Your Brain and How You Could Ruin It

This post speaks about each of us and the role we have in who we are, what we have become and what we can do to change. Our brain and how our mind comprehends is based on what we feed it. Research shows that what we knew or thought we new is continously changing, being modified, substantiated, and refuted. If we allow ourselves to remain left behind by locking in our beliefs in any subject and not opening up our mind to possible change, we miss the chance of becoming all that we can be. I have always said that one is never so smart that they can’t learn something from a dummy. I trust I will always ask those questions, listen to what I hear and continue down the road of an enlightened life. God gave us this brain and mind to think with. He gave us the ability to think and reason and make choices for ourself. We should do just that! We should never allow ourselves to lock into what someone else wants us to believe until we look in all direction even if it make us uncomfortable. Think on!

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