Comprehension of Beauty

Sunset on Lake Loveland

Sunset on Lake Loveland

The comprehension our mind has as our eyes focus on the subject we are viewing is a miracle in itself that we generally take for granted.  To comprehend the beauty in front of us will take but a second. The impression becomes locked into our memory and we can recall the moment as we close our eyes and let our mind pull it back into our thoughts. Our bodies warm with the mental image as we allow our mind to continue processing the imagery. We enter into a state of calmness allowing our bodies to feel the emotions our eyes had presented and our mind had comprehended. We allow our internal clock to stop ticking if only for a few moments while an internal warmth flows from our head to our toes. Our body grabs a relaxed state allowing our day to stop, to forget the daily struggle if only for those few moments. Life can be wonderful!

Science continues to explore how this all happens. The millions of tube and cones in our eyes that gather the light as we view the object. The nerves that transport this image to our brain. The brain cells that view this image, the electrical pulses fly around in just the right areas allowing our comprehension, our ability to recall, and the chemicals that are released surging through our bodies giving us those feelings of comfort just happens. If we visualize the opposite of beauty, or something that alerts our mind, the opposite reactions take place in our body. We quickly close our eye lid to keep the bug out. We stop or jump out-of-the-way to avoid an accident.  It all just happens!

Our bodies are such a remarkable work of art. Each and every part play a role in the other. It is all totally connected. What are the odds that the human body evolved from a single cell, a single cell that happened to come to life by some strange event billions of years ago? Where do we place our faith? Do we place it in the sciences that continue down a path working hard to prove we just evolved or the science that has proven that it is IMPOSSIBLE without someone putting everything in its proper order? Do we place our faith in the science that wants to prove God does not exist or the science that proves He must exist?

Where should we place our faith? I choose God.



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