Life’s Questions

After several conversations with several different people on the topic of what are people really looking for in life I found several comments that focused on who am I and why am I here. Why should I care? What should I believe in? Is there really a God? If God is good and controls everything why does He let all the bad things happen? Who is the real god? Are we created or did we just happen? Science has proven we have evolved over time. I can’t believe the bible is true. What religious belief is the real deal?

I have asked several of these questions myself and find many people who don’t believe the same as I do, take positions on these topics based on feelings or personal comfort with how they want to live their life just like I did. How do you look at life? What makes you believe the way you believe?

If you would share any thoughts you may have it would be great. I believe it is the unasked questions and the unanswered questions that control who we ultimately are, what we place our faith in, how we act and react to life’s issues.

Thanks in advance for your support in this exploration. What questions do you have or do you hear from your friends?

Dear God…

So so very true…. I truly believe that if we were to take the term church or religion as defined in any approved dictionary we would find that even evolution is a religion and we allow it in school!!!

So how do you separate church from state? I guess you just pass a law against one vs. the other.

The Abuse Expose' with Secret Angel

Since my focus has been on bullying this week, I saw this and knew that I had to post it. The thought came to me that as God has been “expelled” from schools, the occurrence of violence in schools has increased.

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