Influence’s – Why do I think and act the way I do?

If our personality is at the core of who we are, then what shaped it the way it is. What influences in our lives have had the biggest impact? What is at the core of who we have become? Many would say our parents and our family. Some would say our education. Some might say our religious background. Even our environment can play a role. It could be the country we live in or the city or even the area of the city we lived in as a child or even where we live today as we have grown older. Maybe it is our jobs. Many of us have had our fair share of up’s and down’s in life (some more than others) which can have a direct impact on how we think and react to just about everything. Many of us don’t like our lives disrupted, we have a comfort level in our daily lives and generally like it left alone. But what has guided your opinion on life down the road you travel? Giving this some thought I bet you could come up with many reasons why you are who you are and what shaped this personality of yours.

If you have an opinion you would like to share it would be great. I believe that many of us could learn from each others experiences. In the next few days I will give you a feel for where I came from and the key influences that has driven me in many different directions. I always wanted to see if the Grass on the other side of the fence was really greener. Is it?

To be continued!

Your comments are welcomed

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