in racing mode as he continued his drive home thinking about the events of the last few weeks. His mind was telling him one thing and his emotions for Sarah was telling him something else. What am I supposed to do anyway. I know I am falling for Sarah but she is not going to get serious with me if I don’t believe in God and his creation and I don’t think I can do that. Isn’t it true that this world is an evolving world. In science class we discussed how the DNA of plants and animals control how things evolve. How time and events change DNA allowing it to adapt to the surroundings, to allow life to continue and allow new things to come into existence. Just the other day I listened to a scientist speak on the radio talk show about how they had been able to modify DNA to remove a diseases from a plant. They have been able to clone animals. They have found gene’s that have gone astray causing different illnesses and birth defects. The sciences are looking at how to alter DNA to eliminate these disease in humans, to trigger the human body to repair or grow new nerves allowing someone paralyzed to walk again, and even to eliminate cancer. Does this not show that evolution is real? How can these Christians believe that God created everything with all this evidence? Why can’t Sarah see that she just might be wrong so we have a chance together? I think it is Sarah who has the problem not me.

Before Joe knew it he was parked in front of his apartment just sitting with the engine still running when his neighbor knocked on his window to say hi. Rolling his window down Joe quickly said hi Carl, how’s your day going? Oh, not to bad now that I am out of work. You know, the daily grind. But I guess we need a little money and that is the only way to get it, short of robbing a bank Carl said with a grin on his face. Sometimes I think we have a destiny from the very start. We just have to learn what is important, what we want to make of our life and how we would like to live it. You know, live within our means. There are so many influences out there that try to drive you one way or another. Trying to sell you on something. Sometimes they make you feel like you just can’t live without what they have to offer. So much manipulation goes on these days. Joe slid out and closed the car door replying with, you can say that again offering up a high-five. Got to run Joe or I will be late for a meeting at the lodge. See you around.

Joe leaned up against his entrance fumbling for his key when a thought came over him. What if the problem lies in the fact that humans are continuously altering information, making changes to drive a specific agenda. What if the proof has been right in front of me all this time and I just couldn’t see it. What if the simple fact that man has learned how to alter DNA to make it better is the proof that evolution is breaking down creation and not building it up. What if this proves that in the beginning things were correct and evolution has caused changes that if left unchecked would eliminate everything. If it takes a human to alter DNA to make it better just because it is falling apart for what ever reason and evolution is believed to be the driver behind everything we see, then why do things continue to evolve and not just die off. Wouldn’t that also make a case that evolution is not the starter of everything, that someone had to put this all together in the first place. Maybe Sarah’s faith has sound logic behind it even if she believes in God based on pure faith.

Joe opened his door, walked in and set his phone on the table deciding to take a quick shower before he fixed something to eat for dinner. Grabbing some clean clothes and throwing them on the counter, Joe jumped into the shower. As the warm water was raining down on him, he recalled his dream and how he was struggling in the water, feeling his life being drained from his body, knowing that if he tried to take one breath he would breathe in water and it would be all over. Sure death. But then out of nowhere something quickly pulled me from the depths to the surface. The beauty around me was so calm and inviting. There Sarah stood on shore waiting for me. Joe’s mind was moving faster than a race car when he realized the water was getting cold. He quickly turned it off and looked over at the clock and realized how much time had passed and he must have used up all the hot water. Quickly getting dressed he walked out to the table and pick up his phone and hit his speed dial to Sarah.

The phone was ringing when he heard, Hi this is Sarah, leave a message and I will call you back. Hi Sarah, Joe. I just had the most incredible though about evolution. I think I will go with you to the next meeting. I can’t wait to tell you about it and see what Dr. Bob thinks about it. This is the first time I feel like I understand where you are coming from. Can’t wait to tell you about it. Call me when you can.

“To be continued”


Will Joe continue his quest to find answers or has he solved his puzzle? How does his dreams tie into his relationship with Sarah, God and evolution? Will they ever stop?