Who’s Faith do you have?

If the influences of our childhood including our schooling years play a key role in who we become, we could say that what we choose to place our faith in is generally a combination of our developed personality and the things of life we feel most comfortable with. Rocking our boat of life is something none of us like. But who’s faith do we really have; our own or that of someone else? 

I find it interesting that if we were to peal the onion back so to speak, rock our boat just a little, throw out all the things of this world that seem to complicate any investigation for just a little while, we could find that everything boils down to the question: Did God create us or did we just evolve? Only one can be true. 


2 thoughts on “Who’s Faith do you have?

  1. I believe that God created us. The Bible states in Gen 1:1 ” In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.” And also in Gen 1:27 the Bible states that ” God created man in His own image”. The rocking of life’s boat is needed at times to keep us from becoming complacent both in our physical as well as our spiritual lives.


    • So very true! Sometimes when we wish the rocking would
      just stop it is just what we need even though we can’t see it at the time. Thanks for your thoughts – Bill


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