Our Mental Hard Drive – “The Brain”

“Challenging Ourselves through Questions”

Have you ever done something and later asked yourself, “Why did I do that?”
Did you ever tell yourself, “If I would have know that, I would have done things differently?”

Information is generally involved in everything we do. Information is essential and can be critical as we take steps through life desiring to make the least amount of mistakes.

The information available today is at an all time high. Media and online resources are exploding. It is at our finger tips if we care to explore for it. Even if we don’t realize it, the information that is absorbed by our mind, plays a role in how we react to any given situation. It is at the heart of what we eat, the fun things we enjoy doing, the work details we perform, our reaction to things we fear, virtually every function or task we undertake.

In many ways we could look at the information absorbed by our brain similar to information stored on a computers hard drive. Our thinking process utilizes this stored information. We use our mind to search back in time to what we recorded in it, or we kick in gear an understanding or reaction based on past experiences. A little like an application running on a computer. Sometimes we utilize our stored information subconsciously in our decision process. Sometimes we need our subconscious mind to quickly react but it doesn’t because we never trained it properly. Then after the fact we might say, “If only I would have done this.” There are times when we react so quickly that we never recognize if we reacted properly all based on something in our minds that triggered the response. Only when someone calls us out do we possibly slow long enough to question if our understanding was correct.

Through repetition, receiving the same information several time, repeating the same thoughts, we begin to place a priority over less received information. Companies today monitor our activity online or our purchasing history. They begin to see a pattern and as a result, they put things in front of us that follow this pattern of thinking.

We need to be aware that we can subconsciously feed our minds with one-sided information.

If we feed our minds with one-sided information, then we become lopsided, or possible what someone else would like us to become. It may be our way of feeding our minds with things that bring comfort, satisfaction, or even fill our emotional desires. The more we feed or are fed the same information, the more we believe it.

Is it possible that we are allowing ourselves to become brain washed?

Sometimes a computers hard-drive becomes overloaded with outdated, incorrect, or flawed information. This can cause results that while looking correct, are not. So some hard-drives may require reformatting, or at the least, old files and programs need to be removed. A clean-up program can be run to enable it to operate correctly. Outdated programs need to be replaced with new one that have bugs removed. Proper information needs to be made available to them.

Our brain requires a similar type of updating. Some things we learned 10, 20, 30, or 50+ years ago may not be totally correct. Sciences continue to learn and produce updates. New findings become available that could totally alter what one was taught during their education years. If we stop our learning process, we become outdated, we lock in our beliefs and understandings.

What would be nice is if we could just install a mental program that would search out and remove all misunderstandings, erase old outdated information and beliefs, clean up all the fragmented thoughts and reorganize how our information flows during our thought process.

Our mind is a powerful tool that we are blessed to have,

Proper care and maintenance are required.

This brings us to the question about the evolution of, or the creation of our brain.

Regardless of where you choose to place your faith, in evolution or in creation, one need to explore and understand details behind both sides. Did we evolve or is God real? Do the sciences support both creation as well as parts of our understanding of evolution?

Are the grounds that you stand on with respect to God and creation solid?



Science and the Moon – Truth or Theory

When looking into science we find so many fascinating discoveries. So much of what we see and live in today, evolves around the world of science, engineering, and discovery. It has the ability to rule our world if we should elect to allow it. Is it possible what we think we understand is not really the total truth?

In researching for information about the moon and it’s effects on the earth, I found several things that should make us set back and think just a little. I’m not trying to show extremely accurate scientific facts and figures. But when you look at the theories about evolution and take into account the terminology of billions of years, we open up the theories to the question of the real probabilities of them being true.

One set of information tells us that in about a billion years the moon will have no effect on the earth and it’s tide. This is because the earths rotation will become slower than the moon and the effects of the sun and earth will reverse the moon and it will begin to move back towards the earth and should arrive in about 2 billion years. When it arrives it will break up and form rings around the earth similar to the rings of Saturn.

One set of information tell us the moon is moving away from earth at a rate of 1.5 inches per year.

One set of information tell us that the moon was formed when it split from the earth while other information might tell us that the moon was formed when maybe two smaller moons collided forming what we know today as the moon of the earth.

  • So where is this place on earth that the moon broke out of?

I’m sure some would say that the earth has had a billion years to cover it’s tracks, so let’s leave that one alone.

  • How did it fly out of the earths gravity as either one big chunk or even smaller pieces and into space and “not” take on the looks of Saturn’s rings around the earth?

For the moon to have started to orbit the earth, it would have need for the earth to have been in existence in some form. Otherwise, the moon would have been something just wandering in space.

  • So does that mean it is slightly younger than the raw form of the earth?

If the moon is moving away from the earth at a predetermined rate of 1.5 inch’s per year, and it will take about 1 billion more years before it reverses direction, and using the 2 billion years needed to return to the earth before it will break up creating rings around the earth, than maybe we could estimate that the earth was 1 billion years old with respect to when the moon was formed and will be 3 billion years old when the moon returns to it’s origin. However, many in science will estimate the age of the earth at approximately 3.5+ billion years old.

At the rate of 1.5 inches per/year that the moon moves away – which is what science tell us – and given it’s current location in space with a distance of approximately 220,593 from edge of earth to the edge of the moon (not center to center), the moon would have need to have started at a point that is 23,674 miles closer to earth than it is today. This would also mean that it will move another 23,674 miles farther away before it start to return towards earth. This would mean that the moon, if formed by splitting off earth, was sent quickly out to a distance of 196,919 miles from earth when it was formed. If it has a constant rate of 1.5 inches per/year of movement and it will take 2 billion years to again return back to the earth before breaking up, then it will need to travel much faster than 1.5 inches per/year because in 2 billion years it will only be back to approximately 196,919 miles from earth.

  • Why would the effects of gravity and magnetic pull that are currently sending the moon away from earth have the opposite effect causing it to return?
  • Why would the moon not just float away into space and the earth loose the effects of the moon?
  • If the earth is only one billion years old with respect to the moon and the moon was needed before life could be formed, then wouldn’t the beginning of life on earth be just a little younger than 1 billion years?

You may ask why this is important. It is because so often we take what we read as completely true and base our life on it. Now, I am sure you may not sit around and contemplate questions about the affects of the moon on your life.

  • But what about the affects of science on your life that you are led to believe is true and not just a theory?
  • What if all this was created and it didn’t just evolve?

Theories are great but should remain a theory unless it is proven factual. No one should position a theory as true just to drive one’s own beliefs and agendas.

Why is it that so many want to believe that everything just evolved? What is wrong with the idea that everything was created? Why do so many avoid this?

 (Information used in this research was derived from scientific articles available over the internet.)

Walking the “Middle of the Road”

The CENTER  –  The LEFT  –  The RIGHT

Where should we walk, talk and live?

What happens when one try’s to walk down the middle of the road? Have you ever tried to stay neutral? Do you believe in live and let live, don’t rock the boat, or to each their own? Everyone generally has an opinion, a belief or an understanding on many of todays issues of life, but do you feel that it is sometimes more healthy to keep it to yourself?

What happens when we are forced into a corner and are required to take one side or the other, when we are confronted by something bigger than we are and the center lane of life is taken away? Your desires, understanding or position may be on the right or the left or maybe you consider yourself in the center when it comes to politics, but what about your health or someone else’s health or what about religion? What will we do when we are forced to make a choice?

For some people living today, this question is faced everyday. We could be forced to make a decision based on “how will this impact my life” or “how will this impact my family” or “how will this impact my job”. It could truly be a matter of life or death. Will we go with the majority, side with the ones forcing the decision, enabling a temporary feeling of safeness? Will we tell the questioner what they want to hear even if we don’t believe it? Have you ever thought about what you would do if you were confronted by someone that would do you harm if you didn’t side with them? Would you stand by your beliefs or cave to the pressure?

When we look around the world we see countries and regions that beat, mam, and kill, the men, women and children who stand up for their beliefs. In many countries including mine, this generally does not exist today, but what would we do if it did?

Question: What would you do?

Being prepared, knowing what to do or say is one of life’s challenges. To prepare, one first must acknowledge the need and then step out and ask themselves those critical questions.  

45 – Searching for Answers – The Monday Visit

Monday afternoon had rolled around and Joe was walking into Pastor Dan office when he noticed Sarah sitting at her desk with a stack of papers in front of her. Quickly he changed direction making his way towards Sarah. She looked up just in time to receive a gentle kiss. Sarah quickly stood up as they both embraced each other. Hi Joe was the sound they heard coming from Pastor Dan’s office. Come on in when you’re ready were his words as he chuckled loud enough for the two of them to hear. You’re coming in with me aren’t you, questioned Joe? Only if you are sure you want me too, replied Sarah? Joe reached down and took Sarah’s hand, smiled and said; I will always need you with me.

They walked in to Pastor Dan’s office, Joe pulled up a second chair and was about to sit down when Dan spun around in his chair and stood up saying; let’s go out back and sit under the big oak tree. The weather is great and I have been in this office most of the day. I would love some fresh air and God can help us out there just as much as he can in here.

The three of them walked over towards the tree with Sarah and Joe sitting together on the one bench and Pastor Dan sat across from them on a small chair complete with a back rest and legs that had been made out of a short tree log by one of the members of the church. Well Joe, I have really been giving each of your dreams a lot of thought and I am not sure I have all the answers and I am not sure all your dreams are… Pastor Dan stopped for just a couple seconds trying to gather his thoughts when he said; I think God is talking to you Joe. I think he has had his eye on you for a long time. I think he has a plan for you that only time will allow it to be revealed fully. Joe sat quietly trying to take in every word that Pastor Dan was saying and Sarah was trying to look at both of them as she wondered what she would hear next. I have prayed about this and believe that Sarah has been part of a plan for you before either of you had any idea each of you existed. Sarah started to feel the emotions of where this was heading when she felt Joe reach over and brush a tear from her cheek that had tricked down from the corner of her eye. All I know Pastor Dan is that I love Sarah and if it was God that introduced her to me then I believe you that these dreams are from Him. I will do what He wants. The problem is I don’t understand what He is trying to tell me, Joe added as he looked up towards the sky. Everything went silent for a few moments as Joe stared up through the limbs and could see the sun flickering on and off as the leaves flowed back and forth with the breeze. It was then that he noticed Sarah pointing up at something. Both Pastor Dan and Joe finally noticed what Sarah was so intently pointing to. Just off to the side of the tree was a cloud that had a shape like a cross. As the three of them stared up they noticed the bright light from the sun as it settled over the top of it as the cloud continued to move. No one was saying a word. It was as if they were each hearing something special spoken directly to each of them. Then a strong wind came up and they quickly looked at each other. Sarah said; do you guys see that? Both Joe and Pastor Dan replied in unison with a yes. The three of them again looked back towards the sky and the cloud had changed to a new shape and the sun was so bright it caused each of them to cover their eyes with a hand.

Pastor Dan had waited for his eyes to refocus when he looked over at both Sarah and Joe where the emotions were running high and suggested that he would like to say a short prayer. They both just bowed their heads as Dan started by saying; Dear Lord, we are sitting here not knowing exactly what You are trying to tell Joe, what the involvement of Sarah is and what You need me to tell them. I ask You to help us understand what You would have each of us do. I ask You to reveal to us the meaning of these dreams. In Jesus name, amen.

Joe griped Sarah’s hand tight as he looked over at Pastor Dan. I have so many questions that I don’t know where to start. I want to do what is right. I want to marry Sarah. I want to follow God’s direction for me. Just where do I start? What do I… Joe stopped midstream and went silent as both Sarah and Dan looked at him. Sarah closed her eyes and quietly started to ask God to help Joe when she felt something happen. She reached up and put her hand over her heart, leaned her head onto Joe’s shoulder and drifted off into a state of sleep. Joe felt her body go limp as he put his arm around her. Joe looked at Pastor Dan with eyes that were about to jump out of his head when Pastor Dan realized that something had happened to Sarah. Joe tried to wake Sarah but she didn’t respond to anything. Pastor Dan quickly helped Joe lay Sarah gently on the grass. Joe took a cushion off the bench and slid it under her head. Pastor Dan pulled his phone from his pocket and dialed 911. This is Pastor Dan at …. Before long the emergency crew was on their way to the church. Pastor Dan started to pray for Sarah when all of a sudden she opened her eyes. She had a smile on her face but could see the terror in Joe’s eyes and could see Pastor Dan saying a prayer with his eyes closed. She realized she was lying on the ground with Joe holding her hand when she heard Pastor Dan say her name in his prayer. Hey, what happened, Sarah asked. Pastor Dan opened his eyes and Joe snapped out of his state of shock as he asked; are you ok Sarah? Yes, but can you tell me how I ended up on the ground? Sarah closed her eyes again and went silent as she remembered everything that had happened to her. Just as quickly she opened them again saying; it was wonderful. What do you mean wonderful, inquired a very concerned Joe.

Joe, I think I have some answers to your dreams. I… Just then they heard the paramedic’s pull around the back of the church. Pastor Dan ran over to direct them to Sarah and before long they were checking Sarah’s vitals to see if she was ok. Sarah insisted she was fine offering up that all she did was close her eyes for a couple minutes to think. One of the paramedic’s looked at Sarah and with a slight smile she added; it looks like you are going to be fine. Everything is stable, but we should take you to the hospital and make sure. Sarah sat up and told them that she was fine. I don’t need to go to the hospital. Are you sure? It really would be good just in case, added Joe. No, I’m fine, replied Sarah with a smile.

The paramedics packed up their things, filled out their report, gave a copy to Sarah and made their way back to their rig and headed back to the fire station. Sarah was sitting back on the bench when Joe looked at her and asked; what really happened Sarah? You started to tell us that you… Sarah interrupted Joe as she jumped in and started tell them what happened.

I am not sure exactly what happened but when the lady walked up, she stopped and started talking to me. She was telling me that the reason behind your dreams was that God wants you to do something for Him, if you are willing. What do you mean a lady walked up, inquired Pastor Dan? Well, both you and Joe were just sitting here when she walked up to me and started to talk to me. But Sarah no one walked up to you, added Joe. Yes she did and you two were just sitting there talking to each other as if you didn’t notice her. Sarah quickly switched back to the conversation with the lady. You remember your dream about how the dinosaur was trying to eat you for dinner and how you found the cave to hide in? Yes, I will never forget that Sarah. Well she knew all about it and it was a safe place for you and… How would she know about it Sarah, Joe interrupted. And she was not even here and… Joe stopped himself when he felt something grab ahold of his thoughts. Joe leaned back against the bench, looked up towards the sky, took a deep breath then turned towards Sarah. Wow was all he could find for words. Pastor Dan just sat silently on his hand made chair trying to take in everything he was hearing. Sarah broke the silence when she added; I have more. She told me that when you were seeing the fire coming out of the ground that you was seeing into the future. That you were seeing that there is good and bad in this world. That the fire represented what we call hell and that people someday will either go to heaven or hell. She told me it is real. She said that you were listening to Jesus talk to that group of people. That is why you felt so comfortable with Him and how He knew your name. That book that had all the names in it is the Book of Life. That is why the people that were not written in it were sent towards the fire in the ground and not allowed to stay. She said those people had their chance to believe in God. But Sarah, one of those people was Carol, interrupted Joe. Yes, that is true and we have to talk to her. We have to talk to everybody we can. That is the key behind your dreams. She said that Carol can be part of it if she wants to. Even Tom and Ann and their little boy are part of the plan. What plans are you talking about Sarah, inquired Joe? I’m not totally sure Joe. She told me we could learn the answers but we need to dig into the Bible to find them.

Sarah, Joe and Pastor Dan went silent as they were trying to grasp what had just happened. The three of them stood up and together they took hands and formed a circle. Joe looked at Pastor Dan and then at Sarah and closed his eyes and began to pray. Dear God, please help me understand, help me find the answers to my dreams, help me to know what you want me to do. Thank you for Sarah. Thank you for Pastor Dan. Thank you for Jesus and everything you have shown me. Thank you for opening my eyes to everything you have to offer. Thank you for never giving up on me. Help me to be a great husband to Sarah. Be with both of us and guide us down the path you are taking us on. I can’t do this without You. Help us talk to our friends and guide our journey. Amen.

43 – Searching for Answers – Just One More Night

After arriving back at Joe’s place, Ann helped Tom out of the car. I think I may have over did it just a little, commented Tom as he smiled up at Ann. You could tell that the stiffness from the activities of the day had set in. Ann could see by the look on Tom’s face that he needed to get some rest. Leaning close she gave him a kiss and told him she had to head home and that he needed to get some rest. Sarah looked over at Joe as she made her way around the car and putting her arms around him she reached up and gave him a quick kiss. I think Ann is right. You need to get Tom inside and let him rest. A good night’s sleep wouldn’t hurt either of you. Joe walked Sarah to her car, opened her door but not before he wrapped his arms around her telling her how much he loved her. Joe gave Sarah one last goodnight kiss before making his way back to Tom. Ann had just driven out of the parking lot when Joe turned just in time to wave goodnight one last time as Sarah drove onto the street giving a short honk of the horn as she drove away.

Come on Tom let go inside and relax for a while. After a short time of small talk, Joe got out some chips and dip and a couple of cokes. After they both had their fill, Joe told Tom he should feel free to relax, go to bed or just hang out. Tom quickly opted for crawling into bed. I’m really tired and I really want to go to church with Ann tomorrow. Joe smiled as he added; sounds like a good idea. It wasn’t long and Tom was in a deep sleep. At least that is what Joe thought based on all the noise that was coming from the other side of the wall. It sounded like it was going to tumble down for a while. Joe smiled as he envisioned Humpty-Dumpty falling off the shelf that was holding a baseball that was from Joe’s homerun when he played in Little League. Joe tried to relax but with all the excitement of the day and Toms snoring, he was having a hard time falling asleep. Joe rolled over, placed a pillow over his ears and after several attempts to find the sleep he needed, he got back up and went to his chair, leaned back and opened a book he had been reading. After reading a couple chapters he noticed Tom was finally quiet and decided to try the bed again. It wasn’t long and his eyes closed and Joe slid off into a much needed sleep.

Joe felt something hit his foot as he stumbled forward catching his balance at the last second. He quickly looked down but it was so dark he couldn’t see anything. Turning to the right he looked up and he seen a bright light that disappeared just as fast as it appeared. Not being sure what it was, Joe tried to shake the cobwebs out as he shook his head from one side to the other. As his eyes adjusted to the darkness he looked around and all he could see were trees. Joes mind was racing as he felt the sense of intrusion all around him. Standing dead still he listened for any sound that might help. After what felt like several minutes he thought he could hear something in the distance coming from his left side. He turned and started to carefully make his way towards the faint sound that was pulling on him. As he got closer he could hear voices. That was when he recognized the large boulder that was perched up the hill a short distance ahead of him. Quickly he moved forward and as he did he could something bright coming from the other side of the hill. As he crested the top of the hill and looked over the edge it was as if it was daylight on one side of the hill and night on the other. Before long he heard his name called; come on down and sit with Joe. Joe seemed to recognize the voice as someone he had heard before which eased his hesitation just a little. Joe carefully made his way down the hill and found a place to sit down behind the rest of the people that were listening to the speaker talk. Joe relaxed as his anxiety settled down. Joe’s mind seemed to be put at ease for some reason and all his fear had disappeared. It was as if being around this guy that was speaking put his mind and thoughts into a relaxed state.

Joe sat quietly listening intently to the speaker trying to understand everything he was explaining. After several questions had been answered, Joe heard a noise coming from his right. He looked over in the direction of the sound and he could see the separation of the lighted area from the dark area which he remembered he had come from. When he had walked into the light the darkness had disappeared. After staring at what looked like a dark wall for a short time, Joe spotted what looked like a glowing red orange flame coming from the ground from beyond the edge of the darkness. It appeared to look something like a bonfire. The flames began to jump from the ground when he noticed that sounds were coming from the same direction that sounded like people were talking. It sure doesn’t sound like a party. They sure don’t sound very happy he told himself. Before long he saw someone walk out of the darkness that looked like she had been up for several days, been playing in the dirt and smelled like something dead. Joe was surprised that the speaker didn’t acknowledge her like he had himself. Finally she spoke up asking; where am I and who are you and who are all these people. Joe sat back trying to grasp what had just happened. That was when he seen several others walk out of the darkness and join the woman. She raised her hand in the air and shouted at the speaker who was still just answering questions for those that were sitting around him. He did not act too concerned about the woman or her friends. Hey you, the woman shouted. Our speaker looked over at her when we heard her repeat her question; can you tell me where I am and who are you? The speaker then turned his attention to the newcomers. Do I know you, replied the speaker in a very calm voice? No, that is why I asked you who you were, replied the girl as she tried to dust off her clothes. If I knew who you were, I would have said you name, she continued with a gruff harsh tone in her voice. Look, I am tired, dirty, and totally at my wits end and need some answers. That was when Joe’s mind kicked in gear and he began to wonder how this man knew his name but not those that just showed up. What made the difference? Why was he so nice to me but totally different to this girl and her friends?

Well mam, why don’t you give me your name and I will look it up and see if I was supposed to know it. My name is Carol. Carol Highland. Well just a minute, let me look in my book where I keep all of the names I know, replied the speaker. I never forget a face, but I will look just the same. Carol looked at him and quickly added; you should know me. I have seen you before and I am sure we have met. Wait, I know I have seen your picture before. It was at the… That was when the speaker looked over at her and said; well I don’t have your name in my book and everyone that knows me is written in this book. Well check again please, replied Carol. You must have made a mistake. I never make mistakes Carol. I don’t know you and you don’t know me. Just when she was about to speak the speaker waved his hand in the air and just like that Carol was gone. Joe could hear her scream for just a couple seconds then it stopped as it faded into the direction of the orange flame. Joe looked back towards the speaker just as he looked over at the remaining people that arrived with Carol. They had a look of terror on their faces as the speaker looked for each of their names in his book and one by one they disappeared just like Carol.

It wasn’t long and the speaker turned his attention back to those that he had been teaching, picking up where he had left off and finished the answer to the question he had not finished. Joe’s concern became overwhelming as his mind continued to work at warp speed trying to grasp what he had just seen. After the speaker had answered a couple more questions which Joe was not listening too, Joe raised his hand. The others just sat quietly as if nothing had just happened, which totally baffled Joe. Yes Joe, replied the teacher as he recognized Joe holding his hand up. Joe looked over at the speaker and said; well it may not be any of my business, but what just happened to all those people? First they show up, and then all of a sudden they are gone. I know they were pretty grungy looking but then their name was not in your book and then they just vanished. Well you see Joe, I know you because you know me and your name is written in my book and it will never be erased. You are my friend forever. And when you…

Joe jumped as he heard the door open. Tom looked at him as he scrambled to his feet. Hey, sorry to wake you but I needed to visit the bathroom. Joe sat back down on the side of his bed, cradled his head in his hands with elbows on his knees as he recalled every event of the dream he had just had. Tom walked back out of the bathroom and could see that Joe was in some other world of thought. Hey, what’s up Joe? You look totally fried my friend. Well I just had another dream and this time I am more confused then before. You want to talk about it, inquired Tom. No, not really, replied Joe. Anyway, you better get some more sleep and I will try to get some myself. I can tell you about it in the morning. Tom just shook his head as he headed back to his bedroom, closed the door and was sleeping within minutes. Joe got up and got a drink of water and then sat on the edge of his bed when he began to think about Sarah. The more he focused on Sarah the more relaxed he became and before long Joe was sleeping sound.


“To be continued”

What is Life Worth?


“The Beauty Around Us”

Asking a hard question is not what most of us like to do let alone being forced to answer it. It is not what makes us comfortable and generally we avoid them if possible. However, sometimes the question is asked and we have little choice but to answer it. So what is life really worth?

If one is faced with making a decision about the importance of the life we know and the need to protect what we have or what we desire, how would we react?

Would we give our life for one last good meal?
Would we give our life for something we can experience only once?
Would we give our life for our wife or husbands safety?
Would we give our life for our kids safety and future?
Would we give our life for our neighbor in need?
Would we give our life for our country and its freedom?
Would we give our life for freedom around the world?
Would we give our life for our freedom of religion or what we believe in?

Just what is important enough to give our life for or to ask someone else to give theirs for or to just stand by while they do?

Ok, this is a heavy question I know. But how would we each react if faced with making a decision to live or to die trying.

Many lives have been lost over the hundreds of years of wars and feuds. Men and women have died protecting their families. Freedoms have been won and lost in the efforts that cost lives. To give of one’s life is no small deed and should not go unrecognized. Disrespect for those lost lives should not be tolerated. Those who take lives disrespecting others just to help themselves should be stopped. Each of us as people have rights and we should recognize how we attained those rights. For those that have lost their rights we should have compassion. To tolerate continued loss of rights should be condemned and stopped in it tracks.

“freedom isn’t free unless everyone is free”

In the beginning there was one man and one woman whether you believe in God or not. In the beginning there was freedom in the human race. What happened?

Just Follow

Just Follow

When you know there is something you must do, just make a plan and go do it!

Orlando Espinosa

Don’t let anyone crush your dreams! Remember to follow your heart!just follow orlando espinosa

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