Religion… Science… Religious Rule… Scientific Rules

Just Think About It

How does one attempt to make sense of the many religions and their rules? And we can’t forget the rules of science. So what is it that feeds our minds? What pushes us in one direction or another?

Sometimes I think people hide behind the word religion, picking one that makes them feel good or fits their lifestyle. There are many options out there. Many religious beliefs are handed down from generation to generation. Maybe it’s where you are born or what level of society you are born in. These beliefs become something people put faith in. Sometimes, they become traditions and embedded ways of thinking and acting.

I think the key word is ‘Faith,’ and faith is something we believe even if we don’t understand it completely. An example of the difference between knowledge and faith could be knowing your car will start because it started the last time. Faith is believing it will start after you replaced some wires, thinking you did it correctly.

So faith is something you believe, but you have not seen the actual outcome. You read the direction on where to connect the wires and have faith that the directions are correct. You turn the key or hit the start button, and nothing happens. What went wrong? You revisit the directions, double-check your connections, and everything looks correct. You try again, and still the same result. Something else must be wrong, or just maybe it’s the manual you used.

The point is that we placed our faith in someone else’s instructions. That’s also true in religious beliefs. So which one do you put your faith in, or do we discredit all religious beliefs and place our faith in the science that tries to tell us we just evolved? That we are just part of an evolutionary world.

It truly takes faith to step out and believe in something unproven or unseen by our own eyes.

I’ve often said we must peel the onion down to the last layer to find the answer. In this case, it is the answer to where to place our faith. It’s a most critical question. Is there more to life that we don’t understand, or do we live for some years and then die?

So we do some more research. We double-check the version of the manual we used on our car. We find an older version online or at the library. We check the wiring diagram and find the instructions are different. You change the wiring using the instructions in the older manual, and the car starts.

The point is that we need correct information. To peel the onion, we need to go back to the beginning. We need to remember that the science of evolution is just a theory. Something that evolutionists place their faith in. Their own science still points out that someone or something had to start it all in motion, that the odds are simply impossible for it just to happen. Then we have all the other religious beliefs. Which one is correct? If we go all the way back to some of the oldest written words, we find the Bible, especially the Old Testament of the Bible. It tells us God created the world and everything in it. Many religions are offshoots of the Bible where man has added their take. They may add rules that they think are needed. Some religious writings seem to fit a comfort level or even a way of ruling or controlling people. Then we find in the New Testament that Jesus made it easy as He gave us His way to have faith.

So when I peeled the onion to the core, it looks like it was either evolution or the God of the Bible. One is true, and one is not. It’s a matter of where to place one’s faith. We need to throw out all the confusing “what if’s” and focus on getting ourselves to the “truth of the matter.” Something to place our faith in that has meaning and brings stability to our lives.

You can find where I place my faith in this blog’s ‘Boiled Down – My Beliefs’ section.

You might disagree with me, but have you ever asked yourself, what if?

So the real question is:

Where do you place your faith?

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